The Year With Katie Couric: Celebrity Feuds

Mariah Carey vs. Nicky Minaj, Chris Brown vs. Drake, and more of 2012's "anger games."
5:35 | 12/19/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for The Year With Katie Couric: Celebrity Feuds
-- here -- Katie current. -- -- was a year of epic battles. The adventure. -- -- And the amazing Spider-Man. But when it comes to bitter -- -- blockbuster comes to mind. The Hunger Games featured kids trapped in a battle for survival. What do you know it was a huge hit -- -- and that and tell him and then. -- Competition -- important games of our it's -- -- twelve angered me starting right now. It's our first -- -- just place in the public television. On the set of American Idol an argument between -- Mariah escalated into a media firestorm. As seen in this EMC video. Social and heard about medium arrived here. In the same room together let alone within six feet of each other. Me out and not expect at some point words or maybe -- Don't usually don't do this drama escalated as wild rumors -- -- to the media. -- brings together. Wind and Barbara Walters is a -- Com Mariah and she said that when -- walked off the set -- several people -- Ricky -- If I had a gun I would -- big. Later -- fired back calling the rumors a fabrication. UN women's -- police who had at all the fear the it will mean -- right. But if I can't. Who had been Wall Street -- and the Indian -- he will be making. Well and -- I want America saving. Isn't. Ryan to be continued. Our next feud erupted in the world of music -- two cops. Biggest names and their entourage is now in New York City nightclub last flew injuring bystanders. And -- Sleazy reputation. -- -- -- -- -- -- What -- have a good day and thought would get -- -- but what you don't that it means. Right -- champagne bottles are being thrown. Got crazy if somebody got hit in the head with a -- -- this is adding opportunity Chris Brown seeming like a reformed person. As the -- -- Chris Brown is the worst. You know now he seems like a really -- -- when he beat Rihanna would -- dressed like a terrorist for Halloween he seems cool I'm on his side. I don't know whose manager it's -- like this guy needs guidance east. The winner is. Three now we know from the world of pop music you just not. And a battle in the streets of New York City. The mayor the mayor Michael Bloomberg Mayor Bloomberg -- and a -- the first of the country to ban those super -- breaks Mayor Bloomberg vs big soda. I read -- and -- that I read so this. I don't know if those are derogatory terms that that's modern liberalism. The light and -- people around. There's something about telling people how much soda they can -- That makes people crazy it. What don't want to. Over so -- pretty good at. Not Karen know much about whether or not he's upsetting other people I don't know how to answer your question if you don't have any understanding signs whatsoever and the winner is. Mayor Bloomberg. Our next few takes place in the fast food industry. Chick filet strip to same sex marriage but fast food chain -- the -- ground zero in the culture war is over gay marriage. To -- 98 have legalize same sex marriage but not everyone in America is on board. This year -- happy president of chick -- let the world know that same sex marriage. Not on the menu how his nearly 2000 restaurants across 38 state. I think we're -- God's judgment on our nation when we shake our sister you know mistake you know we know that continued as to what constitutes a marriage and the owner chick -- can say anything he wants. And as a result consumers can say I don't like what you're saying and I'm not going to -- -- in -- -- -- It's despite boycott or some sales at chipotle restaurants across the country -- record highs. On -- appreciation day this is my second one today. And I'll do another one tonight. Does -- have to look away after recently. Delicious and tensions -- when someone else thinking people. When politicians got involved in the debate got even more heated to the lately circulated an internal memo. For all sexual orientations. The winner this one same sex marriage. Looking back on the Yankees. Despite our differences we just might be -- in a brighter direction. -- Jesus shared the spotlight it's where bad boys learn to be good. -- by two instead of one if you still need that sugar rush. And we're in this the greatest country in the world we can have our chicken. Same sex marriage to.

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{"id":18021805,"title":"The Year With Katie Couric: Celebrity Feuds","duration":"5:35","description":"Mariah Carey vs. Nicky Minaj, Chris Brown vs. Drake, and more of 2012's \"anger games.\"","url":"/2020/video/year-katie-couric-celebrity-feuds-18021805","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}