Woman Turned in by Her Own Hired Hit Man

After making a down payment for the murder of her ex's new girlfriend, Faccenda is arrested.
3:00 | 12/12/14

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Transcript for Woman Turned in by Her Own Hired Hit Man
Once again -- David Muir and "Murder for hire." Reporter: A sunny afternoon in broad daylight, and at the top of one shopper's list, the murder of the other woman. "20/20" given exclusive access as federal agents listen in just a few cars away as Nicole faccenda plots the murder of her romantic rival. But so far, she is cautious and careful with her words. You know what I want. I want to be dressed in black. I'm not saying it. Say what? I'm not saying it. Reporter: The hit man, really that undercover federal agent, now wondering, does the suspect, suspect? And I'm sorry that I watch so many lifetime movies. That's all right. Te Reporr: But they keep going, and two days later, another parking lot, another conversation. Either she disappears or she's never found. Like that would be one good thing. I wouldn't care if she was in a horrible, horrible car accident and mangled up and, you know, I don't care, like, gone. I want to On her grave. I want to go to her funeral and spit in the casket. I will be happiest when this woman is dead, buried and six feet under. Reporter: But Nicole is now digging her own grave. And when asked, what to do with the ex-boyfriend? It turns out, kill the woman, keep him. She says get rid of the woman? You know, shoot him in the foot or something. I don't want him hurt, but if he's limping around, if he has a cast on, who cares? Reporter: She wants to see him suffer, she wants to see him at the other woman's funeral. But perhaps darkest of all, listen to this, when asked what to do if the other woman's children get in the way. I don't give a . Okay, let me tell you, and don't think I'm a bad person -- Okay. But if something happened and one of the kids got killed, oh well, I'm sorry. You know what? Reporter: So if the kids get in the way? Take 'em out. Reporter: Take 'em out. Kill 'em. Yep. Reporter: She agrees to pay $20,000 for the murder. And look at this, authorities giving "20/20" the photo she texted to make sure they get the right woman. And then she texts the picture of the girlfriend? Yeah, it doesn't get any more serious than that. R reporter: And you'll remember the husband in the last case, he wanted proof, a picture of his wife shot in the woods. In this case, they offer Nicole the same thing, a photo, but she doesn't want any kodak moments. She wants something else. I can get him to give you a picture of her dead, finished. I don't want a picture. We're gonna get busted with a picture. I don't want any pictures. I'm going to go to the funeral. Reporter: She wants to go to the funeral. She wants that satisfaction, knowing what she's done, and kind of savor it, which is quite sick. Reporter: Now, they need just one more thing to nail her, the cash. They set a meeting place. You're right here at the Olive Garden, people are having dinner, like most people would at the olive dpagarden and you're waiting for her to show up with the cash. Right. Reporter: And you're waiting and you're waiting, and she's not here. And she's not here. Reporter: And no sign of her. Suddenly, stood-up by their dinner date, concerns racing through their heads. Has she changed her mind? Does she now want out of that lifetime movie? Or worse, has she taken action on her own? They finally get her on the phone. Hey, where are you? Reporter: And where had she been? Her son's soccer game. So you get her on the phone. Get her on the phone. Reporter: And where is she? She's over at the Exxon. Reporter: Over here. They learn she's just a few 100 feet away. Okay, he's moving. He's going to go now. Reporter: The agents scramble. Their wires, their cameras out of position. He's going to have to walk over to the Exxon station. Reporter: But the informant, the bagman, gets to the gas station to fill 'er up. She hands you the envelope and what's inside? Her down payment, cash. Reporter: How much cash? $2,000. Reporter: Basically it's a down payment on murder? It's a down payment on murder. Reporter: You've got her. Yep. 8:36 P.M., special agent Alongi. This concludes the undercover meet. Reporter: Two days later, the informant calls Nicole to tell her the other woman is dead. Listen to me. Listen to me clearly. Jennifer is dead. No way. Jennifer is dead. Reporter: But the other woman, of course, is very much alive, and now in protective custody, told by agent mullen someone wants her killed. Pulled over her vehicle and informed her that there had been a threat against her life. Reporter: And what did she say? And the first thing, as she was shaking, that came out of her mouth was that -- is it Nicole? Reporter: She knew who it was? She knew who it was. Reporter: The other woman? The other woman. Reporter: Agent mullen takes us to the hotel restaurant where Nicole manages the catering, in charge of the baked goods, having no idea what they've baked up for her. She has no idea you're about to move in. No, no clue. Reporter: They send the confidential informant in first, wearing a tiny camera, and watch right here, her reaction. Not cool. Reporter: And outside she lets loose. I can't believe you did this to me, don't show up here. That's not cool. Reporter: She was actually annoyed that the man who was helping her kill the other woman had now shown up at work. She says she can't believe it, and she doesn't believe he did the job. I don't believe either one of you. At this point, I don't believe either one of you. Reporter: Moments later, she is arrested. So after you lock her up, you talk to her. Yes. Reporter: Does she have any remorse? None at all. Reporter: And the tears in the backseat of the police cruiser, were they for the girl she tried to have murdered? They were only for herself. Reporter: And tonight, from a federal prison in West Virginia, where that soccer mom is now serving ten years after pleading guilty, she is reaching out to "20/20" in an e-mail, accusing the feds of baiting her. "I was at an emotional low point in my life and they took advantage of that." She says, "I am not, and never have been, a violent person. I was a woman destroyed by emotions and I am paying for it dearly." But that hit man, reminding us, in that car, in that supermarket parking lot, he gave her several outs. I want to make sure that you know what you're getting yourself into when you want this done. Reporter: And when you look back on that rookie case? She got honestly what she deserves. Reporter: When we come back,

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{"id":22922461,"title":"Woman Turned in by Her Own Hired Hit Man","duration":"3:00","description":"After making a down payment for the murder of her ex's new girlfriend, Faccenda is arrested.","url":"/2020/video/woman-turned-hired-hit-man-22922461","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}