Woman sentenced to prison after 'catfishing' NBA player, aspiring model: Part 5

Shelly Chartier pleaded guilty to various charges of impersonation, extortion and making threats.
5:18 | 04/15/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Woman sentenced to prison after 'catfishing' NBA player, aspiring model: Part 5
Reporter: This is the house? Let's take a look. This is the house, we had a lot of good times here. Reporter: The good times all gone at Chris Andersen's former rocky mountain retreat. Even though police now say the birdman and the real Tom Taylor did nothing wrong. Not suspects, but victims of that wily woman up in Canada. When you heard that Chris' life is being controlled and ruined by this woman, what did you think? I was mad as hell. Reporter: Even after getting arrested and agreeing to stay off the internet, Shelly Chartier, the catfish, is back online. She now meets this individual, rob marku, online. A young man from New York. Reporter: Marku is 23. He lives in Brooklyn, New York, and works as a furniture mover. He meets Shelly playing Xbox live. She sent me a message and I responded and it kind of went back and forth and we took it from there. Reporter: As rob and Shelly grow closer from afar, his family gets suspicious. A lot of them would say things like, oh, maybe she's not even real. They're using you and all types of stuff and I said, no, I know for a fact that she's real and I'll prove it. Reporter: Rob doesn't know he's falling for the woman we now know as the catfish. She makes me laugh a lot and she's cute. Reporter: And despite the warnings, he heads to Canada to meet her. When I first got there I was nervous in the car, it was a five-hour ride. I went to knock on the door and she just ah appeared right by my side and kind of scared me. He said, do you want to marry me, and I said, okay. Reporter: Soon it seemed the master of fake connections was ready for a real one. We got married in the kitchen right here. Reporter: A minister from a neighboring town marries them on Christmas day. And did you have on a big wedding gown? Pajamas. Reporter: Pajamas? Yeah. The internet and all the harm that it brought in Shelly hartier's world, may actually have brought her something else in life and that is a husband. Something that probably would have been foreign to her, this idea of actually a relationship. Reporter: But there would be no band at her wedding. Instead, Shelly faces the music at the easterville community center. Once a month this room transforms into a provincial courtroom and on the day of Shelly Chartier's sentencing it was quite the scene. Reporter: Reporter Mike Mcintyre was there for the for "The Winnipeg free press." There was in fact standing room only all along the back wall. Reporter: Everyone eager to get a glimpse of the ghost of easterville. We had actually never even seen a photograph of her up until that point. When she walked into court and somebody said, "That's Shelly Chartier." I said, you must be kidding me, that looks like a teenage girl. Reporter: The woman who hadn't left her home in 11 years, finally forced to come out into the light. Tell me what that day was like. I didn't sleep for four days before my court date, and I didn't eat. Reporter: Shelly arrives. Her bedridden mother following on a stretcher. Judge rollstin was about here. Shelly Chartier, within a couple feet. They could actually have reached out and touched each other. Shelly Chartier had her head down in her lap, clearly upset. Reporter: When you went to court, you eventually pleaded -- Yeah. Reporter: Guilty to fraud, to impersonation, to threats. Yeah. Reporter: Shelly is hoping for house arrest but the judge surprises her with hard time. 18 months in prison. When he said, okay, 18 months, I knew I was going to jail. Reporter: Your head dropped. Yeah. Reporter: What were you thinking? I thought my life is over. Reporter: Shelly is brought out in handcuffs and taken away to serve her time. How hard was that for you to step outside this house? I was scared. Reporter: Being locked up away from the phone and computer screens, forced to interact with other people, has actually been good for Shelly. In some strange way you found your life after you went to prison. I was scared to go out, I was scared to do anything. Very scared of life. I got a job there. Like, I worked, and I learned how to talk to people. For somebody who really has no friends, who's had little outside contact with the world, jail could actually turn out to be a blessing. Reporter: A blessing for Shelly. But what about the victims left in her wake? If you could say something to Paris, what would you say? I just feel really bad for her, because I basically used her in every way. Reporter: But when it comes to her other victim, Chris Andersen, Shelly has a lot less remorse. What would you say to Chris Anderson if you could say something to him? I don't know. Reporter: For two years, his life was ruined. I don't even know what happened to him. What happened after Colorado? Reporter: Listen to Shelly play dumb. He basically was kicked off his team. To where? Reporter: He lost his endorsements. Where did he go? Reporter: He eventually went to Miami.

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{"duration":"5:18","description":"Shelly Chartier pleaded guilty to various charges of impersonation, extortion and making threats.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"46810824","title":"Woman sentenced to prison after 'catfishing' NBA player, aspiring model: Part 5","url":"/2020/video/woman-sentenced-prison-catfishing-nba-player-aspiring-model-46810824"}