A Sinner's Guide To Sainthood

Just because you'll never be a saint, doesn't mean you can't know how to become one.
1:50 | 06/24/13

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Transcript for A Sinner's Guide To Sainthood
Pope John Paul the second is expected to be recognized in the saint later this year wait wasn't Garrity -- -- now and turns out it's kinda complicated. -- my experience with saint mostly involves little -- than candles and my grandmother's -- and though it got me thinking. What -- you have to do to become a saint in order to become a saint in the Catholic Church have to follow a force that process. To start. App free diet a group of officials will gather all the stuff about your life your speeches collier public appearances your FaceBook update at setter and present all the evidence to the leaders of the Catholic Church was there is enough evidence that you -- at virtuous life. The Pope may declare you hero it in virtue there are then given the title venerable the honorable venerable -- -- -- let the -- that the next step beatification. -- -- be active Vicki is basically. You have been found by a group of your holy peers beyond a reasonable doubt guilty. Of entering -- now comes the last them. Saint. In order to be proclaimed -- -- -- must perform two miracles. And did I mention you have to perform those miracles. You die. Most miracles and the -- of a sick person being inexplicably. Injured after praying to you so forget about Auliffe eternal rest and peace crap. You -- -- miracle I think budding after years second -- he missed -- goal then you can be canonized and recognized as a saint and and you can have your little figurines for sale in the church -- and they'll take my -- -- -- -- -- --

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{"id":19473091,"title":"A Sinner's Guide To Sainthood","duration":"1:50","description":"Just because you'll never be a saint, doesn't mean you can't know how to become one.","url":"/ABC_Univision/video/pope-john-paul-ii-approaching-sainthood-posthumous-miracle-19473091","section":"ABC_Univision","mediaType":"default"}