Enrique Morones On Friendship Park On US-Mexico Border

Enrique Morones discusses friendship park on U.S.-Mexico border
1:15 | 03/28/13

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Transcript for Enrique Morones On Friendship Park On US-Mexico Border
And. -- this -- is -- historical monuments of the it's -- part of that was inaugurated in August of 1971. The First Lady Pat Nixon. Back in 1971 of the wall between these two he's. United States and Mexico and she came here and she reaches out into Mexico. Whether it was to Border Patrol agents and so forth on the US side and some police of the Mexican side and she says it made it never -- a wall between these two great countries. And plants -- -- European and we're standing right now. That was 1971. -- said the in 1994 the United States government decided to build a wall between. Sandy lucky -- called operation gatekeeper. The -- that was the same material that was used in the Vietnam War the metal sheets that was used in desert storm. And that laws cause a lot of -- because a friendship are. Is an area where for generations families have come here to see their loved ones we really -- never meant to grant. They would sit along the -- -- have -- best uncle. Spent an afternoon together and really haven't even touched by reaching out to each other. But the secure fence act with the last act that President Bush did and was putting up the second ball that allowed people -- to -- -- -- the law.

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{"id":18836141,"title":"Enrique Morones On Friendship Park On US-Mexico Border","duration":"1:15","description":"Enrique Morones discusses friendship park on U.S.-Mexico border","url":"/ABC_Univision/video/enrique-morones-friendship-park-us-mexico-border-18836141","section":"ABC_Univision","mediaType":"default"}