Co-Founders of 'theSkimm' on Real Biz with Rebecca Jarvis

Co-founders of theSkimm, Carly Zakin and Danielle Weisberg, talk making it in the subscription business and running a start-up on Real Biz with Rebecca Jarvis.
16:49 | 07/07/16

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Transcript for Co-Founders of 'theSkimm' on Real Biz with Rebecca Jarvis
Now. Oh. Important. We knew. There's an art out there and it went over. It when and it's. They're so what would love to do you what you did. Quit your job. And start a company what are people saying it would did an attack teaching at the hands at the other everything's been so easy and I feeling that is just the big misunderstanding. That says and artists I think most wording but hardest years our life. And he's sad that these scene or you look at them they make it looks easier line they're on actually it's the toughest thing ever especially for asks me an avid tech back. We never aren't as a school we didn't know how Eddie's ex out we didn't know how would that we've asked a lot of questions and may not friends that could do those things now -- team. You also had at that though a pretty cushy mean those people would kill to be in the position to work for NBC's. To work at The Today Show. What is your families say we use. An undermining. Ads I mean we're not very concert handling and they were very emotionally apart that they. We're really scare frighten me notes the evening. And our parents really just kept begging Catholic or gotten me just legally a little bit longer testing and I think my parents were really sick of hearing talk that. All the time and then. They call each other and our dads have caught on big days rest based pocket actress and I think they haven't had on economic hedges in Haines I remember our parent had type Alec atom based did it this is really hard and act like they're due. And we did and yet like if we had known how hard it is time I'm so happy we didn't BK's we would have. Dot twice I hear that on the act for hours ignorance and you don't know how hard it's going to continue to be. So used to be like a packages have a team and I can just hire packages have. Runway and then you get there and there are whole news had and it's just yet there's always some crazy road block as always yeah there's no there's no pleas were you saying we've made it now we keep running angler of we have a lot of men tires knew where a lot for air carriers and their business and they've got that's that's her batter hours it doesn't get easier to me now and it actually bury. Comforting to see them still do you have a lot of the things struggles like if you. Don't feel every day lake party doesn't know what you're doing you're not doing your job because you're not pushing yourself addition the company when you first started. Obviously important in people's. In boxes in the morning before they see anything house so what time every waking up each day it is. This story's write the stories and get them here where almost two years is just it's about doing everything and we honestly we're up on I thought that we new born baby we're remains we need them in the living in the are created each upper rim thanks for seen we have been able to higher at teen will be have a wonderful editorial support team that we suspect everywhere how people put the newsletters. Analysts that's a great thing about our company is that we have twenty employees total. And three about our editorial we knew what it tastings you like news at that level responsibly and how many people not coming Ares instantly and it's an art form to doubt that boy needed to prove to investors need to her seat race they relate with Hickory. Yes attraction they can you train people to actually write in the voice of this and we'd been sacked from the beginning to do that we actually had an intern sick on the couch across from us. It's like an eighteen year old guy used to come over when we air. Like working out of our apartment and he would just write down the decisions that we made Howell on average posting is. You heard EA yet words that were bans and kind of just like our back and forth he would record and that's just out. How did you decide on the civil ill female voice it's the person that you go to and it OK time that happened. And does the president acts like it is and a very conversational way and that that's really with a voice I think that's the difference currently meet me bright people actually speak. An island places you. Did you get pushed back in the early stages. There's definitely publications out there that speak in a very different race. He did get pushed back we did you look at argue first the first articles are published yes it is Matt Light first day. But it too amazing articles come out that ray like here's this and this is our story this is averaging and then there are out three other ones that relate. The heat AG of the scanned it stemming down news just like cocktail chatter and I think that I think we both. Don't understand my there half should be. An appropriate. Lake one size fits all this is how you get news and if you don't like getting news that way that it's free. Think there's a problem that I think that when news recheck criticism from people saying you know you're hearing you Denning avenue and I think I find that ironic and funny he has because of this again millions more are interacting teaching with news. When they wind up before. How does the company today look like what you envisioned when you start at worst Alec literally our lap tops and jeans and a couch every day. I think the editing that the thing as we know our audience in on our audience we need so communicate directly with her audience other ambassadors are responds