A New App Pays You to Workout to CES Futuristic Tech Trends

Rebecca Jarvis reveals what's buzzing in the New Year on Real Biz 1.6.2014
3:00 | 01/06/14

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Transcript for A New App Pays You to Workout to CES Futuristic Tech Trends
And welcome to real this happy new year I'm Rebecca Jarvis -- new York and here's what's happening right now a new app that pays you to exercise. The hottest tech trends at CES and Forbes out with its annual thirty under thirty list of disrupt -- Changing our world want to get right to -- with a new app it's called pact. Formally known as jam packed and it's helping you stick to your New Year's resolution by paying you yes paying you. To eat healthy and exercise -- -- -- joins us now from San Francisco via Skype. And and I have to admit. I -- the app initially. And then I kinda gave up on it and my question is. To you how are you keeping people in the mix and actually following through on their commitments. I was so we use cash incentives to motivate people actually for the majority -- -- users. They -- -- -- average longer than six months and the reason is because he is positive and negative incentives to motivate and they get. Our money for accomplishing Nichols and it -- -- remembers each week who don't result other polls. Yet these three different types of -- now you have jam packed which gets people to go to the gym veggie packed. Which makes you eat your veggies and then there's the food locking up pact which also keeps people eating healthy. Explain how each of those works. Yeah also -- is easy you -- commitment of how many days -- -- you -- exercise and we use our partner -- Wells are only half measure and dare I all the work on. -- -- -- you get to connect how many vegetables you'll you commit to eat each week used -- bear execution there I -- community power users. I would -- and -- partnering with popular at my fitness cal. Which -- -- don't want everything that you EA each day and you that we get to halt all that attorney Shannon and -- -- connect. So people get paid based on the amount that they commit so that you -- the app you say how much money you're willing to wager essentially against yourself your batting. On yourself -- against yourself depending on how you look at it and that's what you end up getting paid how you verifying though that there are cheaters at the Max. So it's important RS to -- I all activities and there's no -- sense yeah. -- believes a variety of it is including photo. He shouldn't GQ essence sell around their vacation Busch and partner asks you track and we keep our committee -- But you couldn't. Take a picture of a vegetable -- 85 and say oh I -- that but really you've got McDonald's burger sitting to your left. Exactly so we cannot trying to prevent you from eating unhealthy days and -- financials and such that's a big no no. But what I used to get you take composite accidentally eating that. Ask your vegetable or blocking -- you're getting your -- she did you -- and that half an option is what really -- difference on this and he says. This is the time of year when -- -- tend to fill up by guys at the -- over the weekend in the class was so over booked because everybody was trying to fulfill their resolutions. How much time do you really have to get people -- get there in -- Off the top of the year I mean do people start giving up on resolutions by what is that February march when that they dropped. Drop the resolutions. Yes. -- -- -- They -- is -- early January imprison people doesn't even lots of hugs and a couple of days. But. And has the -- you last then how did -- -- It -- all the energy needs me now make it Annette net and and that our -- and -- news carried out you know even in a couple you don't deal. By the way I should mention I was in the -- this weekend because of my New Year's resolution because I'm trying. To go up more frequently. -- I'm sure you use the apple what's your what's your wager and what's your system. Yeah so I usually -- for an -- -- -- -- -- This. 35 C a he called Molly and it -- we want to know what it's like -- music is miles an Al authorities -- the blocking every week. And how many veggies -- the -- of -- today. What are -- Up today if ASEAN does it end here is not -- I'd say going out of pocket that have been repeated anti -- As my executive producers that I would hate to be the bathrooms in your office this week yeah. -- happy new year but lot get to work on those veggies for now. And he exposed that we'd love to hear back from -- everybody the app is called packed and it's -- I'm saying and they just got one and a half million dollars. In the first round of funding so we're really proud of them and excited packed. Not only the innovative -- it -- product out there I want to bring in Michael Gorman senior associate editor having -- net and he is all over the hottest -- trends intact at the Consumer Electronics Show. It picks up in Las Vegas today and it's one of the most talked about gadgets this here. It's the fitness monitors like these big bets. That's right yes there's quite a few companies there -- there's a few big names Nike does a lot. Are smaller outfit that's that's