VIDEO: FBI Informant in His Own Bleepin' Words

Brian Ross speaks with Mani Chulpayev, former mobster-turned-snitch.
3:00 | 05/29/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for VIDEO: FBI Informant in His Own Bleepin' Words
-- Let's talk of making you cannot do everything I think it. Doctor but we're not coming in. -- gave him outside and talk to us. We want it we wanna talk deserves it both of them right there can we talk to you talk to them. And my property right now we want to ask him pardon me. We want to ask you keep people out of -- life and -- from ABC news there where may BC news we're gonna get you for -- -- audience you know the allegations against you sir I don't hear about that all that and take about the need to get out of -- they -- putting -- right now it will say you've cheated them. Listen I don't -- what they say you know Japanese equity what -- do you answer the allegations I don't answer enough that'll pass -- to -- answer to a Dell bundle it yup but -- protected by the FBI in this case as a confidential informant. You're up you're -- tracks they said. You're -- schedule meeting between union again. We'll make this one time you can come down and you know -- -- they save you very bad yet well proven. There's a judge there was no loyalty to the mechanic at a record -- -- part -- That was sixteen years ago we need to stop using OK you need to stop musicals -- -- don't -- -- sixteen years ago you could place people's lives in danger. Gonna send us what you do with the -- -- will be. This -- headline that demonstrate the end you've been convicted them. I was convicted both you know running Iraq right you know being in organized crime group -- -- days arson. Arson kidnapping kidnapping extortion to be exact conspiracy to all of it. What does it say about you that if you have this deal with the FBI you testified they say we'll take care you and you go back out to break the law again. Yes I did I did my time for the FBI did not help me on anything else think how many strikes you think you you deserve. A -- once -- we've got one strike in the U at a second strike happen. So I don't place. We've got lucky yes are you running stands again no not at all are you doing the same thing getting stolen cars -- -- the unsuspecting victim now. Now never will never will do it again he did before. Yes I did it before and I -- listening to doing it again now it has some ring of truth. Some rain but there is no proof people -- not afraid if they're not afraid of me I'm not afraid you know -- others are. There's no reason to be afraid of the nicest guy eliminate your guy who has a Russian mobster was involved in the range of crimes and -- you -- -- Russian -- yes. I'm just smarter than you and that's it I'm an average guy that things ahead. And that's what it is and people can't stand that stupid people against and that the BM the only did as the rest of me. And signed a -- anti corporation right now they -- -- they helped juvenile. No I've helped them. I helped them let's not get this to -- that I've helped them you know like I said be in the situation reversed. I -- took my actions and I'll probably got convicted that would -- proudly -- my time and not -- this and life. -- -- -- now why do you call that. Went like Poland why you like your life so but definitely didn't one reason mean you were sitting here talking. That's one reason.

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{"id":19280422,"title":"VIDEO: FBI Informant in His Own Bleepin' Words","duration":"3:00","description":"Brian Ross speaks with Mani Chulpayev, former mobster-turned-snitch.","url":"/Blotter/video/fbi-informant-bleepin-words-19280422","section":"Blotter","mediaType":"default"}