Designer Celebrity Jewels You Can Afford and the Vatican’s Secret Wine Selection

Rebecca Jarvis has the inside scoop on how to dress and drink like a king for less than $60. 7.24.2014.
17:10 | 07/24/14

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Transcript for Designer Celebrity Jewels You Can Afford and the Vatican’s Secret Wine Selection
Hello and welcome to real -- -- Rebecca Jarvis here in New York City and here's what's on our radar today affordable designer -- I never thought I'd hear myself say that in the same sentence but we have it and we have the -- or who's making it happen. Then got. Goat milk for the first time ever parents are taking goat milk to a whole new level and we're gonna tell you how -- mother of eight turned her idea. Into a thriving family business. And would you like to drink wine fit for a hope that just cost ten bucks while we have -- secrets to the cheapest -- on tap this summer that actually tastes good. -- by the way the pope's consuming them to it's not coming up but we first want to get right -- -- it's fun to look at the fashionable -- on the red carpet but. It would be way cooler for the average woman. -- actually Wear those jazzy jewels and to be able to afford that. -- after being frustrated not able to find an affordable brand to best friends in their twenties came together to create -- go to designer jewelry destination and now. Their products are exploding in popularity both online and stores. I want to welcome to the -- and -- yak about -- she is co-founder of Bobble bar and it's so nice to have you with us. I struggled with your name a little bit but I'm glad. No that was accidentally Arabian nights huddled at the a nice little less -- the UU -- because I asked sport but you also brought some beautiful bowling with you today. And it's very interesting because you started out -- bar completely online. And accurate Nordstrom stores. Which have to be a huge. Sense of accomplishment Andrea -- it's been amazing you know like express when we're starting -- -- knew that since we were starting a brand from scratch that's really important for customers. To have access to multiple touch points to be able to you. By the product online be able to tried on purchases offline to -- -- A big part of our strategy ultimately be off line and we experimented with a lot of different formats. Nordstrom approached Justin was interesting -- in carrying the product was a to -- partners it's been such a wonderful collaboration for us you know so many I -- and people with injury or an idea for -- business watch real is. And they're probably getting told right now. Right now by somebody you we're told no a lot of tactics when you can't get the -- I mean I think they're probably told -- you know 90% of the time aching feet you have to you get there used to rejection when you do some -- like -- think. Ultimately the people that really -- the tops there are the ones were so -- about their idea on and so excited about what they're building that they're not. New discouraged by a lot of -- now and obviously think. A lot of it's coming frequently from a helpful and constructive criticisms are replacing you have to have the ability to -- to listen when you hear pushed back and listen when your statement when I think about changing -- -- Nat. But I think ultimately really believing in your right -- and seeing through this is what gets -- -- -- the told. If you don't cut the price points on your jewelry very important obviously selling a line artillery -- more affordable price points. And -- we're talking about range from 2400. Dollars there's generally. I think the product on our site is priced from I think I'm alone -- about twenty dollars on the high end he sells some products actually 3350. Dollars. And -- view is is that some Jewelers -- really fun I acted something that you really want it used to change what it is that you're wearing to update your wardrobe. And women frequently want to get the look but don't necessarily want to -- best. You know 200 dollars -- -- look for something that's only going last season. Do some products that if you know it's something you're going to want to -- with regularity -- will do. Solid gold -- Gramm's name -- to interpersonal peace and I say invest the money how to be something that's gonna last for a few years. If you really just you know want to get the look like he wanted to experiment with something edgy. I think this is a really great -- -- -- this necklace and you can throw -- on over a little black Strasser over a white T shirt. Get that look but it's not gonna break the bank and you're not gonna feel bad three months from now when you realized the you don't really want -- -- anymore. You're still a relatively young business I mean yeah you're you're online. I guess you've sold there was one necklace that sold I think. 2500. Copies of that necklace online in a matter of a couple of hours yeah so you -- very well for young business and how you're in Nordstrom stores. With the -- bar. What -- smartest thing that you have done along the way to guarantee the success of your. Business I mean I think consistently the smartest things that we do you are always related -- hiring decisions. So -- always it's always people -- and I think that's always Kennedy where we really make the best so Amy and I. Obviously can only do so much and we have a vision for what we want to do. I think if you don't surround yourself incredibly Smart incredibly sharp people we're really equally passionate about what you're doing. American -- -- back and give you great ideas and how he -- to keep you write everything on the front lines. On it's almost impossible to really got something off the ground running successfully how how exciting and important is it. With celebrity and celebrity culture -- to Graham the social media world to have somebody like Justin Bieber. I think who's with his report -- your stuff -- Harry on Taylor Swift we're looking at pictures of some of the people. Big deal it back I think it's really huge I mean obviously I think that any element of third party validation is and whether it's day. Taylor Swift or read on or Gwyneth Paltrow people love to see but one of the things that we love about social -- about mr. -- specifically. Is