doing something -- design called misfit. There's quite a few companies entering mistakes and that's one. So what do you think are like the coolest tech trends of the year that we're gonna see. All of all certainly you I think wearable technology generals going to be one of the biggest ones that benefit is trackers are certainly something a lot of people familiar with arm of course -- got Google -- which got a lot of headlines last year. And it will be seeing more of that of course as we go along. CS is always about higher resolution TV's every year it gets higher and higher this year from which got Forte UH see what they call which is actually four times the resolution of what most people's HD televisions are -- Welsh bomb and then I think you also have a lot of kind of connected home products like light bulbs thermostats nest thermostat and there -- their own. Smoke detector as well. Kind of connected devices the lets you control a lot of your home from its largest with those Morton -- You've seen the fitness apps the fitness gadgets become the things that are really caught on with the mainstream audience is also the -- TVs obviously something. The catches on especially around the holidays everybody goes out. By the new TV or a lot of people do because of the door buster deals. But in terms of the new wave of things that we might see out of this CES the people will actually adopted 2014 what do you expect. -- that's kind of tough question a lot of the stuff that we see here in Vegas is kind of really far out looking on technology like stuff that you might see a prototype for it it looks good -- minute doesn't actually show on store shelves were a year maybe two bomb I think one thing that we will certainly see a lot more of this kind or another. Trend -- mentioned before but -- More automation in cars -- little more technology I think you're gonna see a lot more auto makers bringing up. Infotainment systems in your actually kind of -- with your phone book and let you get your music constraining kind of data through your phone and get it in the Clark you know things like you can bring -- your navigation under unusual walking to the car -- -- in there and it brings it up on your display in your car so just kind of like seamless integration of a mobile electronics and automotive. Don't enough distractions already -- -- them. So I I think you're absolutely right and I think that that's kind of been YA even though we've had a technology and capability for a long time that's why it has been integrated in the cars more. Yet just because there's a lot of concerns about safety so you've got some cars that are putting like heads up displays where you can see. Information. Directly on the windshields or you're looking through its you don't actually have to take your eyes off the -- you also have a lot of voice controls that allow you control things without having to take your -- also -- ago. That's pretty well that -- -- get used to on hockey is a company that. Actually apple at one of its conferences it unveiled on -- -- -- self driving car. How much of those self driving cars are we going to be seeing out of CES and do you really think. That in two years we may actually be seeing self driving cars on the road. Kinda scary. Actually. So I actually live in Mountain View California where Google's headquartered that's kind of -- named -- and self driving cars right now silencing and kind of roaming the streets for a long time but as far as widespread adoption I think two years is a little fast I don't think anybody's going to be buying. Self driving cars and having you know an automated should protect -- -- they want and don't. On but I do think that that we'll see a lot more companies entering it we'll see more manufacturers having them on the roads in two years in testing amount I think it's not. It might even necessarily be the technology that holding it back it's really the regulations figuring out how safe they are making sure. And and kind of having the laws to deal with this entirely new kind of former transportation. -- you wanna know that they're safe before you start out on the route I'd I'd like he's personally know that when I looked over to my writer my -- that I see your car without a person in it. I'd like to know that it's been tested. -- there's another thing that it is a big -- at the CES and that is. That and basically there's all of this -- you know houses that have been completely connected and and people probably are starting to see it in their own homes with either -- -- apple TV and going between. -- phone and their television. How much of that is going to be new and what are some of the cool things we might see there. -- -- I don't know that it's going to be terribly new in this sense those. Brand new technology and implementation and that you know chrome -- is kind of a new spin on an old concept where it just -- brings. You know contents from the web onto your television and you've got TVs that are kind of building technology directly into their TVs is Welsh I think really the kind of the new thing will be appliances is this political editor and like -- -- -- I. Connected coffee machine her husband those