Amazon's Futuristic Drone Delivery Plan; Robot Writes Handwritten Notes

Rebecca Jarvis highlights hot topics of the day on Real Biz 12.02.2013.
3:00 | 12/02/13

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Transcript for Amazon's Futuristic Drone Delivery Plan; Robot Writes Handwritten Notes
Hello and welcome your -- Hello and welcome to real -- I'm Rebecca Jarvis here in New York City that -- -- -- is about the only thing anyone is talking about this morning. One -- 41 million Americans while more than that going out to shop this weekend. That and this video of Amazon's drones. It was this weekend. -- -- tablets TVs toys towels and tires some tires. Are a big Black Friday open will you see right there the Amazon video everyone's talking about that online right now. People talking about it because Amazon says well. -- that was their CEO says that they could actually be sending -- your items. -- -- well someday they could be doing that they have the technology. But they say the FAA has to approve -- it's going to take a few years before they can even start that conversation. So it's certainly something to think about in the future. Also those big Black Friday items something that a lot of people were thinking about over the weekend the 141. Million Americans. Who went out to shop The National Retail Federation shopper track. All talking about the numbers this weekend we're trying to figure out that what does it mean is it better is it worse well we haven't expert here with us to talk at all through -- -- -- worried she is but the -- -- Retail report it's great to have you with us op nothing for having me so human writing about Amazon and the drowned. Have you been writing about the Black Friday shopping -- getting you just told -- you went shopping on Saturday yes. And it winless -- than you expected seen as the real craziness -- here happen on Thanksgiving. And Black Friday itself. What do you make of the holiday sales so far I think a lot of the forecasts are saying things are going to be worse this year than last year. I -- so far -- actually it's. It seems have gone really well there is more visits. This Thanksgiving weekend and he's getting insults a ton of people go to Wal-Mart asked by. Target and so on and people -- seem to really looking for deals what Amazon is the reality. Say I Andrew is talking about it last name and I think actually a lot of retailers relieved that Amazon didn't come -- some big Cyber Monday deal. But it's an eagle on timing thing for them -- overcome all the regulatory hurdles to making this reality. Amazon does have their deals every ten minutes they're announcing deals -- today's Cyber Monday a lot of other retailers are doing similar things. I was wondering it would be Amazon announcement -- to literally the day before Cyber Monday which is what everybody's supposed to be shopping online. That didn't seem like a coincidence today. Now I think they want to get their name out and they want everyone talking about them and so you know as -- guys more incidents what do you make of what people are saying about this online do you think it could become reality and if it does our people -- alike yet ultimately. They certainly understand in the opinion saying -- it's gonna become a reality or not that and a -- it just seemed super optimistic last on sixty minutes and things and it can happen in for five years he believes in the company and he's a great salesman as well. When he comes to what people should be looking at today Cyber Monday what kinds of deals should people be looking for. -- -- Are a lot of -- all of -- -- -- now were seen a lot of 50% not 40% -- lots of free champagne some giveaway is. They don't seem to be a lot of retailers holding I -- runs discounting and they're counting on a lot of residents a lot of visits I think it was two billion dollars -- the sales forecast for the day. What is going forward. Did you always get better I mean -- -- the reality every -- you look at the Black Friday sales and there's a lot of electronics deals right that are one time only door busters. But it seems to me that closer to Christmas and then even after Christmas you get that's when the deals -- the 708090%. Off deals and that's my community. -- mysterious is gonna need so deal -- because. They're sixteen -- shopping days between Thanksgiving Christmas. So -- is so competitive right now that they can't help but discount as much as they can they're trying so hard to get the shoppers indoors. And so it's -- -- real winds in -- this year. -- tires why are they big sellers. -- and yeah yeah yeah sick and -- wondering today and it got into my producer -- handled and also about -- we don't get it why. Hi this weekend I mean ice and tells. Time yes why not -- -- just stuck up while you're ahead things actually are it's not that they so much for joining us we appreciate it a problem have a great line. We also want to turn our attention to some of the other big stories of the day that one Amazon. Beginning to deliver packages using drones that is a big one but this one is really going to get you interested because we all like hand written notes but. In today's fast these world who -- tie -- to sit down and write all the holiday cards well ironically. Oxford -- sunny -- -- wall is trying to bring back the human connection. With a robot. This robot right here you see it right there it right hand -- personal notes. And sunny it's great to have you with us being united to be here I think that probably took about five months to write my wedding thank use which was probably too long for -- its purposes. How does this idea yet. So here of -- averaged. American household