Twitter Tallies 267 Million Active Users

Investors are concerned over how to monetize the popular social media site.
4:24 | 07/29/14

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Transcript for Twitter Tallies 267 Million Active Users
Okay. It is Tuesday July at the markets open it is big number 267. Million. If you use Twitter guess what that number includes you you are one -- two under 67 million of the Twitter active users and that number. -- important for investors that they're waiting quarter's earnings report outs and it went down Cutler. In New York breakdown of numbers -- -- finances Shibani Joshi -- Bonnie good morning to you. Hi Dan I'm assuming that you have a Twitter account and who doesn't these days of trying are what the what what -- -- 67 million. Why is everyone in the investment world and it -- -- that number today. Well they can -- hear a lot like me I it is the first night that I go into every single day it's before I open in newspaper before -- go to FaceBook good do anything online and it sort of mom must have tool. For a lot of different -- professionals out there whether -- journalists and median -- -- traders on Wall Street. I consider this an indispensable. Tool to their everyday lives but the -- -- -- question is. I'm can translate that into making money and that's when investors are looking out -- on Twitter shares after the close today Twitter as a couple corporation. Will report. After the bell today after 4 PM eastern time and those are some of the things that the company still needs to address. Yes. The yes 888 it has a prominence -- -- -- the importance that Facebook and and -- Al men and a lot of and linked and then and all the other social media sites out there has but it is not making money in the same way. FaceBook for example has one point three billion net that monthly users Twitter coming in at 250. Million or thereabouts. It's got a long way to go in terms of growth. It has -- it has in terms of -- but if you put it out there is the way to monetize on which a lot of folks. You know will win when twitters. Your first rolled out the stock did pretty well in fact from the start but a lot of people were asking after it met all time high of 74 bucks a share. It fell off -- house we're gonna start making some money right. The yeah absolutely and -- to -- tricks that social media stocks -- are gauged by -- the number of users and then their level of engagement we're talking about the time spent on this night the interactivity. And -- is having a hard time competing up with competing in keeping up with the joneses if you well. On both fronts I I talked about one point three billion users on FaceBook. And Nady is a fraction of that -- how it's gonna continue to grow is is a question because unlike FaceBook -- unable to lower. Baby -- to unable to -- middle aged people in the same way who just don't quite get it and haven't been able to quite get it the stock price SharePoint shot up 74 dollars on its IPO -- but. This is not been a good year -- Twitter -- -- added after IPO they're down 8% over the last three months and this year alone. They're down 40%. Investors just aren't buying the investment proposition and it's selling -- now. What's also unique in that makes Twitter from the separate from FaceBook -- the fact that often times the interest is driven by an event so for example at the World Cup. Grammys the Oscars whatever it might -- seems to really generate a lot of -- -- lot of interest on that. Is that what investors are going to be looking at as well -- like how those events are going to be plan on social media. Absolutely I think that's an important key that investors will be listening for today's a World Cup happened last quarter. How was -- company able -- make money on in this release sort of the next horizon for Twitter. A lot of activity happens on Twitter you'll see a lot of -- tweets on television at. People are able to log on to -- not log on to Twitter but go to someone Twitter page without logging on. Some people are gaining access to Twitter information. Without -- the company able to monetize it and said that's really going to be the key and in terms of Wyatt as shareholders want to hear about is all of these sort of peripheral things yes the World Cup drought drove record number of tweets on -- site but did they make any money off of it that's the key obviously to the future of Twitter as as a stock in as a publicly traded company. We -- have to see that answer in under forty characters or less -- -- -- -- financial body thanks so much evident Tuesday. Banks and of course you can keep -- -- latest headlines right here. Dot com. Debate number -- that's --

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{"id":24757799,"title":"Twitter Tallies 267 Million Active Users","duration":"4:24","description":"Investors are concerned over how to monetize the popular social media site.","url":"/Business/video/big-number-twitter-tallies-267-million-active-users-24757799","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}