kinds of things that we've already seen thermostats in the like that allow you to it to get that sort of damage you know if you could if you know you're gonna have a late night you're coming home from work you can just cranked up the coffee maker you know on your way -- or something like that -- I think we're gonna see a lot more of those things -- got companies building kind of wireless frameworks that allow everything in your house the kind of talk to each other in and trigger different actions automatically and I think that's really where it's gonna get would be better where these things just -- -- your habits. And do without even having to tell them to do it in addition unable to. I don't need a late night to want my copy ready to go when you wake up in the morning I'm just happy to see -- there -- make it everywhere in the first thing I do when I get up. RA Michael Gorman thanks so much we really appreciate -- happy new year. Thanks for having me having you -- you. Thanks. -- is ringing in the new year with their annual thirty under thirty list of the best and the brightest innovators that are changing our world and -- -- makes the top of the list 23 year old Evan Spiegel. He's the co-founder of the popular -- -- at he's on the cover. And remember he's the company that made headlines after turning down a three billion dollar offer from FaceBook. -- well -- -- toll from Yahoo! finance. Is joining us now in -- What do you think Evan Spiegel and -- Murphy they made their headlines for turning out three billion dollars from -- but now they're making their headlines as the thirty under -- Thirtieth. Without a doubt in fact you know that this was you know -- in the works when before the news came out that they turned down that number. Obviously I think we're in this side this world this economy where. You know a couple of young Smart guys who say wouldn't it be cool if can get you know millions in private funding at least -- for a little while to prove if the idea has any lives. -- as long is the market is willing to pay for these ideas they think there's going to be VC funds out there they're willing to back them. I'm the question is how long as the market going to be willing to pay for that do you think that 2014 could be a -- change there. You know I do think the private market has remained -- really strong in this area and one of the reasons is. On what so many of victim big tech companies that we know right now our huge our proven that they can be great businesses like FaceBook. Started out with that huge -- how -- they ever gonna monetize it so the idea that you haven't. Do you have something that might work that might get brought reception we haven't quite figured out how to make money on it. That's got enough of an uptick I think. In Silicon Valley and Wall Street to some degree that I do think it lasts at least -- this year although I do think also a lot of the investments made over the prior few years of going to be coming public -- -- have to persuade a wider pool of investors that you have something -- And certainly another question will become security as we go forward given all of hacking issues. Want to talk to you about your 2014 predict the predictions what do you see happening as far as the markets are concerned this year. You know what the main thing is less has changed as we got into -- 2014 and probably we're making it out to be visited Maine driver's. 2013 strong stock market had remained roughly in place high corporate profitability very low interest rates high liquidity. But I do think that some point next few months that has the change we get some kind of a gut check whether it's interest rates getting a -- and -- we absorbent in the economy. Or not so I think I feel as if the markets -- for some kind of a a little bit of a downside cast. But -- I don't really see it turning into the end of this bull market. Right after that 30% move last year that you just -- feeling your gut that something's gotta give this year. Home prices are going to be one of those big questions and a lot of people are wondering about that -- Yeah I do really wonder you and I think it should be a general. Kind of element of curiosity how much remains in the tank. Before home prices to go a lot you're seeing activity levels that are improved. But we haven't stress tested the market for let's say 5% thirty year mortgages -- we're not there yet. But if people people's expectations about where rates ago. Do you come to fruition I think we have to wonder as to whether a lot of the kind of aggressive home price gains have already been -- this is okay. You know eyes on his activity levels continue to go -- and you have new construction which is really there should be a little more going on her just because we -- under dealt last few years. I do think the housing market can remain supported. But we're probably not going to be that main driver. The economic growth -- that may be -- -- -- -- -- -- Yahoo! finance as Michael said -- Michael thank you so much happy new air Torre used up banks and they eat you for joining us for real -- until next time this is Rebecca Jarvis from New York.

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