Businesses crumbling amid pandemic

ABC News’ Will Carr takes a look at a Hollywood bar that saw its promising future fade as the city locked down.
3:49 | 11/21/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Businesses crumbling amid pandemic
The senate has gone home for the holidays out of session until November 30 Schmidt even when they come back congress isn't any closer to passing a new stimulus bill to help the millions of people shed thousands of businesses struggling as the pandemic continues to drag on should there are so many more stories out there and tonight ABC's world car brings us a closer look at one shot Hollywood bar that sides promising future fade away as cases when auction and lock downs continued. Once upon a time in Hollywood there was support what customers hardy didn't cost do. Saying with a friend's. And it between finds. Watched actor Kevin Smith filled by many as silent Bob reported its podcast. This governor bill and again in a man bridges on Hollywood boulevard in Hollywood job ordered. Today you'll buy this scum and villainy cantina on Hollywood boulevard filled with silence. In dust. We were very very excited. Right before the lock down happen and we found out my fiance and I who owns the bar at me that we are gonna have a daughter. And the next week. They called for. Bars and restaurants to close. That was back in March. Eight months later with the LA county still largely shut down to the State's restrictive tier system any Hollywood boulevard businesses are boarded up. Scum and villainy is still closed and it's voter JC wife and Burke says the rent is piling up. Our rent here is 21000 dollars a month. Which is just a crew wing because it's being on Hollywood boulevard we don't have outdoor dining space to take advantage of the the laws that LA put in place to expand beyond I think as of December 1 will be over a 160000. Dollars behind on rent. Since the federal government has not passed a second stimulus bill in California has only passed legislation that allows runners to put off their full payments to next year. Life in Burke has essentially run out of options. The community dough in evening Kevin Smith are rooting for the bar survival. Some of the greatest nights my life have been spent to scum and villainy cantina it was an oasis in the middle of Hollywood I really hope. That cobra didn't kill. This car. But even with the support right to Burke says he can't ask people for money since he has no idea what blow when the crisis finally ends even if we opened up. Tomorrow. At full capacity with the full faith of our customers coming back which is he going to happen immediately there's no way that we can pay essentially double Rand after being shut down for. You know eight months and counting since the government. Asked us to close down and we dated. And complied with what they asked us to do to help stop the spread Kobe had. I'm hoping that they will come to our rescue. He's not alone across the country roughly won it by businesses has closed already. Leading some to wonder if twitch when he will lead to the death of Hollywood boulevard I think it's going to be. Boarded up shops. Smoke shop seven eleven's. You're going to lose all of Tinseltown magic that's bin. Built up here over the last twenty years is a tragic stopped for right Bloomberg whose year has been a roller coaster. Last week seen this beyonce had their first child a girl. And he still holding on to hope that she might be able to sing her first song in a bar that survived a year nobody will forget. In Hollywood blue car. ABC news.

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{"duration":"3:49","description":"ABC News’ Will Carr takes a look at a Hollywood bar that saw its promising future fade as the city locked down.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Business","id":"74329570","title":"Businesses crumbling amid pandemic","url":"/Business/video/businesses-crumbling-amid-pandemic-74329570"}