Fifty Shades of Green?

"Fifty Shades of Grey" set for record-breaking holiday weekend opening.
6:39 | 02/13/15

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Transcript for Fifty Shades of Green?
Okay. It is Friday the thirteenth of February and markets in York are opening up this morning eighty million dollars what's that. Fox officer term for the domestic debut up fifty shades of gray. Of course the adaptation of that steamy EL James S and am now. It's an fax it to break box office records for the holiday week and that's according to New York Post something which is bounded to please Hollywood executives. And when I'm Dan Butler anymore where try to work in as many puns as we possibly can. With Jeff MacKey from Yahoo! finance on this Friday morning. Jeff by the senate Jordan buck tickets for tonight's premiere correct oh absolutely I got to Daniel is playing an IMAX just write down the street from us and I can go over there and and just enjoy the film. Operators I'll bring the popcorn will come up with the yeah out cabinet economic gavel about it. Let's get into the let's get into the never than at them because the that the book the rise between a young student Nikki businessman Dennis (%expletive) obviously. For his book sales but I mean do we expect the same kind of success that happen in the movie for. In this successful animal. Donna party Dong they've banked edited only cost forty million to make. And dates I ads that were expecting eighty million and box office just this first weekend long weekend. It's a huge hit overseas they have bird they're gonna just make a ton a bank dumbest thing. And did that move the books were trilogy I understand because I don't know anyone who sort of are self. But so they're gonna make sequels on this thing and it's just gonna print Mathieu form it's an absolutely outstanding money machine. You weed covered by the third and thirty of an overseas and a huge hit in France and backed right. I JI it's universal's biggest release ever in France. And so this is where does the comic touches on two French phenomenon they regard themselves as Clayton Sanyo files. And they're also sort of Kirby and so this hits both those buttons. Kids seem to be twelve years old I guessing Garcia this movie in France they raise in different over there but it's a huge hit that's not just the French it's the Australian and it's open overseas and people are lining up to see other gets a worldwide phenomenon. Now the interesting thing about this jet is that there is a phenomenon. In the sort of accessories. Industry. That's also not only getting a boost from a box office right. Oh absolutely hardware store business is picking up it's on the books about you honestly could not find clothes line. In Manhattan they sold out of the particular clothes line in these books. And I browsed the book at them hard book to really take seriously read. But there's a particular close under ran out of that there it's kind of amateur hour out there in the BD SM world. But made them hardware stores or to a brisk business it's nice little economic stimulus package service did this. I read that target. Is selling some items as well that I read this correctly here with it's just kind of hopeful Lou you know if they're not they should. I think it's it's you know what's not to like your list and it adds expands people's minds that broaden their horizons and maybe even sell some product to go to. Why not we're seeing a lot of advertising opportunities tie. High end products sort of speak write and if you're not doing it as a merger did he really showed in terms of taking advantage of this. And I really don't think it's it's a problem there's some people type touting it and and being all concerned but to be honest with you America could use a little pick up everyone's mind. A little little is actually my producer process his finger on the pulse tells me but there are licensed products coming out of target as well in association with this clearly. At Minneapolis based company knows what's going on what should be on people's bedrooms I lineup in Minneapolis that's dollop friends about it this is not new to us lay up burst the bubble out there have been urging pervert market. But you know this film came out actually forty years ago his elders or with Catherine Deneuve came out twenty years ago. Mickey Rourke Kim Basinger nine and a half weeks and now we've rediscovered the idea that people as human species animals actually kind of like to form a little bit. The couple moved a little bit. On the broader scheme of things Hollywood in general breaking out of its shell what do you think humans are bringing more risque -- to the big screen that what's really selling a lot of movies these days you know it. Ed see anything that is not an action heroes CG IA let's explode the earth and blow up Manhattan movie I think there's a pretty wide open market for that of course. Hollywood being Hollywood again there's going to be two more of these movies and we'll all be pretty tired of it by van. But when you look good at what we've seen over the last few years Disney's and so while what that marvel just license to print money with superheroes. That really the other studios that they have followed suit and Sylvie look at the top ten there's not a lot of grown up fare out there. And so a mommy and daddy date movie we saw that went on growth and we're seeing it again there is an audience and so I'd like to think Hollywood's doing it but then again. You know what you're weighing here is the idea you can make adults send a mind and I need adult in the actual for grownups not adult and named the X rated cents. You can make adult movies and hope that you catch lightning in a bottle or you can just have put a guy in a shield them have arrived CGI alien come down and make a 150 million almost automatically. Some elegant bird new creative breakthrough from Hollywood but it's nice to see something that doesn't involve earth getting invaded by aliens well that's the adult with a lower case a genre but what are watch movies in general Amin you know the Oscars are weaker way Hollywood as a poised for a comeback. No actually you know it gives they're still trying to figure the south box office ticket sales are down a twenty year lows. It's not they're even though we're charging more for tickets you still saw box office overall actually dropped for the year. So whether it's been sort of a fallow period for Hollywood and I don't think that Sony. Controversy helped very much. We just need better films are still trying to figure out how to how to make the transition into digital something the record industry faced fifteen years ago. And we're gonna slowly start to see that I think the best thing Hollywood could start doing is and they're trying to crack the code on this. Releasing things simultaneously to the home and the audience in in theaters and I think Americans but he said to Pernod honored time. It makes sense I hate to say this out loud don't tell and when the movie industry but what they should be doing is releasing films straight to your iTunes and charging like fifty box. Because anyone who has kids knows a night on the town actually mean for you pay top dollar just to be able to actually you know not have to get a baby sitter and. Final lap aids and politics Jeff Maggie forgot who finds mr. MacKey have a great Friday assert it to my front. You have been watching the big number and you give up latest headlines right here on I'm Dan New York.

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{"id":28945633,"title":"Fifty Shades of Green?","duration":"6:39","description":"\"Fifty Shades of Grey\" set for record-breaking holiday weekend opening.","url":"/Business/video/fifty-shades-green-28945633","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}