Trump on Mueller, immigration and putting his personal touch on Oval Office: Part 2

During an exclusive interview with ABC News' George Stephanopoulos at the White House, Trump offers his thoughts on The Mueller Report's findings, tweeting and poll numbers.
8:14 | 06/17/19

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Transcript for Trump on Mueller, immigration and putting his personal touch on Oval Office: Part 2
Good morning Mr. President. Harriet. That good night. It day. How how much sleep. We have reached for listens Wednesday morning about ten hours after we last saw the president. We greet him at the elevator coming down from the private quarters of the White House. He begins within admission. He skips the most important meal of the day be a big breakfast guy. A lot of breakfast guy at all well it would. What I really. You know this colony. I remember it was when President Obama and when his final days in office he said this is in some ways is favored. Part of the White House we really. Made some things to think it is an incredible part of the White House it is and you see a really good life in the UC president's looking back and forth with others. This incredible place you feel the weight of the office when you're walking down this colony. I think about the office where more can this is a I just because you've you've grown ups looking at this Colin and look in another hour from now we have a big ceremonial and Poland. You'll see hundreds of cameras out there and this is what they're looking at. See you grow up looking at it and you say well. And they'll part of it. It's a very special house the whole White House's special place a long way from coming down that escalator four years ago it is a long way and it's been. Actually a lot of fun. Highly competitive world was highly competitive. But I think we're doing great I don't think anybody's done more in tune I have fears and what it done with regulations taxes with. Actually believe in with the world. Events we get along with a lot of countries that people don't understand but they respect us again with the most fun part of the job. I think just the accomplishment of doing a lot of good things for a lot of people. Hardest part of the harvest is usually congress at that point congress more difficult frankly and many of the foreign leaders. Why is that has they have their own views. You never know exactly but they have their own view and that's democracy isn't incidents but. And I play the game but. Sometimes too much of the game there's so many things like the border the border should be centuries floated the damage particularly. In fifteen minutes to an hour we could have girls it's a simple. Fidelity and we have to get some stuff as well. Well but it's you can get except that things that would definitely shouldn't have to give. So basically there are three or four loopholes use of those loopholes no longer have a problem with the border. More people cross now more than ever before right now that's because he's going to be so that the drug coverage and country every we have. Many more people wanted to come in and they come. And for economic reasons and come interest they use asylum as a fumble many are many are facing violence really becoming most of them for economic reasons and the country is doing better economically than ever before and everybody wants to crack in. We're about to walk into the Oval Office. Where do you make your biggest decisions in there isn't upstairs visiting your study I'm really all over its in the plane sometimes going to a country. So the strangest places but. It just takes office. The Oval Office is such a special this show us around. Famous tasks that's a very famous distance be resolute desk. And that was Ronald Reagan. Can't. Just it's a very famous picture of John. Right here. President Clinton used that as well President Clinton uses then group. Great presidents used it and frankly have matures you have your choice of seven discs at seven desks. And that was the one that immediately. That was the when I think you have indicated catalog they actually do they give you pictures of desks. They give you pictures of carpet this is the Ronald Reagan carpet. They give you pictures of the drapes you see the drapes a tape I think we have twelve sets of drips we can use and I choose those who had split. What's the biggest personal touch and put on the left a lot of them deflects. You didn't have flags any great degree you had an American Flynn but for the most what you do Netflix to Washington working here is often meetings. They do work in here I have most of the meetings and give people like to be in the room it's very comfortable. And back there have. Tremendous amount of work to make it's it's a much different. Affect you can't have. Every time we have pictures everyone wants picture. You don't take over things of this evidence back here than it actually is much do you find you can use the power this setting. To get your way here's a senior I don't think about it I don't really. You know I don't focus of that but I think probably that your right there that's more judges Simpson and and we signed a 107 judges. Since I meant. And I'll get a 145. Plus two Supreme Court judges which we already have do you think that could end up being here must lasting impact. Well it could mean people have said that I don't think of it that way because we've given the biggest tax cut in history we have and war we have. The biggest regulation tax cuts coming. Judges make they did little they do and regulation cuts come and go but the reason the economy is so good and the reason that so many people pouring up. Through Mexico and want to keep them into a country including people from Mexico is because the economy is so powerful so good. Are we sent 3 tweets this morning I'm usually at my desk around 10637. When they start to come and it seems like you're very conscious. A kind of you're gonna set the news for the day. Before all of us do. You know I don't think of it that way it obviously didn't work because I watch your show this morning which Good Morning America. And they had something about the polling. And it's really suppression pulling its fake polling but in that case was just made up polling. And I have made I had the same thing he made up I mean they give you phony numbers they give you. Numbers they said they they have access to numbers which I don't believe they have access to they suppress they want to suppress. The minds of people so they don't bother going I don't know anything just a real conspiracy. No I think it's just a big group of people it shouldn't be allowed but that's no different than the fake news in the making uses. Is that a level that it's never been happy for him. United we know we disagree about that we have a whole day ahead though and this. Our conversation continues a few minutes later the president now seated at the resolute desk showing some of those presidential appointments awaiting his signature. And complaining again about poll showing him running behind Joseph Biden for instance a good. An American today they had that phony polling information explains you list that was phony but you didn't do anything about it you should have. But it was late in the evening and perhaps even get a chance I've studied those polls I've heard the explanations. But ultimately it doesn't go like this at the home side. Because. It's untrue. Like troops you know I'm actually very UNESCO if I thought they were correct. But I wouldn't be complaining at all understand. It's like. The we checked that goes on. No collusion was Russia's there was no collusion. And what bothers me is you know you don't patent that's that was Robert wanted to exit no collusion you know what nobody even brings Russia and aim toward bothers me. Is when you did nothing wrong. And they have a phony witchhunt that others. Then Muller who hate strong present never dropper and that he puts landing if you have a huge huge. When really hates me and then he puts eighteen people on what Democrats. Not all Democrats they're very close and they were contributor to Hillary and some of them even worked for Hillary Clinton who called him his home robbery or honorable white and that why the switch. I'm not switching or anything and I would hope he's honorable put. You don't want. He gave us no collusion was a very big thing he did not break it frankly he did say that. He's usually literally didn't look at political realism how poor I didn't said that he there was initially using evidence this really isn't experiencing. Maria every provision of the report. Just read it okay.

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{"duration":"8:14","description":"During an exclusive interview with ABC News' George Stephanopoulos at the White House, Trump offers his thoughts on The Mueller Report's findings, tweeting and poll numbers.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"63752813","title":"Trump on Mueller, immigration and putting his personal touch on Oval Office: Part 2","url":"/2020/video/trump-mueller-immigration-putting-personal-touch-oval-office-63752813"}