Texas woman fights for stricter fertility donor law: Part 6

The law would make it a criminal sexual assault to use a donor's sperm without patient consent to the use of that donor.
5:12 | 05/04/19

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Transcript for Texas woman fights for stricter fertility donor law: Part 6
I recognized that -- that I had a platform. And that I needed to use it. I was gonna make this bigger than myself, and then it was time for change. Eve is determined to write the final chapter of this story herself. Lobbying Texas legislators to pass a bill that would make it a criminal sexual assault for a doctor to use a donor's sperm without the patient's express consent to the use of that donor. Eve Wiley, please state your position. We found out this was not a crime. This man was my mother's doctor. He was not her donor. Sorry about your experience. But through your testimony in the future, we will be able to hold people acountable. Just weeks ago, the Texas senate passes her fraud bill anonymously. Now, eve's bill will go to vote in the Texas house and, if it passes, finally reach the governor's desk. So do you think the twists Eve and I have something of a fairy tale story in some ways. Because most fairy tales have some sort of tragic element to it, and we have ours. I just told her, it was so obvious and clear to me. "Listen, I'm still your father, I'm your dad." He's dad. He's papa. None of that changes. If anything, this has brought us even closer. And Steve is about to get closer to a lot more people. Dad, look, these are all of your new matches right here. He's got -- You've got two new kids. I've got two new kids. New children for Steve, born from his sperm donor days, now popping up through genetic matching online. So is so weird. Insane. I will reach out and see if they want a connection or not. It's a brave new world. All right. They are so lucky. And at least one of them responded, saying he wanted to meet his dad. His name is Anton tubner from Wisconsin. And our "ABC news 20/20" cameras were rolling as father and son meet face to face for the first time. We're about the same height! This is so good. This is so good. Wow. Wild stuff. Yeah. We're part of this crazy story! Seeing reunions of close biological family is really the best part of my job. I work long hours trying to help these people resolve their family mysteries. So this first one, this is our whole family. So that's my actual dad. I guess you're my actual dad, that's the guy who raised me. But just when you thought the story couldn't get crazier, it does. I've been doing some research. And I have some exciting news for you. Yeah? You are the father of twins. You are the father of twin You have got to be kidding me! I was able to find two new biological daughters for Steve. And this means Anton has two new half-sisters. It's twins! Oh, my god. Mazel tov! I think it's very ironic that Dr. Mcmorries' excuse for using his own sperm was that donor number 106 sperm was not of high quality or not working well because now I've been able to help Steve discover that he has quite a number of beautiful, healthy children. A happy beginning for Steve and his newfound son Anton, but back in Texas, eve tries to make sense of what this all means to her. Do you sit back at any moment and think, "Wow, I've got a beautiful life, I've got an amazing husband, I've got two amazing kids"? Oh, I do. And I'm happy I'm alive. But it doesn't make it right, and it doesn't make it okay. My pain is still my pain. Some people may say, "Eve, you wouldn't even be alive here today if it were not for Kim Mcmorries." And that is something that almost every single person says whenever I share this story. And you say? For me when I hear that, it's not very validating. I don't think I should be thankful that I'm here because of him. I don't want it to be that. Eve Wiley is, you know, a daughter of Kim Mcmorries and then that's the period. I wanted to write the rest of

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{"duration":"5:12","description":"The law would make it a criminal sexual assault to use a donor's sperm without patient consent to the use of that donor.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"62813785","title":"Texas woman fights for stricter fertility donor law: Part 6","url":"/2020/video/texas-woman-fights-stricter-fertility-donor-law-part-62813785"}