Coin Combines Your Credit, Debit and Gift Cards Into One Gadget

New startup tackles a way to merge all those pesky cards in your wallet. Will the device go mainstream?
3:00 | 11/25/13

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Transcript for Coin Combines Your Credit, Debit and Gift Cards Into One Gadget
I don't know about you but sometimes. I have trouble closing my wallet and by the way it's not because of cash and there. It's the membership cards it's -- gift cards -- the credit cards and honestly I carry a lot of receipts around -- -- right there. Well a new start up is trying to solve this problem and give you more room in your pockets point heart it's a digital credit card. That holds all your cards in one device. The difference between a coin and any other card. All these cards are inside -- -- -- -- paper stuff with -- many of them. And -- -- -- -- -- is CEO and founder of point and he joins us now it's nice to see at the age. Good morning thanks for having me so this card holds a bunch of cards at all in one how to do it. I simply did it doesn't all the information and then uses the coin which is a device. To basically become -- needed to -- Fraud because that's how it's going to be a concern in the digital world and you have everything in one place doesn't that make it more cents. Whether this to such a problem. You know first is when you're handing -- car over the cashier so inclined can do it does not prevent anyone from -- -- -- over who actually doesn't -- information. And the second part where there's they cashier can. Get information the -- -- and a lot and -- cash -- won't be able to duplicate information. I understand though a lot of this is based -- of your phone and -- your phone battery dies as the device stands now there's going to be a problem. Actually know what's gonna happen is that of your phone dies he'll he'll do a lot a coin. Through that point it's all they'll be a one button basket and -- -- used to do that. -- you're telling us you're gonna be fine if your phone guys have a partnerships because you look at. -- digital payments space you have square. Apple Amazon all of these companies are trying to get into that do you have any. If you're looking at. But right now we're just focused on the product we just launched a pre -- campaign it -- successfully. So now we have to get these coins and everyone romance languages is right now it is focused on creating them and make sure that ship in summer. -- -- summer 2014 is when they come out Howard merchants gonna use these how -- you educating them because if their merchant and you get this new carting your hands you might think what is -- We don't -- not much into merchant actually. What happens is on the merchant gets a crime that just like -- night that normally -- the difference between and then and then and then when they -- one. Does that. Coin guarantees that the person pulling the -- actually -- the actual data. The person who's holding the -- owns the day. Exactly as is -- to battle -- that merchant and get artifacts on fraudulent cards what. We're we're taking a look at the commercial the viewer can watch the commercial right now we're showing at. And -- it explains how essentially you you have this one card you decide as the user of that card. Which credit card you are essentially handing over. Exactly the way that it works as you would get a got a -- out of your wallet or your purse then using the screen and a button you would toggle. Through until they see the argument used and then you would have it over or -- -- like you normally it would like a cart. All right thanks so much the CEO and founder of -- thanks so much. -- -- -- --

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{"id":21006706,"title":"Coin Combines Your Credit, Debit and Gift Cards Into One Gadget","duration":"3:00","description":"New startup tackles a way to merge all those pesky cards in your wallet. Will the device go mainstream?","url":"/Business/video/coin-combines-credit-debit-gift-cards-gadget-21006706","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}