Amazon's Jobs Day gives applicants a look at its fulfillment centers

ABC News' Aaron Katersky goes inside Amazon's Robbinsville, New Jersey, fulfillment center.
7:46 | 08/02/17

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Transcript for Amazon's Jobs Day gives applicants a look at its fulfillment centers
It's airing pictures he'd been ABC news here inside this cavernous Amazon fulfillment center in robins feel New Jersey. We showed you the line outside of applicants on Amazon jobs day. Amazon is hiring 50000. People in ten cities across the US. To work in the film and Sanders like this packing and shipping. The feeling all of the orders that Amazon customers click on online. And these kinds of jobs are replicated all over the country. They pay anywhere from roughly eleven to seventeen dollars an hour. And they come with benefits on day one and that's why there is a line way down the length of this 28 football fields in length building. And the applicants after they go through the initial meet and greet. Go on a tour which is what these folks are doing here getting its hands how the place works and what it is that they would be doing. These applicants come from all sorts of backgrounds many of them. Said they didn't work in retail they've worked in education they've worked in. Real estate they worked in insurance and they're looking for a change in it would certainly be a change. Working right alongside some of in the scenery. In this. Unbelievable. Warehouse which Amazon calls me fulfillment center and as these folks are getting a tour let's show you how some of this stuff works. All through this building. Are the borders that you've made on Amazon you buy a book you buy. Some music you by a vacuum cleaner whatever it is it all comes right here on these conveyor belts and all of this doubt. It's getting ready to be shipped. Right across this area. In this process goes on. All day long they start showing up. To work here 6 o'clock in the morning and there are 15100. Jobs available. To help assist. Now the conveyor belts look like they're doing a lot of work but there are also plenty of people on the floors here and this is a multi story. Building that again runs one. A lot of these containers. Are where all the products would be better gonna end up in boxes shipped out. All across the country and there are people that network here all day long man you're doing. You're doing some work I know you saviors died. Like there's a line of people outside waiting to join your ranks what do you think about that. It's high in Sunday evening. They're they're great and I love and having every three months and I love it everybody's eyes. I work. I love it and benefits did. 55 minute. It's been out almost you know you have to be with the company for thirty. Thirty days or maybe ninety days to get the benefits but it starting Yankee game and it is president. There are people from all walks of life that are now getting it tore. Displays in more outside waiting to apply it. What do you tell them what's your advice. Head island. Where car it as a leader pat I'm retired what do you do and I'm actually I'm putting clothes on a pilot. And actually Israel rabbit home in the city now. It is all part of a continuous process. Do so many machines that are at work here so loud building. One of the people do. You had what I usually do on the Packers so you know usually packed their customers I. And then you have certain people events at the slim machine that is actually lower. Wind and order is rated B 2000 with the customers address label on parenting business and it out. All for Amazon customers all over it. There's a lot of them. Glad he did people outside kept saying they want to work here because Amazon they've heard as a great company to work for what do you think. I think so actually I'm not use of the warehouse type work this vaccine on first time actually done when a warehouse. And I meant. In the long run if they're not used to this type of work it's going to be tough I think once you. Start to go day by day it actually starts to direct connection that's what you would actually help you can make people comfortable in this lineup where. Actually I'm not I think there. Thanks for talking to us we appreciate it what's your name fashion Sox. Works here she's packing up rates she's putting him on wooden pallets and eventually these things are going to be filled with products that people haven't ordered. They'll be packed up put on conveyor belts and just look around at this warehouse. Field with a all sorts of things in you can see the tour groups. Of the job applicants that are now in pockets all over this building getting a sense of what it would be like to work here. Amazon told people to dress casually. But they needed to have any long hair tied back no lose chains because of all the machinery. The you can see some people showed up here in a suit and tie not a lot of suit and tie type work. Goes on in here but as you heard Sasha say what enjoyable work with a enjoyable people. It is allowed in here though and the machinery goes all the time let's take a look. At some of these folks. Who who are getting a sense of of the work that they would be doing. Just checking out all the machines all the conveyor belts all the technology. That is involved. In. Passing these packages through putting on the labels. None of this is done by people but there are 15100. People. That Amazon needs in addition all who work here now which is about 4000 of them they need another 15100 and it really shows the trend in retail. Where other retailers. May be laying off workers Amazon and truthfully others are are hiring. We know that some of the applicants outside that we've met. Said they worked in retail one woman I met was laid off after twenty years working in retail and she says she's gonna get this career back on track she passes to come. To a company like Amazon which continues to grow in you hear that the popular sentiment that Amazon is. Speaking of over the world and that's where many of these people say they want to be working for an awkward. Company not a company that may be going in in the other direction and these folks are now getting a sense of what these conveyor belts do it and and more importantly what the people that are. Running them do because they made very soon join their ranks when received we can pull some of these. Folks aside as safe as they take their torrid get a sense. Sir house here as you. Or going it's going it's kind of hard to hear and leaving in its place big. Very very big and definitely you regretting the sport jacket. Not entirely. And a look the hardline president. Disinflation want to come work now that it actually see it. On trying to get immediate so they're looking for me this guy's definitely it's a lot of different things to try to learn and try to do. Many of machines to fix I would imagine. Hopefully not on a regular. Thanks very much. These guys are taking it toward getting a sense of what it might look like to work here at Amazon in this fulfillment center in robins through New Jersey there are. Ten such fulfillment centers all around the country that are hiring as Amazon looks to swell its ranks by 50000. On this one day alone what it calls Amazon jobs day I'm Aaron pitchers Steve ABC news Robbins no New Jersey.

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{"id":48988502,"title":"Amazon's Jobs Day gives applicants a look at its fulfillment centers","duration":"7:46","description":"ABC News' Aaron Katersky goes inside Amazon's Robbinsville, New Jersey, fulfillment center.","url":"/Business/video/amazons-jobs-day-applicants-fulfillment-centers-48988502","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}