Thousands Travel to DC for Pro Immigration Reform Rally

Enrique Acevedo talks to some of the people traveling in a caravan from Alabama to DC.
1:51 | 04/09/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Thousands Travel to DC for Pro Immigration Reform Rally
-- Explain to the people are watching pool where are we in. Of course you already said we're going to Washington to -- what what are we doing here they're actually in the middle of the road right now and it's the safest sensitive. So -- is -- -- -- what we're doing here. Right now where in Chattanooga Tennessee we left from Birmingham around 7 o'clock AM central time and that we should be. To already be seen around ten hours so we have people here that left their jobs -- their children some of the meal at school. To be able to make this trip to send a message to the legislators and I hope that everyone here and could take something back to their communities just to show -- To say that I was part of this and when immigration reform does happen which it inevitably will to say you know Alabama put -- immigrants -- and I. Actually people here with their babies -- an eight month old Canadian there's a woman that's 65 so do the age. Unit -- it's pretty such diversity here in in the state of Alabama and Roberts are -- -- -- young. You all you people that have been here for a couple of years YouTube -- here for decades. And one of the -- that we have -- him in his one and one Alabama but heroes that you're literally right yes my my father my brother my mother we were the first family of the state of Alabama to actively involved. And I said -- something that we see as a duty and obligation because there's a reason why we should stay in Alabama tight it is tight. I know this is very important for you -- your family but you have to come up with an excuse. To skip school and you look -- -- realize you're actually -- sick -- are you gonna tell them. I was telling the truth that I went to Washington DC to stand up for my family for my stage. And for what we believe -- to have a comprehensive immigration reform that not only just includes us. The dreamers but also our parents have brought us here for a better life and a better future.

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{"id":18917992,"title":"Thousands Travel to DC for Pro Immigration Reform Rally","duration":"1:51","description":"Enrique Acevedo talks to some of the people traveling in a caravan from Alabama to DC.","url":"/ABC_Univision/video/thousands-travel-dc-pro-immigration-reform-rally-18917992","section":"ABC_Univision","mediaType":"default"}