Mija Lands in Miami to Join Fusion

No, la Mija (pronounced mee-hah) isn't trying to burn down the house, just her New York City subway
3:00 | 05/23/13

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Transcript for Mija Lands in Miami to Join Fusion
Don't try this at home. Especially not your mom's house. And opened the me how weekly ad -- unity sick you may have seen my show aren't puts a dot com. I just hit the like button and didn't actually watch it. And that. You may have heard the news that had been chosen to replace Barbara Walters on the view. -- -- -- that out actually at heart to create television. And new network fusion. I yes glorious television the largest she's she's she's just like here everyone is so much chatting here. On television. Naturally I don't -- me -- we need to come work for you. Leaving New York -- For my home town. Miami Florida. Here -- -- -- -- lavish executive headquarters in Miami Florida. The trailer. Check it out and totally documented. That I had made a big and people keep telling me -- changed. Exchange. I had to move -- -- let mom so. Can't app test and check out my style -- -- -- Yeah. At this beautiful sick 1984. Painting -- allows Kraft to pony. As an -- RI EE EN art society. First place. Award for the most elaborate spaceship -- -- -- expelled wrong -- high school senior glamour shot. I look like a crazy version. And over here. That we're rehab EU. And don't ride -- being -- -- cities. My sweet company car. Just kidding it's my mom's. Passed the bar up actually or are -- here. -- that went -- in the ninth grade. They'll get used me talking to myself.

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{"id":19243800,"title":"Mija Lands in Miami to Join Fusion","duration":"3:00","description":"No, la Mija (pronounced mee-hah) isn't trying to burn down the house, just her New York City subway ","url":"/ABC_Univision/video/mija-lands-miami-join-fusion-19243800","section":"ABC_Univision","mediaType":"default"}