Brooklyn Decker on balancing motherhood with her career

Decker discusses being a "millennial mompreneur" as she expects her second child.
16:22 | 10/10/17

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Transcript for Brooklyn Decker on balancing motherhood with her career
Everyone I'm Kathleen masters senior entertainment editor of ABC near that I'm hearing New York City Rick Brooklyn Decker in town for brief sack and to talk about this nuclear view clear blue. I've elation cats as you yourself are expecting. Yes so clear blue say what acts are spreading my second baby and and I have a very busy schedule work like Louis woman have very busy schedules these days. And I wanted to take on stress out of making a baby can be incredibly stressful for women about this process as I think listened intently to. And sort of you know let me take all the you know doctors and figure out what is this ovulation pain what is my when what is going on. And so I use the crew will ovulation test which he originally just cannot clear the connected. Which is an app that connects to the test of actually detection hormones and tell you we near fertile and those are which sounds crazy. But why haven't we had to write it help us with this before and it technology for literally everything people's refrigerators and communicating to meet with at lake you can see the inside of your refrigerator through the outside it's magical. You can actually know when Mike prime baby making time slime. Well congratulations. I didn't get to that point to congratulation on the damage here but we're talking Cuba where that. Either we were paying attention in biology or this is something that women weren't really. Kept kept in the know about for a really long time so this this extra exciting because this Tippett thing didn't exist. War and her ever I mean a thing is I think we neared a growing up you or. Your ear your title bouts. How not to get pregnant right right it's old you are learning all of these things in school and and so because of that I don't think we learn about fertility when as I don't think we actually hear about how difficult it can be for women and frankly I think. And who recently women's and talk about. The processor actually let capping a child in conceiving. And so it's happening a tool that actually helps you make in a file those things better and understand you're reproductive health and your body better again and it's about time. Right why don't we know are fertile window why don't we hear a fertile ground until it comes actually wanting to have a family racket and so clear blue generally good job of leading the way well and as a one and it's empowering to people that he controller your body and make decisions that makes sense for you when you're exactly antenna I mean it's that one of the biggest decisions of knocking because its economic life is when you we're going to it ever have children. As it's not have all the tools to help you make those decision seems completely crazy to me to the fact that now we have tools that are out and help us. It's it's I think we'll go along in helping women so you have. Two year old right you there yet so how are you dealing with the concept. Having to by the end but at the end of the year yeah and they into the year I mean tonight don't. Mostly because I have this idea that could be really easy in on what clinic eat at me and love my child now it's going to be perfect ending think your body is programmed to make you forget. How sort of difficult those early days are lake the constant feeding him a couple of hours in the being awake and the lack of that all of that I think your body really makes you forget Brett so I am totally blissful about the whole idea of having a child asked me a few months pregnant right look to for Canada right nobody would have perhaps that's what I hear a thing here I hear that your men attack actually forget about that the tough for months now your tank now that he's expecting it says Starr yes how has he. How he processed. He's very excited. That he keeps talking about her crawling out of the tunnel. Look at flatly which is chair I did. I'm like really that's been thinking though think you should crawl out of the tunnel which is kind of true. Equally terrifying so that's how he thinks children carnage this well I don't know where he got this idea but he thinks his little sister is going to crawl out of the tunnel. Which already know that you mentioned thanks Hank patents that pattern of comforting lesson for me Assam that it really exciting process I have a Nokia super excited. I don't know that you can really understand what a sick child actually needs in the house. I don't know that it thirty I commanders in the second child means the house but he's really excited about. So we had a picture that you share to Amsterdam that you can't see you they are going to show at U putting together our. A play kitchen oh yeah. For Hank. Without from his little sister with fat something to hide the use them into the AG but he'd be sharing a house with another human to good that's actually would have been much more well thought out we did it was his second birthday and he loves being in the kitchen and gloves on when cooking things he loves being a part of that and so I. Thought that I look at packaging together about thirty minutes on his actual birthday suit during nap time my set I'm gonna put this kitchen together and I didn't realize that it actually takes about six hours. So Hank didn't get his birthday present on his birthday at. And gotten the next morning he doesn't know when I sit up until May be 1 in the morning working on that thing with two friends and just I keep them whine and sent like you're came to this fully and luckily they did and we got done but. Hanks birthday was a bit gently because I. Ditty like. Let's he cooks need. An and is an onion separate it and maybe applicant budding