The Jack & Alex Show: Episode 10

Jack and Alex discuss the royal baby.
3:29 | 07/26/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for The Jack & Alex Show: Episode 10
Welcome to the Jack -- show I'm Jack. And today we're talking about these singularly most important event in all of human history which is the birth of the royal baby. George Alexander who has his. Third in line for the throne after his father grandfather and great grandmother they'll have to die before he becomes king and that's what you're going going to aren't. So we wanted to talk to him that he isn't baby and he can't talk so we want to talk to the experts think was willing caved Bryant. Returning -- calls it's what happened well Halloween party. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Teen -- that mr. Laurie thinking so much for joining us on the jacket Alex dried. Up. Tell me I tend to -- can do for newborns Richard Green -- Will. I would certainly teachings and who's the new and give him a nice I slowly when he's finished his fish and chips -- up well I'm sure that looking after future king of England isn't great response you feel dared answer to when I say. I'd bet to chip but he's an activity -- -- mom I cannot give up Bobby booking before all right cock up this -- -- that's. -- -- -- -- -- -- domestic rigorous interview process that. The daughter didn't -- do love me now working in the media not that talk of a different car -- pop rock. Having a tough time that's what an -- -- who. You're not from England are. -- -- -- it now. No I'm an American I'm from Topeka Kansas I do some community here it's veterans -- dysfunction commercials. It's Spotify he gets -- more air time I just. I can do other. Accidents do it doesn't. -- the resident abuses under our friendship -- -- -- -- -- went -- and -- And with that either way let's turn our -- correspondent whisk -- to see what's coming tutors. There's -- shoot them down. If you can help get you -- -- really like superhero. -- -- Blue dog and -- Consumers. My own creation. Any -- -- -- Right and -- -- bad days. -- today. It's always -- Jack. So yeah. -- -- fifty you know. It didn't want Hackett -- Billy -- he's going to put it up and they're good that is not gonna. And and holly. 62 victory were duels all the time who has my friend -- these anything to -- -- hearing on alcohol.

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{"id":19787805,"title":"The Jack & Alex Show: Episode 10","duration":"3:29","description":"Jack and Alex discuss the royal baby.","url":"/ABC_Univision/video/jack-alex-show-episode-10-19787805","section":"ABC_Univision","mediaType":"default"}