Bird Flu Outbreak Strikes Iowa

: Iowa, the top U.S. egg-producing state, has been stricken with a lethal strain of bird flu at an egg-laying farm. It's the worst case in a national outbreak now affecting 12 states.
3:56 | 04/21/15

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Transcript for Bird Flu Outbreak Strikes Iowa
Okay. Tuesday when it first marked new Yorker and make them this morning five point seven billion dollars so that's a thought the US. Market for poultry eggs. And then markets under threat Iowa. Is the top eight producing state and it is stricken with a lethal strain of bird flu and angling forms affecting pot with three million birds. In fact it's the worst case. Of a national operate you know affecting twelve states. One on Dan Butler in New York in fact another mid western state Wisconsin governor Scott Walker declaring a state of emergency three flocks infected his state. Here more keep the Fujita Yahoo! finance on this Tuesday morning and keep over the surprise him these numbers here for a cup it bird flu Avian flu what is it. Yes it gaining food in general terms as is a viral disease that's spread by migrating waterfowl but it's important to know there's different strains here in this specific strain we're talking about is the H five and two strain there in Iowa and it's important to note that because that's one that has infected humans so far. What we know in terms of the farm there it's in into the western part of this day. The farmer says that he misheard nosy be huge number of deaths among his flock. Last Friday so he sent in samples for testing at lab in South Dakota and preliminary. Results came back positive for the H five N two virus so at this point we do know all the hand. In on that farm have been quarantined in five million. Now we'll have to be euthanized and as you mentioned and that's the largest number we've seen so far. And that's an Iowa what's going on Wisconsin the governor on a state of emergency. That's right governor Scott Walker calling for state of emergency after he found. The same infection in and three flock of turkeys in Wisconsin and he's called in the National Guard to come in disinfect all the trucks going in and out these facilities. And also trying to limit deliveries here because what they're trying to do is obviously is you said. More than set that H five N two virus and detected in more than twelve states so far so they're trying to limit all of this and trying to contain it to that state. Focus on isolated out there's so will what's the risk to humans that you can getting contaminated. There there's very little risk to humans when we're talking not even flew in general and specifically this strain has never been found in humans and so the risk is low. But obviously it's a huge concern for the industry at this point and then Wall Street are they reacting and any miniatures of chicken producers Tyson programs pride with happen. That's really sisters go down but when you look at the overall picture of the industry we're seeing very little effect so far the big concern what has happened is whether this will. You know start to affect some of the exports and we haven't seen that yet because we're seeing countries who are buying American for eggs still purchasing them from areas that are not infected. But it's important to note that this is a virus that. Has the capability of killing an entire flock in just 48 hours in so if this continues obviously. It will become a huge concern for the industry so now from eggs and dairy what's going on a Lugo Kremer is that that a big recall. That's right neighbor called all their products after they found a potentially deadly bacteria it's called listeria. And it it. It can be potentially deadly because it affects. Young kids pregnant women and an elderly anybody with a very weak immune system and they found. This bacteria in two samples of their cookie dough ice cream. But then recall was prompted after a hospital in Kansas. Reported that there are three deaths related to. Patients who had consumed this ice cream and so at this point Google taking all the precautions right now recalling all their products. I keep and I matters keep the Fijian at Yahoo! finance keep the thank you have a good Tuesday. We'll tell you can give up latest headlines right here on you've been watching the big number I'm damn that's learning more.

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{"duration":"3:56","description":": Iowa, the top U.S. egg-producing state, has been stricken with a lethal strain of bird flu at an egg-laying farm. It's the worst case in a national outbreak now affecting 12 states.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Business","id":"30470036","title":"Bird Flu Outbreak Strikes Iowa","url":"/Business/video/bird-flu-outbreak-strikes-iowa-30470036"}