shaft young meaning we'll see we'll see flawless so. You talk about having to you. Puts her kitchen at nap time obviously. You have. A thousand other things going nine of grace and Frankie you have your act you have so many other things. How you mean that's at Hampshire so bored of being asked but how do you find time to credit Alan separate bank. I don't think anyone can do it alone and that's where when I look at single moms. In this country or anywhere and they are in the unsung heroes. Of our worlds they really are IA. I have a nanny you know I have a husband who is retired and doesn't work full time and so we have a really great system where. There's someone with my age child at all times and it's like an on hands on deck approach you know I was raised by neighbors and friends and faintly in. I'm a big believer in you know the community raising vacated. But I would be lying if I told you that I'm sitting here doing at all perfectly on my second it takes a lot of people to help but so refreshing to hear because I think a lot of people. Make women feel badly when they think that they see somebody doing something that maybe they feel like they don't have time to do you really have a time mom guilt or give Iraq like every time I try it flew here yesterday in a face to ending with my son this morning I felt. Horrible but I'm not within. But you know my mom what how to full time job she was an intensive care nurse and she would miss soccer games and missed certain things and I remember going up. Never ones feeling any resentment towards hers feeling very proud that I had a mom. Who had a really great job who seek people and granite I'm certainly not saving lives I hope. That you know when kids see two parents working and they see a lot of people who love them and who are surrounding them with just care. That it didn't riches there experience I might be damaging him for life don't know. TVD and. The kitchen he had cancer in check and I think we'll have we have another picture that we're gonna show. Your husband's. Kerry gang Hank. The tank carrier right so he's the only kid we have so far that we know I didn't ultimately didn't you alluded to it there that's fair and the abernathy. Can you do you passionately porn you rich I think a lot of women well. Relate CO yeah what is lake I'm how such a great partner and and you mentioned so helpful for you been. But at the same time India's just as much Hanks parent as as you are yes I mean we have. Ever really unique and fortunate situation that we both have jobs that while we're working our very demanding. You know you can working sixty hour weeks when you're on set but at the same time when you're off you're off to all this wonderful time to an injury with your family and we really. Luckily both have kind of that situation where we can both be you know kind of all hands on deck with Hank. I have to say though as a woman seeing your husband do you like dad things. He sexy back like there's a reason dad Bob missile bit right now there's something analogous to advantageous. It's like hats off Aaron. Anything like making a bottle and mean you know early clue cleaning up who put a damper nap. Like saying cleaning Huckabee paper sexy sexy and I really is there's just something about it that. I don't know if it's like a parent Jean flips on or something I never thought I would think that was sexually credit really is the biggest difference between your twenties to near thirty and that thirtieth could be diapers or why how. I'm mark yep yep. Again some make out time tonight buddy you've been empathy diapers. So well. But it but I also think we and we talked about this little before. Especially when you are a working my hair and your career is important to you. You know it it's helpful to have to have an equal balance. Taking I've character. Child care. I gas yes it's not just the one. That's exactly right I mean I'm I am again fortunate where I have has been who doesn't believe that it's his wife's job to take care of children and raise them you know he is. A very involves man who wants to be as involved if you know I've in his as I am and it's something we see is it's equal. Roles for both of us it is funny you are saying before how. You had a friend to when she does sort of the normal maternal roles governments like tea that's your job a governor husband does something like change that's our heat gets totally you know praise for it. I'm all for encouraging that behavior but it is kind of funny how I think I am not just hit the first time ever body do you think we're in a time where. And there is an expectation an equal expectation on both parents that's very refreshing the group. One another thing I know you've been really busy working on your apps Larry and Mary. Why has that been like for you and and I also rat that it's been it was used to help her get her back yes. So finer dot com and it's basically we think about iTunes before you had iTunes you have all your CDs and a CD book and you flip through rate and then. When you when it actually put them online you. Put them in your -- strive and then upload the MP3. We're doing after clothing so seek a cook and yet the woman's closet is the second most expensive room in the home. But there's no inventory management for women and you think about like you can controlling your finances you can now controlling her ovulation or at least track it. Can manage it you can manage your music and there's nothing taxi manager clothing. And women will spend more money on their clothing of their education isn't fashions this because women need to address every day. And we finally create a management solution for at and so hurt it Harvey's island in Austin our CEO action news New York but used to live in Houston. Worked their for many years so. As it connect it really I think everyone when he heard about Harvey but I think being Texan. You really feel a connection to