JD Power Survey Finds Airlines Getting Better

Passengers give the industry its best rating since 2006, evaluating costs, services, crews and aircraft.
5:01 | 05/14/14

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Transcript for JD Power Survey Finds Airlines Getting Better
-- -- It's Wednesday may fourteenth the markets in new -- open and today's big number is 712. That's passes give the airline industries 712. Perfect 1000. Possible score according to -- power & Associates survey that is hello everyone I'm Michelle Franzen in New York. Here to help let's break down the numbers and tell us what it all means Lauren -- from Yahoo! finance Lauren what kinds of questions were passengers asked about the survey in what matters. -- -- -- Surveyed passengers based on seven different factors that go into your flight experience they were -- -- Which by the way -- area that drove the year over year growth it to increase satisfaction from last year. And it tasting you have inflight service is boarding. Amounted to passengers ranking. Flying an airline industry -- that's -- ranks them since 2006 when this survey. At develop this methodology that they now use which is pretty easy considering -- operators are -- -- my words but. Seems a little bit and the -- enough to know that a lot of things have not changed. In Costa been rising for people flying because an airline consolidation -- and the new fees that they charge to raise revenue in new taxes so it is pretty interesting that despite all that. That's action -- -- burning so yes what is the headline here may be the the undertow is that people are getting used to anything I mean they've just sort of hey -- coming to you. I think that's exactly at because as I said the improvement was driven in part -- satisfaction with cost and fees. Which indicates. -- and perhaps people aren't. Happier that already charge 25 dollars to check their -- -- having to pay to get a good -- to get some leg room but they're just getting used to it and now something that that the air views with the JD power & Associates folks had indicated that people are just. Accepting these fees and moving not and you weren't -- and this is the -- it. -- graphic up to show that again 44% surveyed say that the checked baggage fees are reasonable. That was up 37%. From last year you know there's a time when people did not want to pay for any of those baggage fees at all. Exactly so that just this person speaks to the fact that I mean nothing -- changed about those -- what's changed is that it. The consumer has gotten used and that in the consumer now expects that and airlines have also. Reportedly obsessed and that dissatisfaction with some more. Easy procedures with checking now maybe you can just check -- -- kiosk and it's really easy procedure -- -- your -- -- you don't have to go -- is much hoopla that combined with an inflight service is like -- a lot of airlines now have access to white lion air which is. Pretty cool also. Those things -- Seemingly ops that. That concerns aren't Brian be -- over the figures are so overall satisfaction. People. Starting to do a little bit better but what about the satisfaction when it comes down between specific carriers who did well with. Yet this is helpful to consumers of course. They -- now they did so I -- the traditional carriers Alaska ranks the highest and -- -- the highest for quite ten years in a row so they seem to come out on top repeatedly delta ranks second American ranks third in this they improved from last year. And -- and you're talking about low cost carriers. JetBlue little -- everyone out of the water they've been number one for the ninth year in a row and their followed by Southwest Airlines so I guess people looking to have a better flight experience that I typically have -- on the airlines and you know why. Yeah the baggage fees for the first bags you don't pay anything. That's the -- -- -- maybe that's part of it. That is such a good point may -- evidence and just so the airline companies don't get too much of -- -- had because overall satisfaction went up let's see where they sit on the list of other businesses and industries give us an idea. OK so this was where it all made sense to me Michelle because I was going how are people letting airlines again it just didn't make any sense -- -- you look at the rankings as some other industries so staying in kind of the hospitality and travel industry. Airlines are doing far worse then both rental cars and hotels and then riding it out. Airlines perform worse than credit card the credit card industry and -- mortgage industry so come on if people are happier with their credit cards pitcher like gouging them with fees and -- have a late payments -- any working are exorbitant interest rate or. Mortgage industry which -- foreclose on their homes you know in the 2008 crisis to greater extent than ever before they're not here with dozen airlines that I guess that really puts us all in perspective for us exactly and Lauren you're always us -- we -- thousand with us -- don't think you heard it at any time now -- I -- saying things. Few of course -- keep up with the latest headlines right here at abcnews.com. -- watching the big number I'm Michelle Franzen in New York.

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{"duration":"5:01","description":"Passengers give the industry its best rating since 2006, evaluating costs, services, crews and aircraft.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Business","id":"23713943","title":"JD Power Survey Finds Airlines Getting Better ","url":"/Business/video/big-number-jd-power-survey-rates-airlines-23713943"}