'Divergent': The Next Film Craze for Teens

Steve Cortes and Rebecca Jarvis discuss why Lionsgate's next flick will be bigger than "Hunger Games."
3:00 | 01/14/14

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Transcript for 'Divergent': The Next Film Craze for Teens
It's no secret that Lionsgate and summit entertainment have turned the best selling books and the most successful Saugus on the big screen twilight I don't know he's not a lot of people -- it grossed over 3.3 billion dollars in ticket sales. Then Hunger Games already over one and half billion dollars worldwide and they still have two more movies to go. But now what is Lionsgate have up its -- this year. The best selling book trilogy coming to theaters in March could -- Hunger Games. It's called a -- it. Steve court has found that Steve -- -- is founder of bare trees TJ Avant. Steve you've been all over this story you were actually the first one to point that I would tell us here at real bands. Have even reading these divergent books. Rebecca yes I have -- I have to say I can't really take credit the credit goes to my daughters. You this is the biggest book series that you probably don't know about at least if you don't have contact. With high school in sort of junior high kids particularly girls. -- -- -- -- you I mean clearly you have a lot of contact with them. It. Yes -- doing so my girls are actually in love with his book all of their friends are these books -- a cult like following. Among the kind of high school in junior high set -- as he's had particular girl -- a lot in common with Hunger Games because that's also -- a Hunger Games Hunger Games has been and by the way it's appropriate that we're gonna talk movies here we just talked dinner and I thought and is now to talk a movie so that for a lot of folks that's a night out on the town so now we cover the dinner part let's talk movies and I think soon. A lot of folks out there watching are going to be seen divergent even if they haven't heard of it already. The book series in some ways is already out tracking Hunger Games Hunger Games as a book series is now the most successful series of all time lead just past Harry Potter to take that status divergent at this stage and social media is what I think is most important. And most bullish for Lionsgate as a company and for the outlook for this movie. In social media. Physiology is a company that measures online -- and right now within social media there is a greater buzz for the divergent movie which comes -- -- two months then there was for Hunger Games and his exact same stage so Hunger Games has been a massive -- I think a lot of folks -- -- -- -- can -- -- -- the -- -- you to follow up. I think in fact they may have an even bigger blockbuster coming up with divergent. So that's how you're measuring and it's all about the social media buzz that it's getting on is -- FaceBook and Twitter and where it's actually being talked about. That's exactly right and -- to -- and not just -- I think book's sales are important here. I and as -- said the books -- it it might be on track -- even. To surpass Hunger Games on the very first -- that that the third installment divergent allegiance. Was recent released and on the very first day of that that books sold almost half million copies. Which is an all time record for its publisher harpercollins. I'm so this book series by the way it's written by a 25. Year old woman Veronica Ross -- that's an incredible story she wrote the first one divergent while she was in college so she is in her mid twenties and she's already one -- the more successful authors in the entire. World. So between the online buzz and the book sales I think you have the recipe here for a no other huge blockbuster. All right Steve Cortez when we hear divergent outsold everyone will come back and say thanks to you reporting an -- -- -- -- -- Thank you.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Steve Cortes and Rebecca Jarvis discuss why Lionsgate's next flick will be bigger than \"Hunger Games.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Business","id":"21527941","title":"'Divergent': The Next Film Craze for Teens ","url":"/Business/video/divergent-film-craze-teens-21527941"}