Adam Levine Named Sexiest Man Alive

People names the Maroon 5 lead singer its sexiest man alive.
3:00 | 11/20/13

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Transcript for Adam Levine Named Sexiest Man Alive
-- -- People Magazine coming out with its annual sexiest man alive issue -- can't wait on our floor director and -- our home. He's a little bummed about the Linehan don't you should've seen instantly sets in for gas there was absolutely I don't think you're sexy and I go figure it Adam Levine there you go get -- the voices out of -- judge in the show Carson Daly and Blake Shelton given them some ribbing before sort of announcing that he wants to. Sorry about People Magazine -- your bombs. -- for the first -- the Clinton like he might ask the Adam I know I know you're now 68 analyzed on bring out -- PLO that I think you're beautiful for what's on the incest. -- battle -- good in People Magazine. In the article that he tried to movies -- to be -- -- is looking -- seven doubted his fiancee Victoria's Secret model. So yeah. He's not a role that way. I -- it is looking at. -- -- -- -- -- I don't know about all that I -- -- India and Adam Levine he sings -- is like the road he really great signs that he makes you sexy. I think that but it has more southern like his look is so -- that with -- high -- musicians on 2013 -- world believe -- Here we go committee and that -- about three. Longevity Lincoln and 79 million only got out firing up -- number two yeah. And Madonna with a whopping 125. Million dollars. Running up that top -- -- eyes -- heat. It's a cool sixty -- million and Coldplay with 64 million. And I think. Kind of puts the -- that rivalry that everybody's kind of made up of -- -- Lady Gaga and Madonna Madonna has officially. Stepped on the neck of lady got out when it comes to how much money they have made that is -- include Canada's. Fantastic amount of money point five million dollars -- bar then your so called rival yeah. Yup she's the winner and. Locker -- new series of commercials for their week of greatness and it's not guiding the world's wrong some of them were very funny Dennis Rodman has to go to North Korea goes to -- North Korea don't want my ticket doesn't come back. What other wrongs righted Mike Tyson shows up at a -- Holyfield's door with the president -- members and Al-Jazeera once -- -- -- yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Let me. Kept him out guys. Mr. -- Japan's Rodman go to North Korea and only get a one way trip obviously all of cents a human -- -- finally walks away from the game all kinds of good things it's that we -- greatness commercials. That would actually. I can see the world getting better and better in his commercials on the wonderful things from I was at a diner does that happens -- -- -- Salmonella regulating commercial OK I don't know what all around because obviously going to be go to bed I'll probably. Our isn't it you know every news Kelly Clarkson ankle famous singer -- predators. ABC news has confirmed dollars to put it on Twitter -- -- confirmed that she said I'm pregnant explanation for excellence in my exclamation point but then I just got married. Are so excited the best early Christmas present ever. Can I tell you the first confidence of my daughter to. -- -- She was great she did deliver enough I think -- -- all there -- -- -- powerful voice yeah absolutely. Entity unlike all other magazines have. Are flooded with pictures of -- -- -- beautiful wedding -- you know there were all kinds of it has -- -- wedding of her in her wedding dress so congratulations that have merry Merry Christmas and exciting is how she may lose you guys back.

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{"id":20947474,"title":"Adam Levine Named Sexiest Man Alive","duration":"3:00","description":"People names the Maroon 5 lead singer its sexiest man alive.","url":"/WNN/video/adam-levine-named-sexiest-man-alive-20947474","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}