Celebrating Pride to the Beat of Same-Sex Salsa

A dancing duo is teaching LGBT New Yorkers how to celebrate Gay Pride, Latino style.
2:10 | 06/28/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Celebrating Pride to the Beat of Same-Sex Salsa
I came to this world. Having in this sense of dancing. Yeah. Meet friends and how it's my team. Now religious elite outsells the New York again social for the LTD to -- it. On Friday nights and they give their weekly classes dance studio in midtown Manhattan. To me. Six frank -- -- in New York surrounded by the fusion of Cuban Puerto Rican and jazz beats that gave birth to south and the 1970. -- moved from Panama and join -- three years ago. They went to read a new chapter in the book of south. Into business also was arson generals as the -- as -- person that he's in the -- as a person that follows. But when India and. Community since an innocent men women that some women so we disengage. From the -- came on aspect of it and go more pleasantly. Follow us think that is. Welcome back. -- Like any -- -- prison have to catch the then -- -- a leader followed regardless of sex. Frank -- masculine men choose to follow and feminine women lead that Franken makes them form two lines leaders on one side. Followers on the other. The followers rotate so no one is left -- -- Frank is in charge of teaching that to -- And then when the economy -- down Alex had been the style. We have to be known not only do that pioneering but I also -- -- hands. The move out of the hands and wherever -- have to move the hand to hand and everything so that's me. Alex -- professionally with his dance partner -- -- national competitions -- six dancing is only a site category they hope this will one day change. You have to break that barrier. OK we can can -- now. Music doesn't have sex for one of whom we my partner and man's.

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{"id":19527834,"title":"Celebrating Pride to the Beat of Same-Sex Salsa","duration":"2:10","description":"A dancing duo is teaching LGBT New Yorkers how to celebrate Gay Pride, Latino style.","url":"/ABC_Univision/video/gay-latinos-celebrate-sex-salsa-beat-19527834","section":"ABC_Univision","mediaType":"default"}