Trump on polls showing Biden ahead: 'I don't believe those polls': Part 1

During the first day of ABC News' 30-hour embed, Trump told ABC News' George Stephanopoulos that "there's no way [Joe Biden] beats me in Texas... my polls show that I'm winning everywhere."
8:24 | 06/17/19

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Transcript for Trump on polls showing Biden ahead: 'I don't believe those polls': Part 1
The race for 20/20 is heating up all eyes on Iowa today and we're both president trump and democratic front runner Joseph Biden will both be holding dueling campaign events in Iowa the center of the political universe at this point in the political cycle. And Iowa. Trump I love in when then maybe in the next jump only cares about now. Think he's the first president that along the blue promises thank you. When people. And you have a history books. Getting this much time and access to the president who's called reporters the enemy of the people. It's a welcome surprise. And our journey begins aboard Air Force One high tech deluxe 747. Jumbo jet. With 4000 square feet of floor space on three levels including an extensive suite for the president. Oh. It's commonly called the flying Oval Office. During the two and a half hour flight to Iowa the president meets with government officials and he's been briefed on the State's recent flooding where there's a lot of what are death. 30000 feet below former vice president Joseph Biden on the ground in Iowa on the stump and on the attacked. I believe that the president. Is literally an existential threat to American. 3:15 PM and join the president in his brand new presidential limo. The beast. Well its state of the art secrets are closely held its reportedly equipped with a tear gas can lay out an oil slick in the event of a terrorist attack. There's even a refrigerated supply of the president's blood time. In case of emergency plan. It's just so. Daily George. We've you know you're like yeah thank you it would be this is your I mean these people so incredible that. Crying. Recent huge. And some piece of machinery autism as. I can taste feel the wind keeps. Look register making. I everybody. So this trip is turning to some a little bit different with the great former vice president's decision today we're always this decision does come to Iowa. That a good thing for you that he is an island lawyer he made his speech on election. Each and does. Election. This is a guy who does everything to separate. And frightened people. It was time and it's a political speech he still leading the polls on the democratic side is tightening up a little bit. And edging up which suggests it may still beating you court. Well I don't believe those roles there's no way he beats me in Texas that even your own polls show your behind great they know my posts on the winning everywhere. I don't know we hope we've all seen these reports that fifteen out of seventeen states spent two million honorable in your mind. In fifteen to seventeen states and Asia attendance bulls because as close on the those polls don't exist but I just at a meeting with somebody that's upholster. And I'm winning. Everywhere. So I don't know what you just a year you don't feel like you're behind me you know fighting from. We're getting commander's ball. Those poll results so irritating to the president did a few seconds later he has to go off the record to call his campaign manager. It's a beautiful or just call Brad. I want to ask. Days later we would get the internal trump polling data confirmed by the campaign. It showed the president far behind in key battleground states earlier this spring. Pack on the record. We arrived at his first top of the day in ethanol plant in council plus side. It's an area that voted heavily for trump in the 2016 election. And helped deliver the biggest margin for Republicans since Ronald Reagan. Ladies and gentlemen president. Don and today to help. I gyro we love Iowa thank you very much thank you please sit there. Sit down. Otherwise assay got a standing of the nation's. The president is using this speech to sell his economic strategy but it's also a chance to hit back the Joseph by Suzuki job. There was some place in Iowa today and he said my name so many times if people couldn't stand it anymore no don't keep saying it. Sleepy guy. We're 46 PM we're back in the beast. But if you. These are people who couldn't get it headed to Air Force One for a second stop and avoid the Republican Party fund raiser today. Elections are about tomorrow and yesterday. We get the reports were that this next year. What is big and it's. This whole. So we almost at health care doing health care is a disaster obamacare. But we've managed it much but added that manages that we needed serviceable but that's me. Produced and home health care. And we're we have the concept of the plan and it will be Christian cooking with the yellow will be announcing that. Us in preparation for extra Wear and talk to answer. Supporters of yours lot of lives and hundreds were. The crowd. Quote from you can't loosen. Angel is pleased at what some injuries. But reacts I think he could tone down from his record. And his tweets and so forth it's the tweet. Excuse. He thinks he's it's just not need surgery. Very unfair press it's a fake news it's corrupt news batteries social media I do not get the word. I put it and goes into your platform I could work this morning. Susan prestook should we have breaking news break every network station we have breaking news it read lately why is that. With their talk about this call him names. You know that they do like they make to you that. You know. What's your pitch and swing voter. Safety security. Greatest enemy and I think after more than. The first term president after. I have a phony witch hunt which is just authority postal Mueller comes out there's no collusion and essentially a ruling that no obstruction. They keep going with the you know what people are angry at. I don't think it's a double you have time for that now talk about it later excuse me if there are no collusion. And he didn't find anything having to do with obstruction because. They made a ruling based on his findings in the isotopes and didn't examine collusion and later Evans restaurant to go you trying to say now that there was collusion even though he said. There is no collusion. He didn't think there's no should know collusion he said he didn't look at to refute the reports. No collusion did you either yes it did and you should read I really don't. User created. Everybody running and I didn't think matters even. Thank you all very much thank you thank you. And later at that fund raiser. Trump pulls the crowd on his 20/20 campaigns. We have to make a decision. Make America great again war. Keep America great. You know she tonight George Stephanopoulos today to accept that I worry George she's around here someplace and he happens to be a nice guy. So after about ten hours president trump and I are back aboard Air Force One. Heading back to the capital. Or. Just one day in Iowa. With 510 more to go until Election Day.

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{"duration":"8:24","description":"During the first day of ABC News' 30-hour embed, Trump told ABC News' George Stephanopoulos that \"there's no way [Joe Biden] beats me in Texas... my polls show that I'm winning everywhere.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"63752765","title":"Trump on polls showing Biden ahead: 'I don't believe those polls': Part 1","url":"/2020/video/trump-polls-showing-biden-ahead-polls-part-63752765"}