it makes little celebrities out of the regular purse yes and I think we fountain and -- -- -- -- -- site actually have a widget where. Customers -- pictures of themselves wearing the product. And other customers can browse all of those pictures and we consistently see that conversion. Is you know 35 times higher when people in -- -- that we -- Think people really like to see it on real people he really enjoy seeing that -- a look that they can get to -- of aspiration and attainable. And it sort of validates this idea that -- this is a really popular product other people are wearing team and their loving and it's easy for you to get the -- How quickly after somebody like Justin Bieber Rihanna -- your jury how -- -- itself it's pretty in -- We definitely you know one of the great things about our business models and actually re order incredibly quickly. So we you know two to three -- turnaround time in terms of getting new product in house. But in the second that we see him like that and -- -- -- media here Cherie -- -- there also didn't really hard because you got a lot more supply out there exactly any indefinitely you know I think what's also nice is that it's very rare that you see celebrities wearing product. That is priced higher price point -- feature -- -- about products that they're wearing that are unattainable unattainable in terms price points -- to see. You know tellers -- wearing a pair 32 dollar erase from our site it's really exciting for people that they can sort of get out like annually -- style. In but from lack. Thank you so much Danielle the company is Bobble bar you can -- online -- -- dot -- and then you can go to north strip and to think that -- great -- -- -- All right a mother of eight. Didn't want to watch your kids with so there was mass -- by factories because she was afraid that there were too many chemicals and she didn't want them to touch her children's skin. So instead she created a healthy alternative from goat milk. And now it's a thriving American business and I want to welcome to the show he Jay Jonas -- -- a mom of eight. And the founder of goat milk stuff it's so nice to see you PJ. Grabbing me and I -- so you have this problem in front of you and you decided to solve it by creating the business. I did I lose half until the island and it was just letting them play around and I looked at the AB likes I had always -- it couldn't believe that it was still. Mickelson all -- things they didn't want on the children's skin. So I decided to -- my hands over and aren't happy dairy goats and zones and using why aren't so bad that the bill and and then -- in the shower my husband's been used to -- -- splitting. Thousand and you had to work really -- -- And and we're looking at a lot of pictures of goats but we all so. Are seeing some pictures but your other kids your children who are also helping out. We do I have eight children and on the school so I don't want the business a lot of sense to be harder vanity he should be -- an empty. Understanding. That a car is important. And harm her that he do they knew -- only helps customers. With their skin issues that the best work there. We we have a number of your products here out on sat and I have to say they're they're very fragrant and they do not to meet resemble the -- of I don't know exactly what goat milk what's -- like but they don't -- like milk in fact. There's one here it says it's black raspberry and you can get that you really get a fruity flavor. Smell here on -- how -- come up with all of these different flavors. We did a lot of testing to be sure that something that we like but we actually have unscented soaps it laughable and didn't sleep. The monster racists and other desserts are really important for their skin so we just try -- bounce that we like it would generally put it out there. Were you where you and -- concern when you first started because. Is it it does take a job a little bit for some people there they might be a little apprehensive about what went goat milk in mice so -- -- -- behave like. How do you get people over that -- We'll start. -- craft Beers and really it. Impulses that you do really different people because they -- -- to try and once -- put it on their skin and realize that it was -- -- -- -- dress in our hope would be. There -- issues and that is something that really made a difference -- -- animal entity RS. And -- here in America now there is a bit of a goat milk -- because now there's a lot of people talking about the benefits of of mail goat milk. And this idea that even baby is now. Are biting because of the FDA even babies now are okay to drink goat milk. The dairy -- that -- -- isn't wanted to help the years go or mental. And I started to learn more about and we during the -- -- I realize that there are things currently go to conflict in -- -- -- an -- taxi accidents. All naturally -- -- now. And they. -- those things kind beauty products so because they don't know beans -- -- and natural balance it really so beneficial for understandably put into certain. We have you brought you brought along with four -- the deodorant you have the lotion you have soaps now is there a dream products that you haven't been able to crack just yet. That includes goat -- that -- can expect to see on store shelves in the near future. We must find products that are and we need -- -- having me worried that something now we start to research and figure out how our economy get personal or make it available so -- the -- things we're working on and hopefully will be able to launch next year sentence natural sense. We'll ask do we can do it. All right we'll PGA thank you so much for your goat milk stuff and a great story and I think a lot of people a lot of moms will probably be inspired by because it sounds like you -- problem. He decided to sell -- you solved it for your family and now it's a business. It's been an amazing journey and I just absolutely working together at the alien goes up it's been -- Thank you so much PJ have a great like good luck with everything looking forward to thank you -- -- project products. -- -- for centuries. The world has witnessed the extraordinary masses held by the Pope this spiritual lessons the breaking of the bread. That red wine poured into a