Visualizing A Dream With Pocho1

Photographer documents the undocumented
3:51 | 05/14/13

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Transcript for Visualizing A Dream With Pocho1
And that's enough yeah. So I've been documenting I would say just social justice issues in general for about. Maybe two years but very affectionate. Warm moist or delay being getting into people -- Tommy -- of digital pictures -- to -- actually put some time tonight. My whole life I've been observing. People fighting for their rights fighting for things finding something -- 100 dignity and Gately was still invite. You can really easy to document my community that felt very comfortable and I go right home. So you know I didn't go to school for this this is just -- documents my surroundings. From activism tonight the music that was kind of activist and my family to Michael -- And from there -- started to understand how important it is for us to tell -- story. This is one of the -- he did -- the day in the life of the -- and this is Betsy. She's a massive student UCLA she's -- no -- big award and you brought her mother and I go to the crowd and I almost -- -- get the shot as of this is that moment about when they say your name and her mother users a kiss before she goes up and gets her award. And her mother was really sick at the time and she still made it -- so just a very emotional day for everybody involved I was very honored to be there. Susan my friend Betsy. And this is my -- about -- -- and she's she's down she's brown and she's powerful but -- they would this image I was as proud of is that. A lot of people are coming into homophobic or a loving that was around even in -- -- and for me to do it captured. One of my queer friends. You know. Just up -- a transvestite. And to be proud of that and to -- -- that this not to be not to be ashamed. The -- -- about liberation photography is that it did the camera this camera there's intention with the camera. Amendments -- intention behind my things I'm not here just randomly taking pictures are just showed. Or paparazzi or whatever and I hated I think those things but it -- intention there's a reason why there there's a community behind you telling me to tell the story there's stories. And so it's been more of -- an entirely -- from the inside out. I consider myself she got no. Let's that then that that fall -- that for myself under but. You know I've had many issues with -- -- throughout my life. Nine have fires have Mexicans. The court Joseph Kurtz Edward Kennedy used by Mexicans and Mexican Americans -- you you know your -- -- -- formal -- you know legs feel like he's been a couple of selected. Testing here again authentic and I really Mexican made from either resign kept it was because I have a quote just as saying that out yet. You know I can't speak Spanish she scale well I don't care like hamburgers that I thought was you know it's a whole thing of the double Canadian like. Out of those two -- days and southern now had a tattoo -- -- over the and it's become. Essential kind of part of my opinion whoever I am. This is -- -- domain is. She is one of the main leaders in the GMAC movement of the one mineral rights movement -- win downtown LA and said down ice she's kind of pushed into this car if you look at the image. She's doing with a lot of grief and allow power this is movement and -- this is him getting him arrested and in the video. You see -- -- document. Say that he's a site. He's done you know that he's ready there's fear but this courage you know and so -- is one -- my shots and enjoy it is published -- And so my photography is about helping my friends -- you know come out of shadows and then and then do it any captures that because so the --

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{"id":19180405,"title":"Visualizing A Dream With Pocho1","duration":"3:51","description":"Photographer documents the undocumented","url":"/ABC_Univision/video/visualizing-dream-pocho1-19180405","section":"ABC_Univision","mediaType":"default"}