The Gaza Strip: The Most Dangerous and Tense Borderline In The World

3:03 | 11/19/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for The Gaza Strip: The Most Dangerous and Tense Borderline In The World
The soundtrack of war. Close to defend separating between Israel and the Islamic as a -- controlled by Hamas one can hear crime -- that distance. They explain I don't know wac but -- -- my teeth and then follows -- we salute rockets and -- sites launched 21 after another over in Israel. She's told by the shocking roar of the bombs dropped by Israeli Air Force on targets of Hamas in Gaza under. Israeli -- dean and drones search for Hamas since -- had sales with their powerful cameras. Soldiers here say -- he's also the most dangerous and tense border lying in the world. Here at least four begin to enter without -- -- escort and wearing a bulletproof vest is compulsory. -- -- -- Hearing the brigade we have a ceiling is of human and electronic observation methods of them. We conduct ambushes and -- serve all intention for infiltration or attacks we also have taxi necessary. -- -- -- only lend again is responsible for the defense along the entire border. And leads the tax rolls for nearly two years. He defines himself as a veteran. Channel whom and the -- and if we always have an offense he ceased to -- protein each location mean weeks we attack. When we do that we -- specifically -- -- launching derives from before giving the attack or there. We verified there are no innocent people who have nothing to do -- aggression against he's. -- fight convincingly -- The population of the Gaza street is a -- and a half. Leaving in very tight conditions unitary authority over 25 miles long and between 4282. Miles wide. If he's the area with the highest population density rate in the world a fact that -- didn't see any military operation however surgically may be. Hamas is threatening that the Israeli soldiers attempts to invade the Gaza street there will be welcomed by a -- off dozens of marches upon them. During operation cast lead in 2008. Israeli army -- -- 101000 soldiers. -- deal contained the government's permission to immobilize 75000. We're all trained and -- case the order us to embark on an operation like cast. We can and -- -- in just a few moments. And we -- in the enemy not to put a student test. In Cairo -- -- diplomatic mediation going on led by the new president of Egypt and leader of the Muslim Brotherhood Mohamed -- -- More -- things that very close relationship with Hamas and seeks to -- them into the immediate cease fire to halt Israeli tanks. The alternatives right now are either Jerusalem -- invasion and the party -- -- -- Asia meaning at least indicate Zimmerman and the Gaza border.

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