Crank Up Your Cooking Creativity with Turducken

This dish is sure to impress your Thanksgiving guests.
5:03 | 11/25/14

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Transcript for Crank Up Your Cooking Creativity with Turducken
Celebrity chef and cotton is here with the mouth watering twist on the typical Thanksgiving feast. This Thursday we're going to eat yep wait for it 46 million turkeys for Thanksgiving so naturally we wondered. How many of those are turn pockets. Well that's like chicken inside a duck inside of a whole. Turkey we rot in shaft at cotton he's the executive chef of the west village social Italian restaurant side of thirteen. And it's great to have you with us here good to be here thank you I also brought it turned out that I certainly did and be completed without bringing Internap. Why why go there might future docket. Why not it's a good conversation he is seen in the taxi opinion and studies showing up somebody's house with a Turkey one hampering introduction. Because it takes a lot more effort and yet to show you get to show off what you what you scheduled. How much more effort does it take it's hard enough to get the Turkey right I can only imagine. You've got three different meats and there are no. That that's gonna make it even more get out what it sounds very. Difficulty. Well you're chef here's celebrity chefs and when you say it sounds very difficult for the average person it is very damp out how do you do it. Well. They went the easiest thing to do when preparing this is that have people do all the work for you have you put your. Bone it out boy have the you know need to sit there and slave via cutting board and phoning it out not a heavy butcher bone at the Turkey deduct the chicken. And what's very. I mean happier butchered and it out well. Just remove all the bones is absolutely zero iPhone is now about this now that's a 100% slice already ego. No bones and I going to be chewing on anything. So I gotta play butcher and I say I want a Turkey a duck and chicken up without any balance yeah. And that I take these three separate bird's home and I wrapped them all around each other. Pretty much it's a little a bird party. So. Dad so it does tell your butcher that it would by now they should understand what should happen is that butchers and get her eyes weren't before they should have the yeah that's a mainstream type of place. Bomb but you know I say I'm making introduction I would like you to bone out all these birds Kwame keep the bird the bones forming. And I wanna keep the bones has yet have a greatly. They can make Richard acting gravy. So why not. I feeling they might either think you're making turned up in or you're like a serial killer on the side with some weird fantasies about different birds and probably okay. So you take all of these birds you wrapped around each other how do you know how long to cook it is it longer does it take a longer cook time minute Turkey. Known you know you may surprise that it's probably around the same. This is a twelve to fifteen pound. Turkey. And chicken is but two and a half pounds in the duck. Is almost around Sam's. Just the type smaller probably about equal size is what you want to go far yeah. Blog for the duck and chicken in the Turkey is that the stock so that's the biggest 112 to fifteen pounds so it it's roasted you know it's it's all stuffed with three different stuff things or you can use one you unit Ross. Universal stuffing throughout but I like to mix it up nine deep three different stuff things in each bird. Do dirty guys that you Fayette cornbread and helping you know and you know you have project. Stuffing and then idea traditional. This you know very either. It's good ol' fashioned Turkey stuffing sounds delicious. And the L role that all up tie it and roasted out how I want. And you said for the twelve to fifteen pound Turkey. That it encompasses the turned back at how long you cooking this for an at what temperature. So I usually what what I'll do is I'll roast this whole thing. As far as it takes you know could probably 22 and a half hours. Three hours total like to let it rest and all that stuff. So and it should come out nice and juicy. The duck meat should be nice and medium rare in the center. Did that dot had the biggest part is that Turkey now will be fully. So I'd like to eat it are you eating each of these meet separately or is hard to all the flavors come together all the players come together what is it that taste like. Again it's it each with each bite that you have it's. A new experience because you have the traditional is Thanksgiving Day stopping you have the dirty rice stuffing of the cornbread stuffing. So each bite. News like oh wow I just got sometimes the right sold for a new thing again. Thank you so much up and cotton street having it that's your real beds get to via. You can like that's between us at Rebecca Jarvis and how to allow it from the studios in New York City at Rebecca Jarvis Dupree.

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{"duration":"5:03","description":"This dish is sure to impress your Thanksgiving guests.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Business","id":"27168905","title":"Crank Up Your Cooking Creativity with Turducken","url":"/Business/video/crank-cooking-creativity-turducken-27168905"}