ouster aptly. And I think this and log on and baker his cute course in the fame that we want to make it easier to be smarter. A woman locked into work now it's like me have you people say good morning if any of 22 employees and growing and we have a full floor office but I think what has. Has stayed the same is that's partly culture. Which we spent a lot as time making sure that we hire people. And that kind of reflects us that way in hiring decisions often hear from start ups aren't for doors how typical hiring. Casket that. That the most difficult challenges the biggest mistakes they've it's always people yeah. How you know when you're looking candidate sitting across from you on the couch. At rikers. I know very clearly when they're not act adding we talked to lot of people who had not hired that. Come ovarian titled. That our leg as a threat to school this is right where economic I don't care like can you do this job people that don't feel passionate about our brand in the new year not likely. Bitterly to Singapore's about how much of this and I don't want you in being invested in the company. An add on and that's. I think we Alston now when people. Don't show that they have a hospital tonight you know big red flags that helped tests are and. When people don't do their homework about the company its US yet they now paying drives me it is not a waste of time if you come and questions. If you don't now and I had some line great enemy the other day who. Was like and this isn't. We get this question all the time unfortunately that what you think about changing the voice of the product and if you ever heard him speak it's like people on the ways that. That lake back. The other side's needs in people there are even involved in the company's. I don't even under question and that examined how things you think we are actually at on the you know it means to start up I'm like a big iconic that the little that they act. I now hello without reminding that he really focus on pan during the interview process is having an act with there T him. From scheduling being polite when things changed. Making sure that they right thank you now not just asked that an interview with their in the colony her attic and it and have been thinking have have whoever that top honors in god and means literally meaning people. When our first writers that we hired. We didn't think that she heard I think you know and we were going back and forth over whether to hire about her and and we ended up sharing her which is. That acts as an age she's on Austin. Part of our team. And and we are moving out of our first. Checker PO box and thinking out there aren't any leads are there I sit right yeah typically I think you're back. I think want an innings that we've gotten matter is we've tried to be more opportunistic. And how great he of the company and don't have. What we're looking for right now but can mean higher then. Because earning that six and now is in mystic we really early on or actually that were now catching up. Which is that we used to hire at lake right when needed someone Harry. Yeah eighties it was creating a backlog. Now that you. The subscription service the business has changed how did you decide to get into that business and was there any pressure from your venture funders to do there is no pressure from hunter lenders to do that one of the first thing actually we got just by some venture backers very early on when it. Don't think about their revenue gap and get ideas bout at the growth and I know that's a fattening its critique to lie in you know silicon Alley worlds in. You know we got its anatomy funny and you always have an in the back ever had that we were really really intentional about we have to agree that the user is edits you mass scale it's a dead. And from there we can get different persons are audience to engage us in different ways and when we we came up with inhabitants are new subscription service was the two into thinking about what are three speaking Nikki these are to be smarter. And one and that they knew we topic we've ever found out and you know it's like we're talking attacking mound looking at staffing. Without an because it is literally right in front of us the whole time patents are you currently I have no idea where I'm going into my calendar tells me. And sat mostly. Or relate to that. And we realize that a lot of the he continued. Feedback our friends against us and you know you're telling me to see the union is on tonight parity at plants in which a known about it before. Or you're telling me that you watched house of cards last night in the camp but I didn't nose back I wish I would of watched it. And we realize they were basically asking to get clued into what with coming up and we realize OK they want that and our routine is to live in our calendars. But does marry it's and so. For athletes than a lot of time looking at subscription business but the really hard at mystic to crack it's crowded field probably had a field and you know you've got to be really good for people to be willing to pay for something and so we developed a product. Elite about really Alec utility we were always building more than newsletter company. No offense it to comings up about half green newsletters and aspirin it's not. Without ever vision and you get this huge base where the fastest growing unease on her on the Marquette we have unprecedented in each and and from Mary you roll off you know Europe most of its subscribers into other products. When you launch sending 880 there has to fit into the mass scale but. In sound might or it has to fit into a revenue pocket. For ice the newsletter was about growth and we certainly have a really strong revenue stream with our sponsorship