Cyc a Party on a Bike

New cycling class redefines the night club night out with social fitness
3:00 | 01/21/14

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Transcript for Cyc a Party on a Bike
Goodbye the nightclub that night out site fitness has created a healthy alternative to drinking the night away social fitness a dance party on bikes. And joining me now -- off there -- of all of this Alex -- she is founding partner and director of business development -- fitness. -- Sione -- he's the creator. Of this site -- that it's great to see both of you. -- -- closure by the way Alex and I go way back to Minnesota yes that's where it all began all -- the beheading -- what I'm watching you -- your dreams are really happy for you out of the Alex. -- let's talk about like -- there are so many spinning studios now what's the difference with site. Well there's a -- But also we're really trying to create -- place -- site where people can meet people. We do that both in the studio we have wife Irene lounges retreat -- banks. With different quote cutting and -- so people can come into each other but are also launching something this month we're really excited about called social -- social. And thanks social is an online platform where you can actually connect -- other writers online and then meet with in the -- Because I -- hear from single friends they meet people act like they meet people working out New York City it's a new way to meet people -- it's actually like the new -- out. And if you think that guys and I'm like 161080. -- think that's -- we're facilitating an easier way if you decide to opt. -- -- -- I was reading your story you lost is that a hundred pounds. Yes they did a little over a hundred pounds at least 3327. Grew up I was an opera major performing on a different venue now I brought my second option which I never thought instilled in me which is fitness to a different venue which is site. The difference of us it from our peers is that -- -- 45 minute interactive show. We always call fifties took place it's ten minutes of -- for fighting exactly the -- comes and hand in hand. Recalling -- psychologists we want to bring everyone out their daily struggles their daily life and bring them into as into the studio with interactive. It is. Cargill meat -- training. We have waited sectors which include volleyball basketball swimming boxing all these different weighted sectors while on the bike. Along with interval -- -- train. So you've designed all of this you've put your whole map that on that on the table here how -- people to lot of daylight today for example it's snowing in New York City. It's awful -- that how do you get people to get up off of the -- -- you can tell me how great it is. -- I'm sitting in my apartment and I'm just freezing and I don't wanna go anywhere that's easier said than done. I think the amazing -- -- New Yorkers have a 45 minute time slot to -- -- -- unbelievable work out. And that's like no matter if it's snowing reigned as the monsoon we will always -- to -- -- And reaching those goals it just sort of 2014 when we're more on our way and we're ready to help you out. What's the goal Alex. The gullah is to expand nationally very rapidly we plan an opening a -- isn't as important and we have. So many great people were coming to us -- see us as an amenity for their building so right now we're working with David Barton. We have -- a little sanctuary inside -- Astor place so our own shop -- shop studio. And it's great because our riders can actually used their gym facilities before after class of people are going upstairs they're hanging out. They're extraction together that lifting weights are coming down -- using his room. But it's always been deciphering. We are a couple weeks into the new year a lot of people -- New Year's resolutions to work out more to be healthier. I don't know if he's yes and -- over the weekend but they did this topic about all the resolutions breaking down and I finally that anime related to yes exactly we all can relate to that how do you keep the resolutions to your -- as to people who are totally into fitness. We motivate each other. -- each other I think finding a body a key thing is to find a body whenever you're starting a New Year's resolution. Hitting a goal is so much easier if you're accountable by somebody else it's always recommend finding -- body that you go work out with three to four times a week. Knowing that they're going to be there are supporting you -- I'm a huge person on allowing yourself for -- so allowing yourself an extra for out cup. I love -- -- I love sweets so allowing yourself that if you're gonna work out in your -- hitting every single will be hitting for your week -- weekly goals monthly goals. -- staying on track is amazing and finding your fitness -- I think what we have acts like. Expands to all shapes sizes of athletes and it's amazing as we get to you see people motivate and change for 2014. Outlining techniques like -- if it's something you're looking forward to something that's on the -- -- with your friends you'll keep coming. Well it's great seeing both of you here in studio and I know I do have to make it downtown -- Astor place location like -- Alex Schiavone thank you and people can go online to it's like fitness stock topic fitness icon but classes there municipals and great thanks -- Holland definitely appreciate it.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"New cycling class redefines the night club night out with social fitness ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Business","id":"21609273","title":"Cyc a Party on a Bike","url":"/Business/video/cyc-fitness-class-social-fitness-meets-night-club-21609273"}