Meet the Man Behind the Pope's Shoes

Antonio Arellano, a Peruvian immigrant living in Rome for the past 20 years, is Pope Benedict's shoe
3:00 | 02/26/13

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Transcript for Meet the Man Behind the Pope's Shoes
-- And storyline -- -- a movie an immigrant living in Rome for the past two decades. Couldn't believe he's nice -- you -- west announced back in 2000 five's out their most pop I'm. He created. -- I think in the end is having an a lot of them he was none other than cardinal Joseph Ratzinger back -- Now known to the world as Pope Benedict the sixteenth -- the stepping down this week. And -- Friday Janice most loyal customers and -- tiny shoe shop in downtown Rome. You -- -- -- in the system out of the by the throughout the from the Obama struggled -- need to invest -- Little did he imagined that his client would become the head of the Catholic Church. Without hesitation. Ever this self starter at a general requested a meeting -- -- -- Only he claims -- size he took a -- for a came. Classic red people -- brought back in style -- Pope Benedict. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He need to get to that of Banja if I didn't really doesn't have been -- -- thought that if -- believe them. And naming two when he eleven US commission and I'm most special pair plummeted -- him. -- -- -- -- -- -- Do and the latest on this more than not only food but -- about the predicated upon. This is on the Washington. And -- channel -- originally from does he -- they don't and Melissa long line of colors fixes special distinction. I think about it from across yet cinema -- a bit about. And doesn't have -- -- -- -- when we have -- figure that totals about them out of -- now. Seems Ratzinger became Pope Benedict. He's stuck personally -- to -- -- but he assistants -- -- shoots in for repair. And after vacated cobbler at a Jenner knows the ins and outs of his clients aware and care. The puzzlement with the from Galena and -- them but the book -- a wonderful adamant about musicals and the government it. When those about how without in the -- involves is in the theme. -- military about a battle not with none of the Iowa need to yard pick one and protect its video from the vehicle -- -- Now that Pope Benedict is stepping down. -- and you only hopes for -- saying. It's been Emma -- -- and I gathered in our guys the -- in the guys -- gated communities. -- -- -- -- -- For ABC news -- edition. This is Ingrid brought us news. And its community -- Thought.

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{"id":18601199,"title":"Meet the Man Behind the Pope's Shoes","duration":"3:00","description":"Antonio Arellano, a Peruvian immigrant living in Rome for the past 20 years, is Pope Benedict's shoe","url":"/ABC_Univision/video/antonio-arellano-us-popes-shoemaker-18601199","section":"ABC_Univision","mediaType":"default"}