Deep Discounts For Fall

Consumer expert Vera Gibbons has the top 5 bargains available now.
3:39 | 10/17/16

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Transcript for Deep Discounts For Fall
But back to school behind us now is a great time to splurge on some purchases you may have been putting off. As retailers start gearing up for the holidays so joining us this morning to talk about five areas where you can say some serious cash we have consumer expert. Here Gibbons with us you think and Diana for having me silos finds interesting that's just six seasons have specific products that sometimes you can go after so. I think the most interesting you said its cars why you car I cardinal ticket I am well this is a time. Of the year when dealers have to Lou about the old and Vinatieri to make room for the new models the 27 teams so. Heavily discounting on this twenty sixteens any remaining toll fifteens. 0% financing cash back rebate cash bonus says really some very good deals across the board are here's the deal gas prices are allowed gas but is projecting could go. Under two dogs are down national level. In the coming weeks as the holidays approach that have not necessarily been good for green cars appear interested in a real bill may be so they went and this on leaf would be the an attractive thing taken car to consider. And I think you should also consider outgoing 2016 models that are being read redesign replace or reprinted for 2017 significant bargains there to. On help the environment under popular you know and then it grills and patio equipment. Obviously the weather gets a little bit cooler people need less of those that you say this year that might be a little bit harder when it's it's funny because demand for these seasonal items does tend to linger when the weather statements and it's been pretty nice right goalie in that is not a whole lot left. It not all allowed to. But so. Whatever is left you're talking you know up to 70% up you can may be even do better than that your final right off the floor that's a lot so that's very again. That's a significant part. Why not buy right up Greta why not as well and might not biased summer sporting goods to here in the market for a new tennis racket by ache. Golf was thirty to 50% off of these types of things and potentially up to 78%. Off. At the big retailers too because this is the time of year when the work outs move. You know. Indoor and unfortunately in the James and the fashion cycle changes anything denim which surprised me because this seems like the popular season for -- what letters Lefevre from the back to school season is discounted twenty to 50% off. Designer Dunham 28% off on average according investments from retail me not sent here it's in the high and stacking up about a third but. Everything else you know potentially up to fifty for saps an excellent time to buy them and it just doesn't big savings and 51015%. Up the underpinnings this is great stuff and then why make up in our chairman. Yes but do. This is our I dark attic area but I am listening let me the third week about server which is now is the best week of the entire month to buy hair and make our products and the fourth week of November is the best week of the entire year because the holiday promotions bro out they wanted to generate excitement. So stuff is marked down. Beauty. Do you bet that even hottest season and now you know Diane hey guys topic and then that not just you know the hot pink summer colors and Elizabeth Crockett of flag. Passport. Apparently veered Avago systems do some shopping that we have to go. Hear them that much for being grades up and you can find out more ideas on gas buddy dot com as well as on our own FaceBook page Evian and fans dot com. They're always great to have you on thank you so much in stay with us the very fact you're watching world news them.

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{"duration":"3:39","description":"Consumer expert Vera Gibbons has the top 5 bargains available now.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Business","id":"42854033","title":"Deep Discounts For Fall","url":"/Business/video/deep-discounts-fall-42854033"}