and affiliates in the newsletter. And but when we thought about launching scheme headed fit into that revenue pocket I think that this ambassador program. So Smart that's how you got this out there yeah that's people when you were initially started acting newsletter and you were very specific and Smart about how you got skin into the hands recently I mostly say that as an intentional okay. But it what in the very beginning I think that goes back to the research is that we had which is sweet and how many money for Pitt acquisition. We and have any money for partnerships we didn't have someone to say like oh this is how you grow it me. How to our ability I think lake used similar chain asked questions and making that that went really far. What we asked people how Baker's something. A teacher it's and I went and I walked around and I went to Starbucks and handed out cards. And data and we had that similar view in the beginning where we don't have much so let's use that we have where in this huge city. There are media people everywhere let's make sure war always wearing our skin teachers miso carrier skim bad news everything unpacked yet and I think it you have to be so proud of what you're creating any entity. Out there are telling people about it because no one is gonna do that if you don't and it was gonna do it better than you. And often over thinking and there remembered people started writing intense months and that they never into anything. Our first in a source reaction haven't yet have a great day and they repeated that she you know advisors and mentors. Someone on that we'll Digi camera and to share. Like. Now make it act seems obvious but like you know I was standing in front of us that says simple we did and police are asking him to share it and and they wrote back did really can eastern more ethnic. Debt it. And then they called themselves brand ambassadors merely ambassador and then all of a and it just that requests. Turned in she now or thirteen thousand people that are on board it into very specific. Group of influencers that we communicate with Dee Lee we talked to all the time. People got jobs they happen on their respective cities that got in travel itinerary they met their significant others. It's in the evening and meet hired and hired an three full time employees with artist ambassadors. So it's really an incredible. Cornerstone of our company outside of asking questions of the right people. How did you teach yourself. Sort of the world is less. There are two things that I think helped us. Well and her mom and yet the worst thing applicant is now but also don't know. I. Can't think of and it and it's that simple but it that your and it finally clinics act and they what we need anti Arafat and no one and that's and that's knowing I'm taking eating it will be back. He's kept coming pat and and our earliest investors mean one of our investors are Angel investors. We knew we won it's it happened. It's raining practice to catch a show you know about each letter Leon. He rejected meetings with us or times and mean no jokes opting for 367. Days. And he said Madden ten minute attack and is the product Leon because you're like it hot. We went Orton didn't take no for an answer we knew it got aunt. I think there's obviously art about it a bit soccer and often aren't when it's over but I think what I vehement suck it limited top alpha and we really that the network but weren't asking questions of course you feel nervous and we take turns Knuble and print ads with flat back and digging at a -- -- highlight I have to that's. I got in panicky thought you know we kept a list of every single person spoke to end. Literally highlighted in red at they would give us money highlighted. Believe it we thought they mechanic and later on. Green if they were just in giving money in the rats means just that and constant up last update that like the Howard Dean to catch and it is being built a network because it I mean we have anything enters from before this and even a completely New York Post. We've had found her seat it's like I don't consider my company's success its. Over and and to me and to both vastly that's ridiculous when we thought about raising my and it is certainly something that we going to be actually need this capital. Doing is capital and you what we're doing now and we're doing acts and if we take it are we hurting. Our employees and are we hurting the people that are actually linked helping ash spill that and I think we've made it clear. To our team that they know at least I hope and a that they rich passes to be Smart about this financing decisions. So where do you go from here. Nothing yeah. I think a lot of I think Catholic and construction workers younger we spent. Year one belting. Be like bare bones frame of we have now we find years and he. Literally filling in like the teens hop with Steve that and now going to hear four like we're going. Meet that first along avenue theatre company and we took on condition ever knowing that I. I think with and I had dinner recent funding announcement. We're showing what we mean by. By aching for now it's actually felt and it to me and you know anarchy people now on like we're going four to undergo or Catholic that there are doing. You know the battery.

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{"id":40407658,"title":"Co-Founders of 'theSkimm' on Real Biz with Rebecca Jarvis ","duration":"16:49","description":"Co-founders of theSkimm, Carly Zakin and Danielle Weisberg, talk making it in the subscription business and running a start-up on Real Biz with Rebecca Jarvis.","url":"/Business/video/founders-theskimm-real-biz-rebecca-jarvis-40407658","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}