Viral Videos and Plays of the Year

Act 2: ABC's Josh Elliott looks back on 2013's popular videos with viral sensation Claire Konkel.
3:00 | 12/20/13

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Transcript for Viral Videos and Plays of the Year
Announcer: From the man who brings you the play of the day on gma the year continues with josh elliott and the plays of the year. Reporter: They're viewed, shared, downloaded, all straight from the internet and straight into our collective heart. And if there was an award that would go for heart thievery, it would certainly go to 2-year-old, claire konkel. Hi, mommy! Reporter: With perhaps the most heartwarming birthday message you will ever hear. Well over 1 1/2 million people fell in love online. You are the greatest mommy. You're amazing. Reporter: We thought she was amazing, and so asked claire to help us revisit the most viewed videos of 2013. These are some of the best ones all year. Ah! Reporter: The video that cooked up one of the best reactions of the year this mom on a scavenger hunt of sorts. We put it somewhere in the kitchen. Reporter: Who is about to find out she's going to be a grandma. Oh, it's a bun. Where is it? In the oven, a bun. Reporter: Can I have a bite? This is delicious. Reporter: And as she catches her breath, how about this one? It gets the award for giving us the shakes. Right out of harlem. This video spawning hundreds of copycats from firefighters to the miami heat. It seemed everyone wanted to do the "harlem shake." The "harlem shake" is the greatest thing that came along for people that can't dance. It's a lot of this and a lot of this and a lot of this. There's one person if you watch the video, there's one person doing one activity -- everybody is standing still then all of a sudden everybody -- there's a bunch of people doing dancing and everything. It's crazy. Reporter: From harlem shaking to groggy awakenings. Jason mortenson still feeling the effects of anesthesia cannot stop falling for his wife, all over again. You're my wife? Oh, my god, I hit the jackpot. Man, you are eye candy. I would've used that moment for extortion. I would've said, "will you buy me a new car?" Whoa, your teeth are perfect! Reporter: And our next video takes the award for asking the one single question that has apparently stumped humankind for millennia. ♪ What does the fox say ♪ what does the fox say? What does a cow say? Moo. What does a fox say? ♪ What the fox say ♪ Reporter: Launching scores of interpretations on the internet, and even one on "dancing with the stars." ♪ What the fox say ♪ frankly, I don't care what the fox says. I don't care what any of the woodland creatures say. ♪ What does the fox say ♪ Reporter: And from foxes to sharks -- kind of. This video gets the award for best animal impersonation by another animal. I think that the roomba shark cat video, is a metaphor for life to be just as ridiculous as life and go with it. Reporter: And how about this detroit pistons basketball game? Fans treated to a dueling dance-off. First up, 11-year-old, antoine alexander flashing moves on the jumbotron. But then it was 46-year-old dancing usher shannon sales' turn. He's so good! ♪ Everybody dance now ♪ he's a young man. Talented. He's the winner. Reporter: Our next video goes to nicholas selby from georgia tech, who takes home the award for the single most epic convocation speech ever. If you want to build the "iron man" suit, you're at georgia tech. You can do that!" When you get to school in a fog. You're disoriented. And this man came and shook them and woke them up. If you want to play theme music during your convocation speech, like -- we're georgia tech. We can do that! I am doing that! Oh, you are incredibly game and willing -- no? You can do that too. I don't blame you. All right, let's see what's next. Reporter: And on we move to a bait and switch of a twerking kind. This video hailed as the worst twerk fail ever. Viewed over 14.5 million times, it would turn out to be less than totally authentic perpetuated in fact by none other than jimmy kimmel. This particular twerk was a twerk of fiction. Reporter: From twerking it to our most inspirational award for just flat out working it, deborah cohen, about to undergo a double mastectomy, turns this surgery room into a dance party, all set to beyonce's "get me bodied." And if that one didn't get you, this one will. 7-year-old jack hoffman battling brain cancer gets a play drawn up for him by his beloved nebraska cornhuskers and rumbles 69 yards for a touchdown. He's been adopted by this football team -- Reporter: The 'huskers swarming him and carrying him on their shoulders as one. But it's his courage that lifted them and all of us ever higher. And as he would beat brain cancer after 60 weeks of chemotherapy, we say, way to go, jack. And what a way to close out 2013. Can't wait to see how you all click in the new year. Bye bye.

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{"id":21285172,"title":"Viral Videos and Plays of the Year","duration":"3:00","description":"Act 2: ABC's Josh Elliott looks back on 2013's popular videos with viral sensation Claire Konkel.","url":"/2020/video/viral-videos-plays-year-21285172","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}