Burger King’s latest marketing strategy raises questions

The commercial shows a moldy Whopper as a voiceover says the company won't use preservatives in food anymore.
4:04 | 02/20/20

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Transcript for Burger King’s latest marketing strategy raises questions
At it and see. A bit of a strange marketing strategy it shows a moldy whopper as a way to announce that the fast food chain will no longer put preservatives in their food. Take a look. Money no. Yeah. One and ten. And mom did it. San do you. A all right joining us now to unpack all that. That's okay director of real food me and I'm speechless I can't even talk right now all moldy. Burger this is it creatives is one word for it what do you make of this. Yeah how well it is definitely create Evan maybe a little bit gross but. I think speaks to the fact diet company is of all sites including basket company is our hearing this huge tectonic shift in consumer interest. Customers of all demographics asking real questions about. What's in their food and I Wear their preservatives additives you'd be used sat in the products of their eating so to me it speaks to. A company listening to customers and taken a conservatives out. A patent customers may not want preservatives in their food but they don't want in the mold in their burned music if there could this backfire. You know. It that's a great question you don't want molding your burger for sure to thank you know I think customers gentlemen may be a little bit creeped out if they realize you cant leave your burger with deserters on your shelf for six months and come back and looks just the same so. I think that it's a clever marketing strategy but look I think it's also really important to remember just because there might not be preservatives in their anymore this is still not health food. What that's like question I'm Ed I know that customers may be in general don't want preservatives in their food but Burger King isn't exactly known as health food it. Is this even is or clientele. Super concerned about this. Well I seen the research from industry analysts that looked out the fast food industry grocery retail all. Processed foods industry and wed they are reporting is that there really is is growing consumer demand of all types so even customers that yes go to fast food restaurants. That want fewer additives in their foods and want foods grown without pesticides and certainly want meat raised without antibiotics for instance. So I do you think that this speaks to consumer demand pressure. On hurricane we want to point out also said a statement that there removing preserve it is because they feel real food tastes better. So could we see a better tasting whopper at the end of this. Well that's you know that's a question that only a perking customer could answer but I think that it does is definitely speed to the company again listening I think the other thing that. I've seen hurricane talk about you know the real. Biggest impact health impact environmental impact. Of their food is not the conservatives it's it's where there meets coming from and they made a commitment last year to look at that supply chain and try to take deforestation not admit that they committed to doing that in a decade it. Hopefully they might be able to get on out a little bit sooner along with this decision to take conservatives out. One could this just be the first and a line of fast food companies that try to embrace his general goal of being healthier and more environmentally friendly. He how will we see. Again though I think the important thing for those of us like me about our. I advocates for healthier food is to get customers to realize that still fast it does not will be should be eating. Everyday of the week. And we know from the Centers for Disease Control that I actually won in three Americans is eating fast food every day. So we should all be about how do we make shirts you encourage people to eat good healthy food all the time and fast food. And more rarely aren't analog pay director real well immediately appreciated and a thing.

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{"duration":"4:04","description":"The commercial shows a moldy Whopper as a voiceover says the company won't use preservatives in food anymore.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Business","id":"69088074","title":"Burger King’s latest marketing strategy raises questions","url":"/Business/video/burger-kings-latest-marketing-strategy-raises-questions-69088074"}