3 Backstage Oscar Secrets to Get Gorgeous Glowing Skin

Celebrity makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury reveals how the Oscar stars maintain their youthful looking skin on Real Biz with Rebecca Jarvis.
3:33 | 02/19/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 3 Backstage Oscar Secrets to Get Gorgeous Glowing Skin
We see on the red carpet this year at Oscar's what's the top stylish look that you think we'll see is bars make up its concern I think you'll feel CS McKee I think that only women like issued an excellent got some guy you know I think in the I know you'll see a little. One is gonna see a lot of might supermodel body. In caught apps you were at the idea that they the and Grammy it's one a lot of that was his using you'll see a lot of you cannot that lets you. In the end which is what we will be talking about from the pool let's face it is that I creates actually do the that's with us your make up line now which can be purchased here in the United States at Bergdorf and many Nordstrom allocations. That's kind of letting people do just that in their own hobble. Yell at that is me my passion basically it's it's it's since it would take something when people with its behind me until Zell skid. And I would welcome Ortiz I think that might wanna caps have been about his Albion and how can you wake up with Portland's let's look at it. And that she's a week like that but think wanna go out and if you use that but it's Mitchell Bob and not queen. Which and that she highs huddled captain on it at that it's a secret my cat yeah it is an ax and secret and you find out she would law. He lets not that he's like cables and Santa Cruz and some people who can't force out of my hands I cannot declining song pull. So much it can missiles went up attempt to eat you know the best all red carpet skin. He's just as important as the makeup because it hot a beautiful countless you can't get people painting. So it's really important to me that keep things like that the one to in the magic cream of the country's senate but because that's how you get up my cup skit with was it just eight to pay on. Put out which lot of patients using. Before the red carpet which is quarter and golden skin play lost got a skin clear via an and that have you it what the need an H and one Arab minds in his sleep on the mother of two children that I. I do all the things you shouldn't do I think what I drink and it's horrible management or little things should be you'll skin button it to be based mosque just plump up your skin. And chase it should be if you've got any kind of lines just plunked them out and wasteful takes him down. And it's woman all the celebrities do before legitimate copy they spend weeks giving Condit you know laziness and facials and all the rest and so. Authorities on the patients have been recommended they musical asking I mosque as a quick on the red carpet and even compensation we hear from you. We hope will win the best leading actress. And what do you hope she'll be wearing. Like us tweet us at Rebecca Jarvis and comment below and from the studios in New York City at Rebecca Jarvis have a great day. Enjoy the Oscars.

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{"duration":"3:33","description":"Celebrity makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury reveals how the Oscar stars maintain their youthful looking skin on Real Biz with Rebecca Jarvis.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Business","id":"29074450","title":"3 Backstage Oscar Secrets to Get Gorgeous Glowing Skin ","url":"/Business/video/backstage-oscar-secrets-gorgeous-glowing-skin-29074450"}