Trump on ABC News town hall: Trump responds to question about path to US citizenship

Flor Cruceta asked the question on behalf of her mother who died from COVID-19. They both immigrated from the Dominican Republic and had recently become U.S citizens in order to vote in the election.
5:00 | 09/16/20

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Transcript for Trump on ABC News town hall: Trump responds to question about path to US citizenship
Next question comes from Alexander. Hello mr. trumped my question actually about police reform and how can we balance common sense police reform without sacrificing public safety. And it in a time when you know part of the country is calling to defund the police. And actively cheering when they're gone down in the street and another part is tired of seeing a lawlessness. So we have a great senator. Named Tim Scott. From South Carolina and he had a plan that was very much of a compromise plan but it was a plan that. Everybody pretty much agreed to a lot of Democrats agreed to it but they wouldn't vote for it and it was a really good it was a compromise of a lot of different factors. And it didn't get done and it should have gotten down and it could still be out there could still be resurrected very easily but they just didn't want to do it. Because I think the Democrats are viewed this as a political issue and I probably agree let them I think it's very bad for them. Because we're about blonde daughter we have to be about law and order of the legitimacy your cities burned. And that's the way it is if we can do a plan like. Tim Scott's plan which is really. It goes far enough. But it doesn't take your dignity away from our police we have incredible people they've been protecting us for a long time I mean we hear and I feel very safe being in this room. These are great people we can't take it dignity away we have to let them be able to do what they do better than anybody else. So. I think we have to look at it that way we have to. We have to be very very careful police are so afraid today that they do something slightly wrong slightly wrong and their pensions gun their jobs got to where does what happens to a life is ruined. Dale life for their husband relieve. The whole thing it's a very scary thing to do and then you look at safety I mean you look at that horrible human being that shot these two police. Called blank right next just a disgusting. And then ran off. He a look at that this is a very tough job and it's a very unsafe jobs are very dangerous job. We have to give them back their dignity and we have to give them back respect. These are great people for the must plug there's always going to be a bad apple. In your business and my bid no matter what I mean there's going to be bad apples that we have to weed out the bad apples. But we have to give. We have to give the police back. That that strength. That they had a short while ago and that they have been Republican cities frankly and states. But you take a look this is a Democrat problem Georgia know you're a Democrat but this is. Largely a Democrat pride and if it just take a look at the list. Every Democrat city almost not all what a lot of them certainly in the top. 25 even if you go the top fifty almost every city is run by the Democrats. People don't respect obviously doesn't and they have to resume I promised four years ago at the democratic and Republican Convention. I'm gonna restore law and order and I happened. Accepted Democrat run city slept. We have laws we have to go by the laws we can't move in the National Guard I can call insurrection but there's no reason never do that even NN Portland case. We can't. Call in the Nash and that unless we're requested by a governor if a governor or mayor. Is a Democrat and they don't like in Portland. We call them constantly I just spoke to the governor yesterday because we're giving them relief fund the fires we giving among checkbook an emergency declaration. I should governor let us go end and we'll clean up Portland so fast and a half an hour it'll be all right. And she's just torn but I don't understand the thinking. But they're torn by. I have to lot of respect for the governor frankly they didn't what happened in Minneapolis was pretty amazing unfortunately. In this one on serve a week or week and a half. Before he allowed us to bring in the national of that. When we brought in the National Guard everything stopped a crime was done the meaning the whole thing but by that time a big portion of the city was. Burned down content about Minneapolis. In Seattle. We let him know what coming and they took over a big jump to the city 20% of the city. We said what coming in as soon as we said that. The police department went in and these other people were exhausted but had we not said we're going and we're ready to go and we're going in the following morning. Where ever you have a Democrat city. Not in all cases but give you look at that really troubled cities and our country. Did Democrat run and that's Biden did a week there in as president your president for those cities right now. Now I'm president but I can only do what I'm allowed to do Georgette or need insurrection Saturday and insurrection act to take care of 250. And our guess we can do that very easily with a national that we prove that in Minneapolis. They came in after the city was burning. And the I think I don't really get is that the news media is saying no these are peaceful lose a peaceful and right over the reporter was a CNN reporter Greta over its shoulder and you saw that. Read over his shoulder. The city is burning it looked like it was. Berlin during the war it was the craziest thing I've ever seen he's trying to say I don't know why. The news media tries to make cell line of it they should not protest is a far greater than president.

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{"duration":"5:00","description":"Flor Cruceta asked the question on behalf of her mother who died from COVID-19. They both immigrated from the Dominican Republic and had recently become U.S citizens in order to vote in the election.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"73038089","title":"Trump on ABC News town hall: Trump responds to question about path to US citizenship","url":"/2020/video/trump-abc-news-town-hall-trump-responds-question-73038089"}