115.3 Million: The Super Bowl Halftime Audience

The NFL's New "PAY to PLAY" policy for music acts.
5:12 | 08/20/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 115.3 Million: The Super Bowl Halftime Audience
-- -- It's Wednesday August 20 the New York financial markets are open in today's big number is 115. Million -- That's how soon on -- perform at halftime during Super Bowl 48 in the meadowlands. -- reportedly has a big change in store for who ever entertains at the Super Bowl 49. Hello everyone I'm Michelle president New York or explain -- Lister of Yahoo! finance good morning -- Good morning so -- -- that explain that to you what is the NFL up to you. -- -- Kind of an interesting twist on things so so many people -- you mention tune into this Super Bowl and watching that Super Bowl halftime show which is my personal favorite I don't care so much for the game -- always wanted to see. That halftime act and -- the play that act they aren't paid. To use would -- -- production costs are paid for their travel that obviously can add up to a lot of money that -- not paid. Four now and a bell appears to be taking it a step further according to the Wall Street Journal and -- has reached out to at least some of the acts that it is deciding between for the next Super Bowl and asked -- big eight would take in some of their to work proceeds or another financial contribution. If there are selected to perform for the halftime -- and patient essentially. Pay to play. At this Super -- now the Wall Street Journal reports that those acts had given a bit of -- chilly response. You can imagine why -- it does seem a little bit ridiculous. Bit -- is big it's freon dying Coldplay would have to pet -- for the honor to play at the Super Bowl giving that. And at Val which makes it pretty penny already yes some more cash any idea of how much the NFL. Might be asking for the privilege of this huge audience. So they're not saying as far as I can tell from the Wall Street Journal articles and health spokes person is being very months say hey we just want to put on the best show possible. I advice that it would become kind of cut about perhaps tour. -- -- or some other financial contribution it's it's on spoke and but is interesting because and a foul according to estimates pieced together with its ten billion dollars in revenue a year and they're trying to -- that -- point five billion by 20/20 seventh and may -- they're looking for any revenue stream possible and ordered it to meet that goal. But needless to say -- the most popular sports -- and America it's one of the few. It's benefiting from the fact that people watch it live so advertisers cut at you know people to union expert for football and they watch it live it -- DVR -- don't watch it later -- -- Wait till -- -- -- and stream -- They watch it as it happened a big deal for advertises its one of the reasons why the Super Bowl -- -- for a million dollars. As is widely reported for a 32. Can spot during the Super -- all right in a parallel universe we sell -- -- been a commentator talking about -- kick starter campaign. So weird Al could play the Super Bowl. Could that gives the NFL cause or is this just -- -- Yeah they're looking for someone who's willing to -- that I don't know if they'd stoop so low as two weird -- I checked this out to and it and it looks like he has over a 100000 people sign -- -- this petition on a web site. An order in Pittsburgh. I don't know they wanted to play the halftime show -- -- totally ridiculous but I mean that's seems like it would be justified ad paid actress and a ballot if that went further and and and we're Allah willing to shell out a lot of money to give them what they want. Their collective what they wish -- -- -- for the list -- Yahoo! finance thanks for joining us. Thank you of course can keep up with the latest headlines right here on abcnews.com. Even watching the big number. I'm Michelle Franzen in New York.

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{"id":25051082,"title":"115.3 Million: The Super Bowl Halftime Audience ","duration":"5:12","description":"The NFL's New \"PAY to PLAY\" policy for music acts.","url":"/Business/video/big-number-1153-million-super-bowl-halftime-audience-25051082","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}