Amazon Prime Still Worth the Price Hike?

Lauren Lyster on the annual membership that's gone from $79 to $99.
3:00 | 03/13/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Amazon Prime Still Worth the Price Hike?
For the first time ever speaking of online Amazon is hiking prices on its premium memberships from 75 bucks a year to 99 dollars. And for that I want to bring in Lauren -- she's co host of the daily -- current host of -- hot stock minute so am not hiking prices twice box on prime customers a year. How much of a deal do you think this is going to be how many people do you think you're gonna retreat. We'll hear the thanks so. A lot of people or sign up for Amazon prime Amazon doesn't disclose numbers but analysts estimates between 20/20 I know and you -- -- for the SE get free two day shipping get access to videos. And books for free. And and that's a when your membership price we -- a lot for it still Amazon we knew they were gonna raise prices they warrant but I guess the concern is that there was at consumer survey done. Earlier this year that showed that only 60% would -- -- at Amazon rice prices raise prices rather. By twenty dollars which they have just done that I have to tell you that -- that retail tailed -- ruin our office -- MacKey who full disclosure is invested in the Amazon he's too worried about prime because he points to company like Costco which is shown that they can't hike their membership fees. With now as suffering much -- friend from their customers because when it comes down to -- consumers really don't want to change their habits and captain and deal -- Figuring out what to do next they really are going to go ahead and pay that extra money so that's what I say about Amazon and really the true cost there will be for them. I thought I saw Jeff -- -- -- this morning he's been tacked on and on Twitter as well yeah totally appreciate the comparison the cost -- I guess the only right I would put out areas. People go to Costco how many times a year vs how many Amazon orders I mean some people certainly are the heavy users but I think the average Amazon user. Is on ten times a year making ten orders a year that's seven bucks under the holds the old way. Now it's ten dollars per delivery if you're thinking about it in terms of getting primed for that free delivery service so like I I don't know I'm not sure during a workout I am hearing on Twitter for some people who are saying I'm better think twice about this. Don't know -- and but they're gonna think twice yet but they -- not how many people are streaming video now and with prime you also get that video streaming there's rumors if there's going to be some kind of Spotify radio -- so you may get music next. You get Kindle books. So does -- and at a previous just totally anecdotal like -- office chatter is seen as this news came out this morning ask you different -- in the -- like. Were an -- -- we get Allard I think from Amazon Britain -- twenty dollars more year is not gonna make a difference.

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{"id":22895334,"title":"Amazon Prime Still Worth the Price Hike?","duration":"3:00","description":"Lauren Lyster on the annual membership that's gone from $79 to $99.","url":"/Business/video/amazon-prime-price-hike-22895334","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}