Isolation Rooms for Special Ed Students Blasted As Abusive

Parents criticize Washington state school's use of padded rooms for discipline.
2:23 | 11/29/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Isolation Rooms for Special Ed Students Blasted As Abusive
-- school in Washington State is coming under fire for using so called isolation booths took home kids to happen. The room is used for special Ed children when they're in danger of hurting themselves or others but some parents say this is nothing more. -- abuse Patrick Preston has the story. In a matter of hours photos of the isolation Booth were shared on FaceBook about 100 times from the outside you can see the Booth is located in a storage area and has two. Inside students can sit on the floor of the small padded room the ceiling features air holes -- ventilation. The original FaceBook poster a long -- mom criticized its use as abusive. Arguing kids are locked in for crying or tapping on their desk. Comments echoed by other FaceBook posters like -- -- who asked seriously have the police been notified that this is being used. Marcy breaker Hauppauge wrote that is terrible should never be used regardless if the child is out of control or not. And generate Lynn brown suggested if a parent did -- at home they would get put in jail do you -- to music. People have their own opinions without having a lot of information about. Yes I would not classify it as a piece it. Spokesperson Sandi cat told me by phone that the isolation Booth is designed this therapy for children needing to calm down. Of the 6500 students in the Longview school district only eight or nine are allowed to go inside. And that's because the school has permission from their parents. This is. Concerning to us that there may not be a concrete understanding. Of this situation. Katz said some of the eight or nine kids voluntarily go inside the Booth for a break from stimulation. She added when the doors locked the school staff member is outside monitoring what happens. That's fascinating that's this that state -- and disciplining students really varies. Wildly and the federal law restricts it there's no federal -- section or restrict policies and practices like -- -- -- -- yes that seems a little little. Harsh for free kids you know that -- -- changes -- find a way to to rationalize and that -- little. Overly punitive and -- strange but without you think -- you -- strong enough parental reaction they will change some of those. Policies so you think you're moving somewhat archaic world.

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{"duration":"2:23","description":"Parents criticize Washington state school's use of padded rooms for discipline.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Blotter","id":"17837571","title":"Isolation Rooms for Special Ed Students Blasted As Abusive","url":"/Blotter/video/isolation-rooms-special-ed-students-blasted-abusive-17837571"}