it. And and you know recently have women there are two million unique pieces of clothing on our sages inventory that women haven't posits that 80% which is not being warned. Recent past a way that we can actually put this clothing to work right. And so when you Boehner say it and you sent out an olive your clothing comes on automatically. From the last ten years on your purchases you can actually click on items and decide to donate them to just for success and they were going right to the Houston chapter in the corpus chapter. To get these women back to work. Begin as we near rebuilding your home the last thing you're thinking about your clothing reckon he about the health and safety of your family right. And and and a lasting and invest money in his is new clothing but if you had a professional setting. And he need to look at certainly at work table to alleviate that stress is really important to us feel sick and I'm not sure this was sort of what you were thinking when you've developed the app but to be able to use it for such a Philanthropic. Cause it was not the goal and I'll be really just wanted to do when their productivity tool to make their lives a little bit easier than they weren't spending all this time in the closet figured what they wanted to Wear. We just found that it was a miracle by products that are technology can do very easily there. And I really creditors CEO which means my business partner who thought of it she's like we've all this inventory let's put to use. Also I think women have. So much. That they don't really isn't the only anymore and that's hanging in their closet. And they at a wanna sell it or want to give it away you know they want I think women want to prove what they own and kind of and we keep what they really need. And so did it wouldn't do it hurts her really help other women get back to work and support their families it seemed like a no brainer for us so. Well and speaking of and I know you also recently treated about Harvey Weinstein scandal has. That's been sort of talked about it a lot of days. To wade into that was that nerve wracking for you with something you just felt he needed to speak out. Tiny. What when he heard about that I felt a lot of guilt to the question is a think. And Hollywood this is behavior that we accepted as normal on an excuse used. And I really need for some reason is really bother me I felt this responsibility that if we're going to bash certain behavior by certain people in this country which we do regularly. They needed a accountable and we excuse for years. Done and I felt that it was frankly incredibly hypocritical that I'm sitting here I I've heard rumors and and I AIA you know. Along with I think everyone else sort of let it slide under the rug. But yet I call out pussy grabbing you know sorry but I do you know and so like when alive sorry. I Colin not anything I think it's really important I I just I really wanted to point out that you know this is none of its except ball. Talking about unacceptable acting on its unacceptable and we should all be accountable if we. Allow people to continue with this kind of behavior as a woman in Hollywood and someone who works in modeling industry very very long time is sexual harassment and it's. This treatment of women an issue that you've seen. Throughout your career or. Yes I mean I I was very fortunate that IE didn't have to hit ever B is subjected to what a lot of easily have gone through. I'm so I'm certainly not an ever compare any of my instances was there risk has done what they've gone through is entirely different. But I will say there is behavior in both fields that has been excused for years because we just accepted as the norm and if someone is powerful enough and lacks a certain way. We are complicit. And you know I remember being very young knowing that there were served art lovers who are incredibly inappropriate but knowing that they would propel your career. And I excuse behavior by shooting with these photographers and and the same goes for filmmakers and I think. I'm I'm I'm glad that brave women are coming out and talking about it because it into the personal action haven't real dialogue. But I get I I eight I certainly didn't encounter too much of it on my own but I I definitely think. That there is behavior that was just accept it is the norm in both industries for a very long time. So where we got from hearing that we've talked about motherhood and we've talked to you're what but the theme of all of that it is that you're very. You're clearly passed in the idea of empowering women and promoting women. Becoming strong and having a daughter what does that song mean for you and how an end to that sort of translates how he planned for our. It's funny so I have to usually honest I actually hate the word of power now because a cool might say that I can give anyone power rate laid entirely at. It seemed that we can supply power tip. Women I think the biggest in that we can do is further these conversations and create technology create environments where women can thrive and succeed. And if if we can do that by a you know being able to track termination of snapper he can do that they being able to organize your time matters that you can actually stay with your feeling two hours a week by having closet or whatever it is. These little tools go along way in helping women actually issue but they want to achieve and I think those are conversations we should be having. And I mean that the best women the best people in my life for the most part have been women. So I just grow up with amazing women supporting me and and so I try to do the same ten. My dilemma around me pain or heard yet exactly credit for thinking so much it's either he much fun talking to you and think you guys so much for joining us again exactly my affair with Brooklyn Decker here in New York. Harry.

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