Carrier Merger Yields 'New American Airlines'

American Airlines CEO Tom Horton promises company will be a leader in the airline industry.
3:26 | 02/14/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Carrier Merger Yields 'New American Airlines'
We're proud. To -- issues. To the new American Airlines. Through the murder of American heroes are -- as we are creating. A premier global carrier. And by combining the strengths of both companies. We will be delivering the most value. To our owners. And the greatest benefits to our customers. And our people. The combined company will have everything we need to surpass the competition. Putting America back on top in the global air -- industry. What the largest global network strong -- the vast alliance partners and an even stronger one world. The most modern fleet. A solid financial foundation. And the finest team of people in the industry. We will once again. Be an industry leader worthy of the name American Airlines. America -- flag carrier. After months of reviewing a range of options. -- board of directors in collaboration with our creditors. Concluded that the merger is the built next up for our company. Following a very successful restructuring. Today would not be possible without the dedication. The entire American team. And despite the challenges over structure and -- process. They work tirelessly. Always keeping the customer. At the -- Of everything we do. And as a consequence. We were able to continue to improve our performance. And build the value of our great company. Together American Airlines and US Airways will serve more than 187. Million passengers a year. An -- more than a 100000. People. Will be headquartered right here and -- Fort Worth. With a significant. Corporate and operational presence in Phoenix. At American we've -- a lot the last couple of years to modernize or forty. So far adding a 140 new Boeing 730 sevens. Along with being the first US carrier to fly. The -- triple 7300. And I hope you all get a good look at -- as part -- out there are excellent and amazing her plan. And later this year will begin taking delivery of our first Airbus. A 320 ones. And a 390s. Further allowing us to match the right aircraft. To the right market. We'll combine the aircraft on order for both airlines some 607. Airplanes and total. And continued to invest in our company. To ensure that we're providing the most connected. Most comfortable travel experience in the -- So -- one of the most modern -- to -- industry. -- and the flexibility. To match our schedule to demand. Hubs in the cities that are most important. To business customers. And the strength to continue to invest in the products and services our customers value most. And we have everything it takes to lead and -- industry.

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{"id":18504832,"title":"Carrier Merger Yields 'New American Airlines'","duration":"3:26","description":"American Airlines CEO Tom Horton promises company will be a leader in the airline industry.","url":"/Business/video/carrier-merger-yields-american-airlines-18504832","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}