The tragic accident that inspired ex-Wall Street analyst to become doctor: Part 4

Today, Debbie Yi is an emergency room doctor at the University of California San Francisco.
7:02 | 09/14/17

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Transcript for The tragic accident that inspired ex-Wall Street analyst to become doctor: Part 4
Interest stress and pressure Paris car dealer fusion. Echo cardiogram is this guy yes doctor Sean Murphy is different and. It's not normal. There's can't keep deformity in the right atrium but in another sense he's exactly like so many others are compelled to pursue a career in medicine. Pain of searing personal tragedies. To say that the ring sounds like I screamed and my time he went to happen. First the loss of his beloved pet then his beloved brother. The day that copper pipes an old building schools like turn. My brother. We plan to have us neither one had the chance to become an adult. And I want to make that possible. For other people. The way Murphy reveals his motivation is dramatic but channeling personal tragedy into professional choice. Isn't facts not all that and usual my inspiration to become a position of suspense is actually my brother Jesse. And 2005. He was stricken went viral meningitis. So when I was thirteen years old I was at a family event. Where my cousins husband suddenly collapsed on a bus. In the living room my father was diagnosed with a late stage lung cancer. And before my dad passed away as she told me that he's have a different nursing. Fans he told me that I have healing hands. But of all those stories we heard from around the country the career of doctor Debbie. Today she's an emergency room doctor at University of California San Francisco. Personal and painful history that cost her here. Began here fourteen years ago. Devi was sharing a New York City apartment with her sister and best friend Christine. Devi had recently been working as an investment banking analyst when she got some terrifying new. It's my sister Christine was in a terrible accident she was hit by train and subway train in New York she. Tripped on the subway platform. And landed in the area between two subway cars. And the train. Began to drive away. And she was still in the track her heart stopped at one point just a heart stopped. She stopped breathing. And surgical intern provided breaths to her and brought her back to life. Doctor Tony Maclaurin was he orthopedic surgeon on call. When Christine arrived her rate late was completely shattered below the knee she had an injury that we sort of referred to as a mangled extremities he tells you that not only is the bone broken but there's also been significant damage to the skin. As well as to the you know the muscles surrounding the bone. What do you remember about the accident that day fortunately I don't actually remember very much. I remember leaving my office that day and then. And the next thing I remember is being. In the dark to a lot of pain. And someone calling out to me telling me that help was on the way it was after her surgery. And she asked me. Why she felt like she could only tell us what she talent show I think should. There's no room for sugar coating things in times this and I holders. You are a terrible accident. And you lost your leg. That had to have been devastating. Because a lot of medication thinks it'd fill Cayman Islands torn down long anyway. You mean yeah okay so I hope it. I didn't realize how hard it. Who has time. I was just happy that I was alive. The next five weeks were a blur of surgeries. Fifteen in total many aimed at saving her knee. You had lost that mean. What impact that that it had to be. Prosthetic leg her and above knee amputee it doesn't always work. So it was a huge deal for me to write me when discharge date finally came Christine was happy to leave the hospital. Debbie however had decided to spend her life in one after resisters accident and realized I have a greater purpose in life. Did he decided to become a doctor. Like the ones who saved her sister. Emergency that senators that you Natalie chose medicine that you chose trauma any chest pain or trouble reining why choose that particular pass I remember the first time. An ambulance. Team pushing through its numbered zero. I remember that feeling I had when I felt like I was reliving. What it was like to eat in the emergency and when my sister Iraq. And during her residency in New York ABC medical documentary New York mad followed doctor Yee. He CNN Syria and she tended to a patient who'd been shot. Ukraine I can't turn Manning red saved demand had been attacked by someone wielding in the shabby it's. Let's take a look at what Attubato cracked and treated a woman whose pregnancy was in danger is you actually passed out ten. This is why are we going to emergency medicine that scene you know probably 4000 Haitians now. Thank there is selling better. Without fail whenever I had to patiently. I will be smiling. For the rest of the night. Then a stunning coincidence. Chambers this human beings doctors need urgently called did treated patients with traumatic injuries. From a subway accident. They just aggravated child what was happen like for you at that moment or his own safety and because of because this is Sam. To actually have a patient coming to emergency room injuries so it's similar to what your sister experience. When I saw that patient I knew rooms ahead I had to take. My best care the patient the patient had to let me like crap alive. Her sister's accident continues to divine identity to drive I want to provide the best technicians. And I consider that to dean. And I thank you to the medical staff who took care when sister. Yet for Christine a different choice a determination to put her pain in the past. That's Christine furiously spinning beside me at her favorite spinning class. Her for Seneca lake not slowed her down. Okay. Omar and through all the blood sweat and tears and the sisters bond is unbroken life. Forward we'll. Keep spinning.

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{"id":49833755,"title":"The tragic accident that inspired ex-Wall Street analyst to become doctor: Part 4","duration":"7:02","description":"Today, Debbie Yi is an emergency room doctor at the University of California San Francisco.","url":"/2020/video/tragic-accident-inspired-wall-street-analyst-doctor-part-49833755","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}