The animal attraction of Koko

The female western lowland gorilla gained fame by communicating with humans through sign language.
8:42 | 06/21/18

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Transcript for The animal attraction of Koko
Scientist wants believe that only humans had the ability to use language to actually talk to each other. That was before a very young gorilla named Coco showed up. Cocoa became world famous when with the help of two scientists she showed an astonishing ability to communicate. On a human level. We'll cocos all grown up now and still communicating. Only now she's talking about some grown up problems. The kind of many young women have to face. She lives a secluded life in the hills of coastal California. Removed from all the admirers who made it famous. She shot a little like Greta Garbo with one big difference. Koko the gorilla loves to talk. You remember about kitty like this. Do you remember. Kitty can visit that gorilla Koko love. Yes I read what. Some scientists remain skeptical of this language experiment that is banned more than two decades. Yeah. But psychologist penny Patterson. And her partner biologist Ron Cohn are convinced cocoa has actually learned how to use American sign language she's. Emitted almost a thousand different signs as of ten years ago and of those at about 10% or her own creations. She's got a an unusual personality I think she's got a good sense of humor and could sense of who she is and what she is. But she's also are very serious about them. Go go even appears literate and sometimes seems remarkably human. Does it may have that she even likes a good joke. Prove crucial shall laugh at things a few chaser with the trial here. She laughs at that mutual chase you with the trial Decatur. Ian and laughed at that. We've got a bunch of stuff and anguish and yeah put them quite good if Koko really talks that means she must be good interview material. But she's a shy young lady and she's 300 pounds of solid muscle so we figured we better soften her up a little first. The difference he fearlessly fast it's a challenge today wants first cross species interviewed. But before we began there's one more thing you need to know. 22 year old cocoa at the peak of her scientific career with national magazines hailing her achievements cocoa. Is having a life crisis. Well. Well. EE EE she's interested having a found him like a man. Just the normal thing than a girl. He that you have trouble juggling career from when needs but don't actually know she's lucky but she does need to find all right man in the right setting. There's you have a biological clock is ticking yes. It would be very good for restarted at least in the way she mother's baby mammals say as though solicits and she tries to get them to nurse. She's happy. Her she's really pleased that she hasn't been an infant even if it's another species. You think they be drink. Drink the baby son patted me down drink mouth she's had a baby answer. The baby said drink. Now that's eight. But where I'm yeah. Maybe you know women who've had a hard time finding the right man imagine cocos problem. In California. Are rulers aren't exactly falling out trees. So she told you let's get going mom I wanna open. Here I am right her options available exit and hears in her situation. So we've done is show her pictures or video tapes of gorillas that may be available and she could by looking at these. Say whether she liked the individually. Coco has done little video dating the threat. You name it. Follow the Ebola like bomb attempts cocos clear first choice the strong silent well built type. From the Rome zoo. Really cope course looking. I. All my good is a big is personal bond was telling and that's a big draw and he took it. Actually I like bundle up at the very attractive capital since youth workers logs. I don't know the way he moved certainly she couldn't smell him. But the Rome zoo wouldn't cooperate. So cocoa settled on the runner up from the Cincinnati zoo in due may. Do like watching and did TP. There's a dude you're. Isn't giving debt. OK so we didn't make cocos heart flutter but in due may is the father of four children and he did seem like a nice guy. In Duma's attraction you think was that he was. Famine I think so he was it very good father and he was cuddling with one of the females just sweet and it was thrilling to watch him. By the time and do me arrived in California Coco had decided he would make a fine partner. And wants a girl makes up her mind she wants to get the show on the road of course things don't always work out like you plan them. Welcome Pope what even as he got sick she got a slap from him. Have you talked to cocoa about and to me what you think so. Yeah I did one. Right after she first had gone in with them but I asked her what do you think of and to me and she made a face or. That which is a face he makes when he's upset. The good son. I think what it was. Was assigned at the course of true love never did run Smoot. Local may have been a little well insistent at first. And then she got so upset her reproductive cycle stopped for twenty months. And then the guy down the road started making a racket cutting down trees. And to top it off two years after the courtship began. There are steal all these people around watching every move they make. They prefer it read this and if you. Get. Most young ladies feel that we about it mothers you know no real. Actually in due maze especially touchy about his privacy and law he put up with nosy tourists for years. He's very sensitive and Smart. He figured out a way to get back at the zoo going public. The mention doubles at the public land engineered are made fun. In case you're wondering in gloomy figures journalists and tourists. Are about the same thing. He ended it. And or. Which brings us back to our moment of truth with the one guerrilla who is willing to talk to us. Armed with a face mask to protect or from any possible diseases. It's time to talk to cocoa. Things start out well. Meetings are exchanged for oh yeah. Today the Toulouse. Presents excepted. You shouldn't if there we have. But before the first question comes out you're cocoa seizes control. Insisting on the old alligators here. A few cocoa. You have model. And then she demands to be tickled while sitting on my lap. As for inhumane. Not a word. With cocoa keeping quiet about her love life it's time to go. And so for now cocos parents go on wondering and worrying. And hoping her new family. Is just around the corner. What do you think of the match and do man Coca. I think it has potential. But. And I think they just buy a dangerous. You to relax. Trust each other.

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{"duration":"8:42","description":"The female western lowland gorilla gained fame by communicating with humans through sign language.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Archives","id":"56056968","title":"The animal attraction of Koko","url":"/Archives/video/animal-attraction-koko-56056968"}