gets one piece of personal mail every seven weeks so -- and in that time period the average business persons giving 5000 more than 5000 emails. So everyone loves getting things -- mail but wouldn't it it's hard to do it known as -- it was mailing address and who has stamps and stationary lying around. Our goal is to use technology making it easier to connect to the people that you love that one of the core pieces of bonds technology is this robotic technology that allows you to type in your note. On -- owner onto the desktop -- to buying And we -- actually send a note for you in it can even do in your own handwriting that's it the magic of this thing. How do you crapping my handwriting so as we go forward we have the ability to get you to send us handwriting sample. And then we can actually use your own handwriting and that's just a beautiful thing about it's about. Taking it making as easy as sending an email to send a handwritten now. I wonder -- I mean I handwriting is pretty much chicken scratch. So how eager to deal with those. Give us their handwriting sample because about the content. Giving a gift is. Sometimes about the gift but lots has -- the sentiment of what you what you mean to say so we allow you to say whatever you want -- -- And sending -- not just a beautiful handwriting but -- a wax sealed note on embossed stationery. What about your signature because. Obviously identity theft is a big deal -- your signature goes part and parcel what that how do you protect people. Well -- for the people who are doing it with their own handwriting which is a technology that today -- only available to large enterprise users. He sent before hand which have a security encryption key. Van that protects -- the only people and access to our very limited number of people on our team hobbled by and large most people -- using did. Generic standard handwriting that we offer on the app on the site any chance you're in its live of these letters -- -- It's possible -- -- we're really excited about what technology sales for the future we think technology about making life easier. And when it comes to gift -- right today and that today Cyber Monday and everything is about. Giving gifts -- even try to make that easier for people with try to cherry products. That are for and that hardest person to shop for on in any budget. So we have things for you know. Yes we we have gives S cellular of the summit things that we have. Everybody knows someone he has recently had a child. Whether to send oil worker or friend and an eighties where we are lives someone is having a child and our guests are all of which infuriated to help people. Leave an impression and connect with the people around them that's -- bond -- -- -- So for free up for a new father mother. The plane this -- is all about a new fun way for someone's -- Engage with their child -- it and it's a memorable an interest -- things. For the person is the gadget lover. We have Wi-Fi in US the cuff links because even the -- is person should have stopped -- this stuff. But we have we have we think one of the best curators in the world Angelo Bruno is one of the co founders here. And he's working he's travels around the world has -- -- his whole career out of -- in this beautiful things. And so. That's what we have I think we have -- vintage leather basketballs. I want to see these USB conflicts could end up with that. So -- is the one about one of the vendors that we worked with over the course of time develop them in. Yet he ever was all the -- flash drive in the well dressed stylish. It's very easily around it as an answer riding out of your company that's being shut down by the SEC just. Absolutely and download the data on your conflict and they also enable Wi-Fi. So on one of the conflict in the other -- out. Even for the person is that -- is -- that the consummate host or hostess girls in the kitchen cooking. Kitchen tools don't have to be -- Morse there's a paper airplanes -- greater. Everything is designed to -- they -- all right it's like stuff -- wouldn't actually gotten back for yourself it's it's very gift oriented. Money. Well what we actually take all inventory we -- like any other retailers -- overrule Wear retailer products. But gift giving doesn't have been about buying expensive staying sometimes it can be about -- sending someone a beautiful note that makes him smile and -- notes we -- offered for free right now. -- -- so handwritten -- yet so the. Literally it is as easy as sending an email -- fact using bonds it. Technology. You don't even have to know and an actress who knows and -- mailing out all you need is email their phone number to complete -- -- take it that. -- you figure out how to run all of this stuff in price all of it and also also how are you making money. Possibly make money like any other retired as we take inventory of products. And we Soledad -- -- -- Marca. We because we think who -- and it is very important to us -- now for really competitive priced XR products range from. Free for a handwritten note to. 25 dollars for the for the airplanes this man is a great stocking suffer all the way out battling cutting. A hundred under a 150 dollars and the company is bonds bonds -- bond gets dot com. And that's -- handles up on. -- at bonds happy holidays thanks so much for joining us thank you very much. Also before you go Krispy Kreme is reporting earnings today and since we're getting closer to Christmas week that this video was very -- -- If you. -- That was on my real -- wish lists of thanks for bearing with us until next time this is Rebecca Jarvis from New York.

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