One Dish on Delta Your Taste Buds Will Thank You For

Michael Chiarello reveals what's cooking on your next flight.
3:04 | 10/29/14

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Transcript for One Dish on Delta Your Taste Buds Will Thank You For
Get a taste of the best food in the friendly skies. I sat down with award winning chef Michael here aloe he has been named ask where magazines chef of the year and James Beard finalist for best new restaurant plus. He's all over TV got him on Iron Chef America top chef masters. And of course his Emmy award winning show easy entertaining. And now if you're flying delta you can enjoy his food way up in the air because my point here aloe is now consulting chef for Delta Airlines business elite. Take a look. So. It's a food at 30000. Are you for. And it's crazy if commit. It's such a joke an iconic Joker really good food 30000 feet and and I want it is impossible you know would he could be in the air. And it is possible you have to you have to brake on the dog mob and a little bit than it's ever Olympic. Athlete that is the worst that you could possibly taste. Yeah it's unclear. What effect did that there's two ways to do it the either they try to halo. OK and that's what they're doing with somebody else's name and we want to do that. And it's too much work and hands not happy doing the business to see people you couldn't just just take the challenge. So yeah take that educate here's that this is the kind of that served. Exactly. How to take that and plans related to air well this is actually whom much easier so things that cook longer they get better. Are better from an airplane that make sense right. So this this is a very short ribs it's smoke brine smoked and then cook forever ethical forever for the longer can cook them since grew up and goes longer it's okay aliens better. In the same thing on this talk that way but apostles process of the meats are good the braised meats polenta is good because it can stay warm in the in the sauce is there they have a really well. It's it's trying to break past the B you don't really want to flaming on its not a great piece of meat to start with. And and cook wants perfectly it's okay has ever had here re heated the second time so really look at technology to help us out there. Story if there a lesson in this for at oak. Who it you know it doesn't necessarily app it's time to watch it over something. Let me eat what you're doing right now in the sky kind of statements that would contain it and how to make a lot of sense. No absolutely not I think things that that they can be re heatedly Enron thing he'd on the kitchen between those are great entertaining tips anyway I can sure of that coming out of the oven. Punters made sauces time you get that you have a chance we guessed it your own party the difference between 30000 feet and here is here is a case was a very very different that high up. And to you that comes. He had was punched some flavor you need acid you need some spicy need to really kind of cut through the compression of the Aaron Sears your taste buds your pressurized as well the kind of construct. That's got kind of punch through that a little at the same food on the ground were case on the ground. It is a bit much about time you get up there to want to understand kind of intricacies of that by Taylor of the big airlines delta really roll the sleeves up. You pushed to get the premium ingredients keep pushing and the same ingredients that I was 890%. Of the ingredients they use my restaurants they're they're bankers and 90%. Unbelievable really is among.

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{"duration":"3:04","description":"Michael Chiarello reveals what's cooking on your next flight.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Business","id":"26553649","title":"One Dish on Delta Your Taste Buds Will Thank You For","url":"/Business/video/dish-delta-taste-buds-26553649"}