The Real Jobs Market

INC. Magazine's Eric Schurenberg reveals how the best companies in America are thriving.
3:00 | 03/06/14

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Transcript for The Real Jobs Market
You heard it that a number of times jobs numbers are out economists -- another round of weak payroll -- Is going to be reported on Friday but what does all that economic -- actually mean. For families searching for jobs and company growth in America -- sure America is president and editor in chief of eight magazine. He studied thousands of companies to find the real story behind the data. They came up with a list of the best companies to work for an American -- it's so nice to see you again but -- it's great to be on camera with -- yes it it's been too long happy to see you at eight now. -- some really interesting research here about the truth behind the numbers what -- found. What we found was that. But look at look at this that we we looked at a 100000 middle market companies middle market is a kind of ignored portion of the economy is not the big enterprise companies and it's not there. Fast growing little. App makers like -- to health or even ways. It's sort of the heart of the economy where -- the job creation really occurs where a lot of innovation occurs to. And what we found there we surveyed a 100000 companies in the sector of the market was only one point 5% of them. Were able to grow year after year after year and it's those companies those companies with sustainable growth. -- an account for an enormous amount of the job creation in the. Yes so what and a half percent of those medium size companies in this country are the ones that really generating the jobs for the country that's right that's the heart of the economy that's good. Engine of job creation in what is -- unifying traits or characteristics of these companies -- really interest and it wasn't. -- -- you would think when you look at it that will. It's all technology companies or it's all service companies are some hot area economy but what you -- is that those companies often don't sustain their growth. So we found was there was no. Geography there was no industry that explains it all that was really. Their attitude towards hiring their attitudes towards their employees it was at focus. On soft activates a focus on people. A focus on people which by the way I think a lot of people weren't listening to this are going to appreciate hearing that. Especially if they're working for a company that they feel like dump its focus on the people. Well that's right well those companies are probably leaving some money on the table because what we found was that the companies that are the most generous are the most conscious about things like. Transparency. About taking care employees about. Being conscious of culture actually get a real return in terms of growth. So they are doing better to anybody -- -- -- hiring manager out -- that companies that are doing the best in America right now. -- the -- we're focusing on their employees they're focusing on the corporate culture. If you wanna look if you are doing well in America by having sustained growth year after year after year and we're looking back five years which -- five pretty tough years. In the economy. Then what uses exactly -- It's a pretty and that this is a surprise to -- here. Because -- you -- you you talked companies all the time and you assume it's going to be its sales were going gangbusters and -- we hear these words supply demands these economic terms. But at the end of the day and there's something else -- sounds like almost core values. So well that's true these companies pay a lot of potential that some. Let me give you an example short that's all right so. There was a company called CPO commerce it is -- and e-commerce site that sells power tools and it's based in Pasadena has distribution center in Georgia. They went through a kind of disruption that a lot of companies have -- Change -- software platform and everything blew up -- -- -- was piling up in the warehouse and customers are getting upset. It took them six months to get to this -- through this six months. There was absolutely no turn into what happened was that they were completely transparent with employees about what was going down to. You know the inventory pile ups down to the financials. And what that did was. It -- employees' personal that the managers are not making this up they could see the numbers right there and also helped. Put more brainpower. On actually attacking the problem so people who are in the warehouse people who -- really. Kind of -- at the interface with the problem. Could actually see how that translates to the numbers and could come up with solutions that would make the biggest difference. It's interesting because you mentioned six months. And in Wall Street's -- -- six months is an eternity because all of a sudden you're at the quarterly report. And if you're being honest and transparent and saying we're going to have some slow times. That's not what any trader -- that's not what investors -- -- that's right if you have to answer to Wall Street and you know the quarterly monster it's going to be very tough to do this kind of well it's it's a fascinating -- -- sure -- thank you so much ink magazine putting up fascinating stuff my pleasure -- great to see you.

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{"id":22800115,"title":"The Real Jobs Market","duration":"3:00","description":"INC. Magazine's Eric Schurenberg reveals how the best companies in America are thriving.","url":"/Business/video/american-companies-thrive-real-jobs-market-22800115","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}