Design Your Career and Work From Home

Stella and Dot helps you start your own boutique-jewelry business.
3:00 | 03/04/14

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Transcript for Design Your Career and Work From Home
Award winning boutique style jewelry company -- dot is taking the trunk show model to a whole new level CEO and founder Jessica hearing started out making jewelry kits at her home. And now our company get this will earn over 220 million dollars this year Jessica's won every award from Ernst and young entrepreneur of the year. 240 under forty and she's here to tell us. Just how she became one of the top female entrepreneurs in America so nice to see you Jessica. Things grabbed me and we're loving the by the way here on sat we're seeing all of the Stella and dot jewelry. And options and items that we love love what we're seeing here. How you come up what this. Well released on that was a lot more than -- accessories though I'm glad to love them. I certainly -- them -- This is my second business and actress assessed -- -- e-commerce. Company in the wedding space. That went on to become wedding channel com and it was an absolute analytical approach to finding a white space in the market and developing something that ticket and a -- changes and technology trends that -- -- and I. It really -- and very differently is it came from. Commission and impassioned CU. On track to meet big changes to you aren't the opportunities for women and I want X democratize it so that you didn't have to -- to specialized education or. Get a lot of capital rest to -- business. And I started doing a lot of research and really found that you could come up -- and jewelry and accessories to the product to -- -- -- mention. It also sprung up at a time when the -- -- market was a very typical one high unemployment. But on the flip side you're selling a product that does take some income I mean you have to be able to have a little bit of -- money so there's a balancing act going on there between. The people who wanna sell this and and become lunch for -- but also. Having to sell -- to people who have a little bit of discretionary income to spent. We don't have aren't mine is under fifty dollars and it's a great affordable luxury accessories actually let you shop -- closet because speaking last year's teens into teachers should put on and -- necklace and it brand new so it's been sending -- women really gravitate towards an -- -- -- thirty billion dollar industry in the US orange so it's something women love. Of income to answer match and even if there are is a great job marketer bad job market the reality is for women each flexible job opportunities. Are something that they're always going to need and that's never cyclicals. So how does selling -- -- -- come to be how does a woman. Join your company become a sales individual and what kind of money are we talking about here. Well there's a wide range McKinney started this and get this isn't a box which is compared to when I started living heritage and I does make -- -- -- in a website to me. When -- Someone gets all that -- ready I'll. And they bigger sample and then they got to have an online web site where they can sell -- collapsed at a -- shocks -- -- -- -- people's homes. So they -- 29 to 30% commission so on the very basic level -- aren't. Seven -- dollars an hour or sharing satellite casual styling session with -- friends at the host -- However our stylist can also teach others to do the same and we have people that -- -- -- man. We got people that earned over a 100000 dollars a launch -- -- thousand dollars a month yes. Yes it's it's pretty amazing when you really look at what that person is doing teach you really like a global EP its sales at leading a large team -- 4000 women in multiple countries should and it's not very different and watch an executive ET at a technology -- fortune 500 company would -- in terms of training motivation. Organizing events and rewards for their sales team. What do you say as your number one piece of advice to you want for north either who are working with selling dot or who -- -- start their own company. To succeed is not -- -- passion for what you're doing Boris do something else should and then use it you need tenacity because there is no job -- On the court are there is no easy pass where -- supposed to come outside -- and -- as you're gonna have to stick with cash and do -- work that it takes to make it work trio. And in terms of the big styles because part of your passion is the look it's the Felix the quality of the jewelry in the goods. What are the big styles of now. Well women and wearing accessories since the beginning -- time because -- -- the place is very flattering and gorgeous says spring has a lot of beautiful colors. Honest -- -- -- street there's the neon. And then there is pastels coming back in a big way so occasionally the first time -- scared -- an. -- -- it is -- Lewis black's talents and things you're really gonna see trying to settle you can take a look at Teledyne dot com and you a lot of gorgeous newstalk. I love the -- the little Lockwood earrings you've got out in the necklace very. Thanks -- marinas and -- flattering colors all and the and so when they tried our nation's look at their themselves not just that you reached and see how much brightness eight brings to their face well Jessica Karen thank you so much congratulations on all the work you're doing. -- --

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{"id":22767995,"title":"Design Your Career and Work From Home ","duration":"3:00","description":"Stella and Dot helps you start your own boutique-jewelry business.","url":"/Business/video/business-advice-starting-small-businessdesign-career-work-home-22767995","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}