Follow the Bouncing Soccer Ball

How much US productivity is lost during the World Cup?
5:12 | 06/26/14

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Transcript for Follow the Bouncing Soccer Ball
Okay. It's Thursday June 26 the New York markets are open -- today's big number is one point 68 billion dollars. That's. Activity in the United States has reportedly been lost and just the past two weeks. As people stop what they're doing no work to watch the World Cup soccer. Hello everyone -- -- -- -- France and New York I'm joined by Jeff MacKey of Yahoo! finance we're gonna kick the ball around a little bit Jeff got to make this quick because you know. -- watch in the US played Germany at noon. So captivate network has come up with this huge amount of lost productivity a huge drain on business but what can businesses did. Make work more interest and there's a lot this -- soccer in for heaven's sake -- And -- -- hands of your workplaces falling off productivity speaking lies in terms of brightly as it did. You better make it more exciting because of Americans are watching soccer it means that -- is significant void of entertainment our lives. But that of course there's. As I'm. I actually am of course I am Albion fan until about 2 o'clock this afternoon when the US loses to Germany and -- forget about soccer for another four years this is just kind of international Levy we pay every every four years. American pretends to care about soccer and then we move along to better things but you're right -- mean it it's on Wall Street in particular. The place will come to a screeching halt today during that game people are excited to watch this game and -- -- -- so it it is time. It is lunchtime -- -- levee along once I'm full of many many German Beers for a lot of the folks out there and you know we're divided -- two camps are those who work openly going to be lodged in the game probably at a bar -- during launch. And those who are watching out they're desperate tending not to and then jumping up and out whenever something exciting happens revealing themselves however -- category. I'm not openly watching the games -- the third category. Which are people who sit at work and plays with television -- right -- -- it cannot. Probably overture does make me watch it why not part of the ABC family there on ESP my -- it would not be watching this excitement. So if you do need -- pass though the men's coach Juergen Klinsmann has written the entire country at get out of work free letter. Do you have your worst yeah. I don't -- wanted kids I -- as well I I can have one now -- -- and then -- kind of germanic grandfather never had. -- bought out its pedestal support of the nation of weird to advance the next round. Asking for this full support of the nation currently he's really good united and it -- fun to see this kind of take off and more seriously no we are nation of soccer players we just don't watch the sport nationally we do have -- -- -- that surprisingly old inspires not losing a lot of money. Juergen Klinsmann is giving us permit -- permission to skip work. Why not just take advantage of this and spend a couple hours today joining the rest of the world and and watching -- game. People are watching this game will we actually be able to see if there is a slow down on Wall Street this game starts the tree. You know they're slowdowns and stock prices and volatility and all that they don't come with -- labels there's no it adds. Wall -- it's been pretty slow volatility has been extremely. Low over the last few months. And that certainly wasn't due to World Cup anticipation -- and terms of trading volumes today. Yet you really well actually see Ed genuine -- down there there -- -- would not look for a lot of extreme price movements but the big kind of mutual agreement among traders here if you don't do anything to my portfolio I -- during can be yours and it aren't you out there -- well that's you see that's just dead dead and did you enter orders kind of under the market of some stock falls -- just has no one's there to trader band now go ahead -- reluctantly after come to work and take advantage of that priced at. But otherwise I think that will -- volumes kind of slow down. Will see most people watching certainly among the news media financial media they'll be watching the game just like everyone else. So really actually you genuinely will see a slowdown in terms trading activity but no one weeps for the brokers or the banks -- bacon bacon. Got to bite the bullet once again with the rest of us. You make fun of soccer's World Cup football what have you but it could be worse March Madness of course comes every year is that another huge productivity killer. It is it's an enormous productivity killer ended the fight or about March Madness is actually the gambling kicker. The fact that everyone -- an office pool and we all are sort of technically illegally taking part in a gambling operation whenever you do that. Particularly of someone who coordinates this takes a little piece of the action for themselves they become a de facto casino. And in theory at least they could be torn apart -- -- and gamble's really on the World Cup out of the same time. I I guess you -- about -- on that Suarez -- biting someone that was actually posted odds book so. You know it it's -- people figure out a way to wage and -- this is like the final four only much more concentrated. The Milosevic drain and if the US should in fact be defeated today -- regrettable -- It would return productivity to normal levels because Americans won't watch soccer -- plan. All right well friendly wager here over pretzel. Absolutely they add up pretzel and a -- of the year. Or -- -- Jeff MacKey from Yahoo! finance get that TVs that thank you can join.

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{"id":24314826,"title":"Follow the Bouncing Soccer Ball","duration":"5:12","description":"How much US productivity is lost during the World Cup?","url":"/Business/video/big-number-us-productivity-lost-world-cup-24314826","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}