A Private Peek At Juanes' Private Life

Juanes serenades his wife and shows Maria Elena Salinas his extensive Grammy collection.
2:41 | 04/01/13

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Transcript for A Private Peek At Juanes' Private Life
The. Mom have -- -- I have my wife my kids and me yeah -- -- -- he's just -- about -- school. It. You wouldn't medical minute. No legal notice that every American that is the -- -- I'm not. Notably. And -- Is to be very shy and when I was at school and it was a -- it. And then the music I sought to connect -- seniors can only do we do with a knife. Sometimes I am a -- studio -- play -- whenever of the SARS Sharon Lerner of body than and I remember those days sometimes they listen to -- on the tonic a reverse this and bring in our memories. Businesses are very specialty higher -- they had me because the Metallica guys it's a -- Right before years ago -- -- My relationship with the fans this very important that all these years using -- -- -- from having learning so much from them. In Vegas that this was being and then now you know who they are I remember when I used to write letters. -- into my fans going to two to mail and ending the plate to a three moms and I was like immediately as widely came back -- that's it. You how how many Latin grammys. I think this nineteen Latin grammys and three and two Americans Roberts wonderful and -- here. They are all -- senses that the book or want -- I think. All of them are very special from insists on Newsnight. All of this grammys in all these. Wars means -- vote for me because open other from. -- of opportunities. If anything. -- Levine. I wrote this movie before my friends you know my car right there yeah. I am a musician I just wanted to. Because it was everything would wait to to a back to. White last that was repeated to remember of those moments that that changed -- -- and nice. Boy am now. IA had opportunity to admit to meet out of people that's where victims of that -- And then when a when they may have been very serious issues just change my my my way to think about. It -- -- --

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{"id":18857508,"title":"A Private Peek At Juanes' Private Life","duration":"2:41","description":"Juanes serenades his wife and shows Maria Elena Salinas his extensive Grammy collection.","url":"/ABC_Univision/video/private-peek-juanes-private-life-18857508","section":"ABC_Univision","mediaType":"default"}