CEO who saved Fiat and Chrysler dead at 66

Sergio Marchionne was instrumental in arranging two corporate turnarounds which saved Fiat and Chrysler.
2:29 | 07/25/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for CEO who saved Fiat and Chrysler dead at 66
As chief executive Sergio Marchionne had his own style in terms of dress it was casual. Favoring black sweaters over the more buttoned down look of an auto company leader. But what truly set him apart was his work ethic. And a grand vision which helps save Chrysler and thousands of jobs in metro Detroit and the region. Marchionne was chief executive of Fiat at the time of the auto crisis nearly a decade ago. It was marked Leone's plan along with the financial assistance from the federal government and UAW. That helped rescue the auto maker from the brink of liquidation. That was 2009. Fiat eventually repay the government took full ownership of the company and under marquis on these leadership. Fiat Chrysler automobiles. Is a successful company today. That was demonstrated began early this year would have CA's one billion dollar investment in the Warren truck plant following passage of the new federal tax law. 2009 a number of people seem to have vacant. Post I think. Our continued. Commitment to this. Two this. This country rumor particularly those regions. Where. Driving Fiat Chrysler's success is the G program. Marchionne made the decision to largely eliminate small cars from the company's vehicle line from putting additional focus and resources into Jeep. The move was paid big dividends for FCA. Marchionne unveiled the company's five year strategic plan on June 1. Back in January he told reporters at the Detroit auto show FCA was poised for more growth. Things that we discussed with orders to make sure that we hold. We remain faithful so little things that have been saluted the key ingredients. Of our success and our survival of the aisle. The unexpected medical complications it developed following shoulder surgery required immediate action by the Fiat Chrysler board. In January Marchionne address the question of his planned exit in early 2019. And the leadership team that would eventually follow him. I think futures. It's not think it's pretty fraught with difficulties and is from most of us but. I think the leadership will be right leadership that's on the matter.

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{"duration":"2:29","description":"Sergio Marchionne was instrumental in arranging two corporate turnarounds which saved Fiat and Chrysler.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Business","id":"56817823","title":"CEO who saved Fiat and Chrysler dead at 66","url":"/Business/video/ceo-saved-fiat-chrysler-dead-66-56817823"}