golden chalice well in fact the Vatican consumes more wine per -- per head. -- any other country but did you ever wonder where -- the wind actually come from what are they drinking. Well joining me now with that answer is Christina merry Downey may she is co CEO -- he -- her ancestors were in charge of the entire food wine kitchen. And staff in the Vatican. And now her wine is one of the top imported wines in America and it's so nice to have you with welcome and remove this glass out of the way has people can really get a sense for the -- that you brattle logs we're gonna get to those in just a minute but. This is pretty incredible so -- is -- your grandfather's. Onto my grandfather is on -- and ran and a household. She did Pope icy Atlantic and she was in charge of the -- and the staff and of course the wine cellar. For the Pope and she was the first woman who -- in the nine to be honored to and pass a law changed since she could move -- -- -- -- city. So it would it have to be a big job keeping that wine -- stopped. Early -- dignitaries yes absolutely yes of course because there weren't a lot of dignitaries it wasn't just the -- enjoying the -- himself absolutely not it was -- showcase for the world really since she and of course when everything happens nearly around the table especially in Europe and especially in the -- so it's all about that is in line. I can imagine there have to be some very interesting and we stories passed down through the years about the -- -- -- -- you can share with us that real well I have fun stories of my grandfather was racy sort of the company was -- on hand Anthony. And she was actually buried we in the Vatican City and she was then -- woman who -- in -- nine to be honored this is an early nineteen hundreds. He bank -- because she was so close to -- icy Atlantic. So a few years ago with my my husband went to help find a great and you don't really Italy it about -- at the deceased sure so I saw my first picture obtained in the end up on the and I understood what they allowed it gently and with thousands of celibate man because she was no looker by any benefit if so then I finally understood but she had an amazing -- and that's what people always looking for good -- good food -- that -- is what is -- secret picket lines. The secret to good want who -- many full healthy grapes natural grapes we have a line unity in Tuscany -- settled on the animal Latino. And where we really focus on pure and natural and organic. On so really that's the start if you start with healthy grapes he can make that line you can't make -- want them back thanks. Good grapes is Gary good graces as our and then of course it's a very long process a lot of patients a lot of passion. And a lot on the open -- -- -- -- to enjoy all different flavors depending on the weather conditions as well and the weather is so important I look out -- California right now in particular Napa where so many of the wineries in this country are based. And the wildfires what are you heard are there any issues well I was just overseas I didn't hear much overseas -- I see it's year eight ease the problems the water conditions. As well as the temperature climate of the swinging so we can get very hot -- season -- -- cool Burnett. So we're very fortunate that he really have to protect yourself in the agricultural business by diversify. So we have a -- also called Pacific rim which is in Washington State where it's been very hot this summer and there's a lot of fires out there as well. But fortunately not as much neared the agricultural. Grape growing regions and the wind -- -- you actually have wines today from about B. That are below twenty dollars immediately use air at the top drinks for the summer what do you -- they really do so I -- anything on a good budget because I say we have this delicious -- club sinking it. And we say we the hard -- in Italian -- DNA that every day. Right so for me it's all about just after a long day enjoying something that's very personal so we have -- they want to have babies are protesting so company solving -- They are low and -- amazing. Every day and I also on the subpoena -- shows very light Chris San Angelos -- you know -- it's only about twelve dollars so former -- The last year flavors because it comes from central Italy we also have a beautiful riesling from Washington -- -- and these links can be -- Living on the sweeter side and -- spicy food. And in the last of my favorite is the Rosen -- golly that's -- Red sparkle -- for summertime little -- goes perfect with blackberries and strawberries and sadly it's out in the summer time something with us with sparkle because it's always saying celebration today you can enjoy -- any time but it feels like a little bit of -- -- -- -- and I think that I think that kind sparkling wines are on fire right -- people and -- -- percent lead for -- those -- are -- because you can -- -- day. And just really celebrate life and an entity -- so for that person who's walking into wine shop in the next 24 hours trying to get ready for the weekend. What should they asked for as they walk into that -- -- Well you know I often say also seek to brand names sometimes you make you comfortable we have a producer. Today he's a quality producer -- -- Also though going to -- one topic -- say it I like these producer. What can you recommend me something else that might be in similar style that I would like and don't be afraid to experiment -- is like -- short annually gets lit ones out. I love that message read and that there Christina thank you so much for joining us thanks Rebecca highly rated stuff and thank you for joining us for real -- -- hear from you. Do you like don't know how about -- What's your favorite to -- -- that real -- with RJ -- until next time this is Rebecca Jarvis from New York.

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{"duration":"17:10","description":"Rebecca Jarvis has the inside scoop on how to dress and drink like a king for less than $60. 7.24.2014.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Business","id":"24697793","title":"Designer Celebrity Jewels You Can Afford and the Vatican’s Secret Wine Selection","url":"/Business/video/designer-celebrity-jewels-afford-vaticans-secret-wine-selection-24697793"}