Dollar Tree Showing Some Green

Dollar Tree stock rises on first quarter earnings.
3:00 | 05/22/14

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Transcript for Dollar Tree Showing Some Green
Brandon in New York as the markets closed Thursday may 22 this is story -- We look at festivities yesterday today it's dollar tree the country's largest chain of stores where everything cost one dollar or less. Here to explain how those dollars do add up Rick Newman of Yahoo! finance Rick what is the dollar tree story today. Well they announced earnings this morning and they weren't blowing away anybody basically -- they said was sales were about it about as expected and -- and profits were a little bit better than expected. But this is coming as a lot of retailers have been. Under performing on those numbers so. Dollar tree basically said we don't suck this quarter that was enough for want -- to say all right. We're excited so we saw a nice pop in the stock today we're with you let's take a look at -- today's stock chart to see what investors are doing with their dollars walk us through it. I was about six and a half percent increase today I mean that's terrific based on what's been happening with lots of other retailers and you know this is that this is an interest being. Insight into what's really happening with the broader economy Michelle so you mentioned Tiffany yesterday that's obviously a luxury brand. There to parts of the retail environment that are doing okay or a little bit better and that's the luxury of one and and this super discounters like the dollar stores and it's the retailers in between that are really struggling these days that's Wal-Mart. JC Penney target. They are just really having trouble getting sales up and -- they keep saying you know our customers just don't they're just really stressed for money nobody's getting a raise. And they're just not spending that extra dollar some of those customers are going down scale to dollar stores and that's. Why the dollars dollar trichet -- today we saw increased foot traffic and that helped our results and that's. And I wanted to ask you about a little bit further there's more than 5000 dollar tree stores in this country just about everything there is feeling one dollar -- less so. Despite have -- increased foot traffic how -- -- store survive on this kind of approach. Well they sell a lot of off brands you're not you're not gonna find luxury brands and dollar tree you may not even find mainstream. Brands such as tide or some of the other things -- used to seeing in the grocery store. And you know what they also do it's kind of the opposite approach -- what you might see at Costco where. You know you -- you can only by. Stuff in boxes of twenty or fifty. At the dollar stores and dollar tree they they tend to sell small packages which is how I think they get the price under a dollar so you might get a couple of something which keeps it. Under a -- But you know it's not a last all that long so I suppose that you can get out -- -- you feel like you keeping your out your bill under control what you might be back there in a week herself. And a few of us remember those dime stores when they were out so this is the same sort of Rick you don't accept Netanyahu finance thank you for joining us I think. Even watching -- story stuck stay with for your latest headlines I'm Michelle Franzen in New York.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Dollar Tree stock rises on first quarter earnings.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Business","id":"23832187","title":"Dollar Tree Showing Some Green","url":"/Business/video/dollar-tree-showing-green-23832187"}